Best winter hats for women to keep you cozy, while still looking cool

From beanies to berets, upgrade your headgear with the best winter hats for women

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One of the unsung heroes of cold-weather dressing, the best winter hats are the finishing touch of a well-layered outfit—which is the ideal way to dress as the temperature drops. Like a little hug on your head, a winter hat is not only guaranteed to keep you warm (by keeping the heat in your body) but it will also give your seasonal look a stylish spin.

Whether baker boys or beanies, you'll be looking for the best winter hats to reflect your own personal style, specifically, the ones that enhance your outfits. Of course, coordination is key—to find the perfect headgear for you, it helps to think about whether certain styles match your best winter coats and best winter boots, too. 

When shopping for your winter hat, there's plenty to think about. Fabric is key—think toasty lambswool or luxurious, plush cashmere—as are the details, such as playful pom-poms. Color is also something to consider, as you might want to opt for punchy hues to give you and your outfit a little boost in the winter weather. 

While some styles of hat are more casual and will work with your off-duty, best-jeans-and-jumper combo (we’re looking at you, beanie and bobble), other options, such as the fedora, are super versatile—exuding elegance, they will work for smarter occasions, too.

Chances are, you’re going to want to snap up more than one hat for your capsule wardrobe, so the fact that most designs for daily wear won't break the budget is a welcome added bonus.

What are the best winter hat styles? 

Before we dive into the best winter hats out there right now, it helps to know your options. These are the most common millinery styles you'll see out and about, covering all angles of womens' winter wardrobes. 

Bobble: Probably the coziest of all the winter hat styles, the bobble's fluffy pom-pom finish makes it both fun and feminine. Bobble hats are, universally, pretty flattering and can be found in an array of colors—so there’s something for everyone. If you aren’t sure which winter hat style to go for, you’re definitely safe choosing a bobble.

Beanie: Best described as the bobble hat's bobble-less counterpart, beanies are ideal if you’re after something simple but still chic. As well as coming in an array of colors and patterns (so the fun associated with a pom-pom-topped hat isn’t totally lost), beanies are also made in a variety of depths—meaning you can choose between something that sits snug to your head or allows for a little more room. If you're wondering how to wear a beanie, we recommend teaming with the warmest leggings for a cool athleisure look.

Baker boy: Adopted by the chicest of women in the 60s and 70s, and a style statement ever since (Julia Roberts made them iconic again in the 90s in Pretty Woman), the baker hat moves in and out of fashion on rotation. Right now, it’s very much in! Where woolen knits sit close to the scalp, baker boy hats' cap-like appearance and sharp angles add definition that helps to elongate round faces. While this style might not be the warmest, it’s definitely among the sultriest.

Bucket: Arguably the most fashion-forward of all the headwear styles available right now, the bucket hat might seem scary but it’s definitely making its way into the mainstream. The bucket hat is available in a wide variety of materials, from teddy textures to waterproof finishes (which are great for rainy days, worn with your waterproof jacket). 

Fedora: While woven finishes might reign supreme in summer, the fabric of winter is felt. And this is where the fedora comes into its own—their more structured shape makes them great for sophisticated outfits, adding a touch of glamour to the everyday. Some fedoras have wider brims than others, and the more rectangular your face the wider you may wish to go.

Beret: This French style is always in fashion, but it was inevitable it made a widespread comeback after Netflix aired Emily In Paris—the hugely popular show prompted soaring beret sales and searches for how to wear a beret. Needless to say your outfit for a beret needs to be chicer than your average tracksuit bottoms, so opt for a smart pair of jeans and, if you want to take more classic style notes from the Continent, maybe even a Breton top. 

The best winter hats for women as chosen by our fashion team

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