Hairstyle Ideas To Shake Up Your Look

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Sometimes when we’re looking for hairstyle ideas, we’re not looking for something new or groundbreaking. We just want to make the best of our hair as it is. Sound familiar?

Luckily there are loads of ways you can inject some excitement and oomph into the hairstyle you love, with hardly any effort at all. If you’re trying to get the best out of your natural texture, start by working out your hair type and addressing its individual needs, so you can be sure you’re giving it the right ingredients.

If you’ve got dry hair, keeping it deeply nourished with a hair mask a few times a week will make a huge difference to its look and feel. With curly hair especially, since those coils make it hard for your hair’s natural oils to travel down the strands keeping it soft and smooth. Daily leave-in conditioner, and products with silicone, will keep it feeling moisturised and those curls perfectly defined.

Taking care of its needs builds good foundations, so once you’ve got that down, you can start getting creative. Want hairstyle ideas that make frizz a thing of the past? Don’t we all. Try a salt spray: scrunching in one of these will help guard your hair from frizz since it works with the humidity – the moisture in the air is it’s perfect partner-in-crime. It’s a lifesaver for holidays especially – all you have to do is spritz it in and muss it through with your fingers to draw out those beachy, sexy waves.

Looking for hairstyle ideas to create bigger, thicker hair? A few pumps of thickening lotion in your hair before you dry will create killer body for a blow dry even Kate Middleton would be jealous of. Some extra volume at the roots in enough to give your hair a pick-me-up too. Try blow-drying in a volumising mousse: it’ll give your whole hair a lift, turning average hair into a glorious mane (and here’s handy tip: dry shampoo rubbed into the roots is a great fast-track way to do this, too).

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