The 25 best twist hairstyles to try right now

These are the best twist hairstyles for every hair length and texture—from Marley to Senegalese and passion twists

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Twist hairstyles are one of the best protective styling options for Afro-textured hair for a multitude of reasons. Not only are they quicker to install than braids, but the hair used to create them is often a lot less heavy, which helps to protect your natural hair and scalp.  

The versatility of twist hairstyles is not to be underestimated. From short spring twists to long Marley twists and all the styles in between, there’s definitely an easy hairstyle with a beautiful twisted look to suit every hair texture, length, and personal style.  

How to prep for twist hairstyles

Prepping your hair for twists is the same technique as it is for most braided hairstyles, a few simple steps will ensure all twist hairstyles are as healthy and beautiful as they can be:

  • Clarify: It’s important you start with your hair clean, conditioned, and detangled to make the styling process a breeze and keep hair as healthy as possible while wearing twists. You could try the Curly Girl Method to keep curls and coils healthy.
  • Nourish: “Before you have your twists installed, it’s important you do a few moisturizing treatments,” says Lorraine Dublin, co-owner of My Hair Bar Salon. “Afro-textured hair tends to be quite dry, so topping up hydration will help to prevent breakage while the hair is being manipulated.” 
  • Stretch: For the smoothest twist look, you’ll need to stretch out your curls and coils. You can do this without heat if you prefer, but for a quick and efficient option, you can use a dryer with a comb attachment, which many of the best hair dryers offer.

Twist hairstyles: 25 looks we love

Marley twists

One of the most popular twist styles, Marley twists are often coarser and longer than other twists. The sections for each twist are small, but there is a natural appearance to them so not all of your twists will look exactly the same. 

1. Marley twists on medium-length hair

Face shape: any

Marley twists look great on short braided bob hairstyles as well as medium and long hair. 

2. Long Marley twists

Face shape: any, especially round or oval

These long Marley twists protect your ends without applying too much tension to the scalp (which can lead to breakage.) Try sleeping with a silk hair wrap to be even kinder to twist hairstyles. 

3. Natural-looking Marley twists

Face shape: any, especially heart

These stunning twists look and feel like your natural hairstyle if that happens to be curls or coils.

4. Half-up Marley twists

Face shape: any 

Give your every day Marley twists a new look with a half-up half down hairstyle that will take you from desk-side to dance-floor. 

5. Medium Marley twists

Face shape: square or heart

Medium-sized twists are a great option for when you want to save time in-salon. Plus, they're not too heavy, so are great for scalp care

Spring twists

The curly braiding hair used for spring twists makes them look more boho and deliberately less uniform. They are light to wear and usually styled in short hairstyles to medium hairstyles. 

6. Bundled up spring twists

Face shape: any, especially round

Elevate your spring twists with a half-up bun that looks effortless yet cool. 

7. Spring twists with side-parting

Face shape: square or oval

Part spring twists to one side for a put-together look that's great for every day. 

8. Ombré spring twists

Face shape: any, especially square

Warm copper tones are trending this season. Try balayage hair techniques to add some color to your spring twists for a fresh new look. 

9. Ombré spring twists

Face shape: square or heart

These glossy twists combined with layers give a voluminous finish that's super flattering on both heart and square-shaped faces. 

10. Pinned-up spring twists

Face shape: any

Medium spring twists pair exceptionally well with a pinned-up hair up style. Just don't forget to leave out face-framing twists. 

Senegalese twists

These twists are styled with Kanekelon hair instead of Marley hair, and therefore the outcome is smoother. The sections for each twist are small and uniform, making for a neat finish.

11. Ombré Senegalese twists

Face shape: any

Tap into the popular ombré color trend with one of the loveliest long braided hairstyles, featuring twists that gradually fade from dark to light. Pair with a deep side-parting. 

12. Glossy Senegalese twists

Face shape: any, especially oval

To keep your twists fresh and ultra-glossy, use the best hair mask, moisturize your Senegalese twists with hair oil, and before bed, wrap your hair up with a satin scarf to avoid flyaways. 

13. Senegalese twists with gold accents

Face shape: any

Embellish your twists with metallic string for a quick and easy way to add definition to twist hairstyles.

14. Blonde medium Senegalese twists

Face shape: any, especially oval

Medium Senegalese twists look just as neat but take less time in-salon. For a new look, try a warm new color.  

15. Senegalese twist ponytail

Face shape: any

Pull back your Senegalese twists into a high ponytail hairstyle for an easy, glamorous style. To finish, sculpt your baby hairs using pomade or styling cream. 

Passion twists

These twists have a cool-girl look and unraveled finish, as they are much looser and less uniform than the likes of Senegalese twists. 

16. Fiery passion twists

Face shape: any

We're calling it: red is the color for this season, and what better way to wear it than with these charming passion twists?

17. Long passion twists with centre-parting

Face shape: any, especially round or oval

Passion twists look great on everyone—if you have a short hairstyle, add some length with extensions. 

18. Passion twists with side-parting

Face shape: oval or square 

To add shape at the front, flip your passion twists to one side. 

19. Half-up passion twist bun

Face shape: any, especially round

Pile half your twists into a high messy bun for an easy, chic style.

20. Highlighted passion twists

Face shape: any 

For an autumnal update on a beautiful passion twist style, add definition with warm copper highlights in hair

Havana twists

Sometimes known as jumbo twists, this style uses the same braiding hair as Marley twists but the sections are two to three times bigger than other twist styles. 

21. Havana twist updo

Face shape: round or oval

Secure your jumbo twists in a high ponytail for an easy, everyday style. 

22. Glossy Havana twists

Face shape: any 

Keep your twists moisturized for an ultra-shiny finish and, if you want this multi-tonal color, talk to your hairdresser about whether highlights vs balayage are best for you. 

23. Medium Havana twists

Face shape: any 

With about 15-20 medium Havana twists in your hair, this style won't take too long in the salon and is a great protective hairstyle. 

24. Havana twisted updo

Face shape: any, especially heart

A great style to protect your hair while it dries on wash-day, this beautiful updo is perfect for the office, too. 

25. Embellished Havana twists

Face shape: any 

Add gold cuffs and metallic string to your Havana twists to make your style really stand out. 

How long do twists last?

The general rule is, the smaller the twist style, the longer it will last. That said, Lorraine doesn’t recommend leaving twists in your hair longer than two months. 

This is because of regrowth: the current style will need redoing, and your hair will have a lot of dirt and grime buildup that will need to be washed out with the best shampoo and conditioner to deeply clarify and moisturize. The best approach is to remove them after this time period, then clean your hair, and then re-install new twists. 

woman&home thanks Lorraine Dublin, co-owner of My Hair Bar Salon, for her time and expertise.

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