January full moon 2022—what your star sign needs to prioritize

January full moon 2022 in Cancer is hot on the heels of Mercury retrograde and brings the chance to strip away what no longer serves us

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January full moon 2022 is in Cancer. Not all full moons are created equal and this particular one starts the year off by stripping away what no longer serves us. 

The first full moon of the year is coming just as we're getting to grips with Mercury retrograde in Aquarius 2022. This moon sits opposite the sun in Capricorn and Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto, the planet of death, power, control, taboo, and transformation, heightens the intensity of this lunation.

The sun and moon’s light shine bright on Pluto, putting our fears, past trauma, and pain in the spotlight. This full moon’s energy can highlight our deepest insecurities, power struggles, taboo topics, and uncover secrets. 

There’s no easy way to meet Pluto’s energy–the best thing to do is surrender. In order to experience the expansion and alignment that we deserve and crave, we must first dig underneath the surface and address what’s been lying dormant and collecting dust. 

The full moon in Cancer tasks us with prioritizing our comfort, care, and security. It’s by acknowledging and confronting the imbalances and power struggles in our lives that we will be able to move forward and embrace a new slate. 

It’s no surprise that the first full moon of the year is dramatic, if your 2022 horoscope is any indication, this year we’re in for a wild ride in the cosmos. Read on for your sun, moon and rising signs for a deeper understanding of how this full moon will affect your zodiac sign and your astrology birth chart.

When is full moon January 2022?

January full moon in Cancer 2022 is taking place on January 17, at 6:47 pm EST. 

Sounds like a perfect chance to treat yourself to full moon ritual, right? As Cancer is a water sign and it's wintertime, perhaps a lovely warm bath with the best essential oils will help you get in the mood before you set your intentions.

How January full moon in cancer affects your star sign


Your home and family matters are under the microscope this full moon. Addressing any longstanding power dynamics within your family is a must. If you’ve been experiencing some power struggles in your working environment, this is a time to bring this pattern into the light and alert others, as well. Your public and private lives are receiving a cosmic nudge to release harmful patterns from the past. It’s time to put yourself first.


Your process of learning and digesting information is up for revision. What are some of your long-held beliefs that could use some updating? This full moon asks you about your relationship with the information you ingest and what you share. You may feel called to join a class or webinar about a topic that’s interested you for a while. Or perhaps you’re finishing up a course. Knowledge is power and you’re reconsidering how your responsibility factors into the equation. 


Resources and finances can always cause a headache. This full moon reminds you to reflect on how you may be clinging too tightly or obsessively when it comes to your money. New opportunities with potential revenue streams may present themselves, but remember to consider what’s at stake. What will you have to sacrifice to take on a new financial project? Adopting a healthier abundance practice and reframing your relationship with your finances is a must.


It’s time to stop putting yourself second. This full moon in your sign reminds you of who you are. Of your power. Of your force. Of your identity and purpose. There is no more playing small. You have a story to tell and you have needs that deserve to be met. It’s time to nurture yourself with all you have. Shape yourself into who you’ve always wanted to be and move forward with confidence and embrace a new version of you.


Rest, recovery and closure are on their way. This full moon reminds you that life goes on, and that you deserve to hit pause every now and then. Release any sense of FOMO. Part of processing pain is slowing down and allowing yourself to feel. Whatever endings have been brewing for the past few week, it’s time to fully feel and embrace them. A new chapter is around the corner, but allow yourself to mourn and rest as needed.


Friend groups need a little recalibrating every now and then. How have the communities you’re part of made you feel uncomfortable in the past few months? Are there people you don’t fully feel aligned with any longer? Don’t force yourself to play nice or remain friends or associates with people who don’t light you up inside. Addressing power shifts and unhealthy behaviors within your friendships is critical at this time.

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How do others see you and how does that make you feel? If you’ve been focusing fully on seeking the approval of others, it’s time to stop. Your public and private lives have been reaching new dramatics and heights the past few months. If there are taboo topics or secrets that need to be revealed now is the time. Do it for yourself and not for anyone else.


Learning and traveling bring about prolific change. If you have a sudden interest in spirituality–listen to it. Pick up a Tarot deck, learn astrology, explore other occult offerings. This is a time where the universe is whispering in your ear and showing you some of its magic. Wisdom surrounds you when you take the time to observe the world from others’ perspectives. Taking a physical trip (if possible) will likely lead to breakthroughs at this time, too.


There is no more hiding. Leave the wit and charm at the door, it’s time to process some trauma. This is a wonderful time to explore your psyche and embrace the brave road of shadow work. You’re ready to heal. It’s been a longtime coming. Whatever triggers have recently awoken from within are making themselves known for a reason. Address what’s coming up head on, and clear the path for a healthier version of you in the future.


Issues within all partnerships reach their climax under this lunation. If you’re happily coupled up, your partner may be sorting through the underbelly and intensity of some past pain or trauma. Addressing power dynamics and your needs specifically within partnerships is critical. You are not a doormat. How has the power shifted within your closest partnerships? Call it back and demand more.


Working is one way to drown out the sorrow. If you’ve been overworking and losing yourself in projects left and right, you’re overdue for some rest. Your work/life balance is out of whack. What have you been completely engulfing yourself in? It’s time to recalibrate. Adjusting your daily routine and incorporating some healthier practices (meditating, brisk walk, or more veggies) is a game-changer right now and just what your body and soul needs.


Love isn’t for the faint of heart and neither is dating. If you’ve found yourself adopting some unhealthy dating habits, it’s time to end those patterns before they become second nature. If you’ve been ghosted or are thinking of ghosting someone, think again. It’s time to handle all situationships with the respect they deserve. Set boundaries and see who responds well. Those are people meant to be in your life.

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