February full moon 2022—Leo full moon asks us to open our hearts to love and release any blocks

February full moon 2022 asks us to put ourselves, our work, relationships, and passions in the spotlight—what that means for your star sign

February full moon 2022 in Leo, image of lion and the full moon.
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February full moon 2022 is in Leo. Just as lion's roar, this moon is demanding us to be courageous about putting ourselves, our work, our relationships, and our passions in the spotlight—but what does that mean for your star sign?

As the January full moon 2022, or as you might know it the Wolf Moon, brought a heavy dose of closure it looks like this month's full moon, or Snow Moon, is bringing us forward. 

Now we're clear of the first Mercury retrograde 2022 and have shaken off one of the EIGHT Mercury retrograde shadow periods in 2022—it's time to really open up to the potential the universe holds for you.

Coming off a steamy Valentine’s Day weekend, the full moon of February 2022 is asking us to celebrate who we are, who and what we love, and why. 

The busy start to astrological events in 2022 means that straight off the bat we faced weeks of retrogrades. Not just Mercury but also Venus in retrograde 2022  the ending of Jupiter in Pisces 2021—2022 meant a whole lot of different energies in the ethers.

Luckily, all planets turned direct on February 3, 2022, and with that, the energy fully pushes us forward into this new year and a new cycle. As the Sun closes out its journey in the sign of the Water Bearer, it’s sharpening the collective’s focus on the future, while the moon in Leo is asking us to release our inhibitions around authentic communication and self-expression. 

This occurs as Venus and Mars have the first of several dynamic conjunctions with each other over the course of the next few weeks, kicking off a game of cat-and-mouse and role reversals. Keep in mind that full moons are about endings—and endings are merely a completion of a phase or dynamic. It can lead to a new way forward. 

Now more than ever, remember that nature abhors a vacuum. If we leave space for a fresh start, the cosmos will deliver it. Therefore, if something initially seems like an end or a 'no,' believe that a new start and an emphatic 'yes' is right around the corner. 

Get inspired by this celestial energy. Bask in its boldness. Be authentic. Be vulnerable. Speak your inner wisdom. Share your point of view. Assert yourself. And always, practice compassion towards others—and most of all, for yourself.  

As the Lunar Nodes of Fate are also activated by this full moon,  meaning this date in the moon calendar 2022 is a time when we are invited to pay close attention to exits and entrances now. 

Pay attention to the conversations we have during this time. The people who come in—or go out of our lives. New doors will open, and some will be paths we can no longer pursue. 

The full moon is lighting up the way, so we know where we need to focus in order to grow in new if unexpected, ways.


The full moon in Leo takes place on February 16, 2022, at 11:56 AM EST, perfecting at 27 degrees of Leo and Aquarius. 

Remember that full moons are release points in the lunar cycle. It’s when truths are revealed, conclusions are drawn, and the climax has been reached. From this point forward, we take the information that’s been given to us, and we are encouraged to find a new way forward. 


Fixed signs will be most impacted by this lunation. This means that if you have your rising, sun, or moon signs in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius—you will feel the energy of the full moon most potently.

This is especially true if you have one of those placements, or any of the other personal planets, between 25-29 degrees of these signs on your astrology birth chart,

For example, if your natal Venus is at 27 degrees of Aquarius, you could experience this as a revelation around Venusian topics, like your love life or how you get along with those closest to you. 

In other words, if you're not getting on with an Aquarius, or it's your sign and someone doesn't seem right, they may not align with Aquarius compatibility!

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With the Sun and the Moon in opposition to each other as the two cosmic lovers in the sky, Venus and Mars, conjoin and combine their opposing energies, this full moon on February 16, 2022, is putting a spotlight on love and relationships, and finding balance within them.

It's likely that this is the time to really focus on the guidance and clues indicated by your 2022 love horoscope.

During a full moon in Leo, it means the Sun is in the opposite sign of Aquarius. When the Sun is in Aquarius, the focus is on themes of the group, working together, and a better future. 

During the full moon, it’s as if the Sun is holding up a stage spotlight and shining it across the way to Leo, a sign that is about the self, our identity, and our own wants and needs. 

Therefore, questions can arise like; what is the role I play in groups? How do the groups and partnerships I belong to support my dreams? How do they encourage or inspire me? Do I fit in with the people I spend the most time with? Am I able to be my most authentic self when I am with them?

As we sit with these questions, remember also that astrologers consider two pairs of planets as the relationship planets: the Sun and the Moon; and Venus and Mars. Each of these respective pairs points to how we harmonize and blend different archetypes and competing priorities to create balance, both within ourselves and in partnership with others.

All four of these planets are highlighted during this lunation, especially as the Sun and Moon form a Grand Cross with the Lunar Nodes of Fate in Taurus and Scorpio, which are ruled by Venus and Mars. 

Pay special close attention to new people that enter or exit your life during this two-week window. Beginnings and endings are potent right now. Karmic patterns, especially ones we may find ourselves repeating, are up for review, and with all the fixed signs being so activated, balance, flexibility and a willingness to tackle an old challenge with a fresh perspective will be helpful. 

Examine the things you want to manifest, maybe do a few full moon rituals, or perhaps write a list of your deepest darkest desires.

During this time, with all this attention on love, the cosmos are gently reminding us that Leo is the zodiac sign that rules the heart. The Leo House in our chart is where we want to be seen, loved, and accepted. 

