The messy bun is having a moment: here's how to perfect this classic style at home

There's more to this all-occasion messy bun than you might think. Learn why this look offers maximum impact with minimum effort

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A messy bun sounds like a pretty self-explanatory hairstyle. You put your hair in a bun, and then you mess it up, right? Well, that's definitely one way to go about it, but the truth is there are messy buns, and then there is The Messy Bun. 

The former is just as it sounds, a low-key tied-up style that many of us lean on for non-hair washing days, housework, and hangovers. It can be as high or as low as you like, usually becomes progressively unruly as the day goes on, and can be fixed in place with anything you have on hand.

Then, there's the latter. The messy bun we're here to talk about today is an elegantly disheveled chignon that is to Meghan Markle what a blunt bob is to Anna Wintour. The Duchess essentially owns this style. 

Of course, it's not just transatlantic royals who love this versatile look. Messy buns are having a moment across the board, with nearly 500,000 Google searches every month. It's easy to see why this style has strong crossover appeal, and despite being a bit more carefully constructed than appearances suggest, that eponymous messiness is highly forgiving. You shouldn't have to sweat to create a super-smooth blow-dry with the best hair dryer either: There's no set shape to follow once you start pinning, and having a few hairs out of place is not just acceptable but actively encouraged. 

Being both glamorous and relaxed, the messy bun works in any context, from walking the dog to a work party to that all-too-important (or, all-too-early!) Zoom call. It'll never look 'too much,' but speaks of effort when required. It also suits most hair types, textures, and lengths—if you've got a bob hairstyle or longer, you're good to go!

Ready to take on the mighty messy bun? These are the expert styling tips, best hair styling products you need, plus the best messy bun inspiration on social media. 

How to create a classic messy bun

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"Ever since Meghan Markle first wore her messy bun, we’ve been inundated with women asking us to recreate her look in our salons,” says Mary Geoghegan, Style Director at KH Hair Group.

“What women love about it is that it’s low key and simple while beautifully framing the face where the shorter, wispy strands fall loose. It is an effortless look—that takes a little effort, of course—and it suits most women. What’s not to love?”

Step 1: Prep your texture.

“Recreate Meghan's signature look on the first and second days of your hair being washed—the third day might be pushing it a bit (Ed's note: Never fear, though, as you can still stretch things out with a good dry shampoo.). Start by prepping your hair with a thermal protection spray, then smooth and add curl with the best hair straighteners such as GHD Gold. Add shine and control with a product like Wella System Professional Soft Touch Cream.”

Step 2: Section off your hair.

“Take a diagonal section of hair from the crown of the head to the front of the ear, which you will be wearing in the bun, and clip this front section out the way for the time being. With the rest of the hair, smooth from the roots to ends using a bristle brush and create a low ponytail behind the ear with a hair tie."

Step 3: Create your bun.

"Twist the ponytail and coil around its base to create a bun. Use a few bobby pins to secure underneath.”

Step 4: Soften by pulling out some wispy tendrils.

“Take the front section of hair that was clipped away, pull out any soft pieces you want to leave around your face, then twist the hair away from the face towards the ponytail and continue the circular motion around the bun. Grip to secure.”

Step 5: Backcomb for volume, then finish.

“Use your fingers and a fish-tail comb to pinch and tease the crown and bun itself until you've reached the softness you’re happy with, then hairspray in place to complete the look.“ We like L'Oréal Elnett for its soft, brushable finish. 

Messy bun inspiration

There is a bun out there for every hair type, texture, and tone. Discover your perfect messy bun look, as served up by social media's famous faces, A-list hairstylists, and influencers. 

1. Elegant chignon

2. Curly bun

3. Ballet bun

4. Double buns

5. Slick side-swept bun 

6. Twisted texture

7. Pinned-in bun

8. Low messy bun

9. High curly bun

10. Staticky top knot 

11. Textured knot 

12. Twisted high bun

13. Curly bun with scarf

14. Side chignon

15. Half-up box braid bun

16. Undone bun 

17. Scrunchie bun

woman&home thanks Mary Geoghegan at KH Hair Group for her time and expertise.

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