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We work tirelessly to thoroughly research and give an impartial advice in all of our online shopping edits.

We make all of the products we write about in our online shopping edits shoppable directly on the page, which means you can buy them straight after reading about them. We do this either by offering a comparison of various prices from a range of retailers – most often in reviews articles – or by providing a single link alongside a product.

Some of these links are affiliate links. When you buy from an affiliate link, we sometimes get paid a small amount of money via the company you bought from. This isn’t an extra fee and is included in the normal purchase price that everyone sees. The pricing information we show in no way relates or depends on the fees we get. We only include affiliate links on products we rate and think you should know about.

Often we produce round-ups of deals and discounted products, which might be themed around specific retailers or product categories.

We base these on audience trends and interests. We don’t generally promote specific deals based on the fees we get, but if we do, we label them as ‘Promoted’ so you can tell.

Our editorial integrity is important to us – please write to our group digital editor,, and let us know how we are doing with our online shopping edits.