When we give with Leonine energy, we then ask to receive notice—because we want to feel acceptance from others. Do not allow anyone to make you feel guilty about that fundamental human desire.

This full moon remembers that your needs are just as important as anyone else’s. Foster the relationships that allow you to be you, while releasing expectations around others who cannot currently meet you or your needs where they are now. 


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How will February Full Moon 2022 affect your star sign?


For you, Aries, this full moon is asking you to unleash your creativity out in the world. Think of this Leo lunation as an opportunity to tend to your inner child. The child who shouted “look at me” when jumping into a swimming pool or who proudly hung their drawings on the fridge. Consider sharing something artistic or creative—a poem, a song, a new recipe, a family photo, a fire selfie—even if it’s not perfect, and being brave enough to post it online. It’s your time to enjoy the spotlight and support from friends.


You’re not a sign known for wanting to be pushed out of your comfort zone, Taurus. But this full moon is asking you to push “in” to it. Acknowledge that you need time and space for yourself. That you must put your own air mask on before you can assist others. That the demands of your job—as a partner, as a parent, as a boss or as an employee—can’t be met until you act in alignment with your own needs first. Whether it’s sleeping in, taking a personal day, or something you’ve wanted to do for yourself, make your needs known—and then cater to them.


When it comes to communication, you’re the star of the zodiac, Gemini. You have a way with words—from your tall tales, “punny” one-liners, and witty banter. But not everything you say or do has to be for others. This full moon, consider sitting with your own thoughts and feelings. This could be a wonderful time to explore old journal entries. If you don’t have a daily journaling practice, start one. Get clear on who you are and what you want—especially when no one else is watching. The best way to acknowledge how much you’ve grown is to see documented proof of how much you’ve changed. 


This full moon is inviting you to focus on yourself, Cancer. It’s simple advice, but for a sensitive and nurturing sign like you, it’s anything but easy. Start by making a list of all the positive qualities you appreciate about yourself—the strengths others notice and the ones you wish they would. Then add to the list by writing out what you value in others: in relationships, at work, in finances, at home. Build upon these; see where they overlap. This is how we begin to make more self-empowered and aligned decisions moving forward in this next cycle.


You are a very giving sign, Leo. Your sign rules the heart—and you are so ruled by your heartfelt emotions and gestures. Think of what you give to others as a gift. It’s not solely ego or merely performance. It’s about showing your emotional vulnerability to put yourself and your creative work out there—to wear your heart on your sleeve even if you risk rejection. To be bold enough to be authentically yourself with the people who understand and support you. Release anything that dims your shine and open your heart up to those who see your inner light.


There’s no sign that’s busier than a Virgo, but what if you took this time to rest? To resist the urge to cross another thing off your never-ending to-do list? To calm your mind, quiet your thoughts, and just allow yourself to be? You’re a very service-oriented person who wants to help others and that is admirable. But this quiet, consider if you can best show up for others by making time for yourself. If you can see that you add value to your relationships not merely because of what you can do or provide, but simply because of who you are.


As a socially conscious person, you thrive in group settings. You enjoy being a friend to all, the cosmic diplomat, the one who can bring people together and can see all sides. Use your gifts to help ease any tension between your friends or colleagues that could be preventing projects and planning from moving forward—ultimately barring joy and fun from being had. As a Libra, you have a gift to lighten up the mood and broker peace with your luminous presence, so share this gift readily during this full moon.


There is a huge spotlight on your career, Scorpio. This full moon is asking you to release any inhibitions you have about putting yourself out there and being publicly recognized. For a notoriously private sign, remember that sharing our most authentic selves, and being accepted by others and recognized for it, is what makes hard work worth it. Spotlights can be uncomfortable for you but remember that you’ve earned it. Now is the time to accept praise, recognition, and any rewards for a job well done.  


As a sign known for their strong opinions, you never shy away from telling other people exactly what you think or believe, Sagittarius. This full moon is inviting you to think about how this trait of yours strengthens your friendships and relationships—or if it in any way negatively impacts them? Do you have friends who can be as honest back with you as you are with them? It is important to surround yourself with people who love you enough to push back or challenge you, too. That’s how real personal transformation happens.


You are a strong, sturdy, and responsible person. Now is the time to ask yourself, Capricorn, if you get back in your relationships all that you put into them. Are you seeing a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual return on the connections you cultivate? Why or why not? How can you objectively assess where karmic patterns may need to be rebalanced to ensure that the people you interact with—at work, at home, and at play—are not overtaxing either person?


Relationships are in the spotlight for you, Aquarius. When it comes to friendships, social networks, and group dynamics, you can be quite comfortable. But exploring true emotional intimacy can be an area where you tend to shy away. Or if topics get too personal, you can adopt a more avoidant or aloof approach. This full moon is asking you to explore your intimacy and attachment styles to understand how they developed, how they serve you, and if they made need some changes to support you in love and relationships moving forward.


As a Pisces, you love all things related to romance, pleasure, and fun, but can you stick to your commitments when it’s about the mundane? When it’s about dividing daily tasks and chores—the completely boring and unglamorous ones? During this time, coming off Valentine’s Day which is all about the performance of love, the real question this full moon is asking is can you perform for your partner the little favors that don’t always get credit? It’s how you build trust so they know they can physically, mentally, and emotionally get support from you. And that’s how you can thrive in your partnerships, too. 

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