Mercury retrograde in Aquarius 2022—what to expect, depending your star sign

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius 2022: your star sign might be about to hit a few obstacles, so here's what to look out for and what to avoid

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Mercury retrograde in Aquarius 2022 is about to hurl you into the new year and, depending on how you handle it, might bring you some pretty intense drama. Knowing how it will affect you, depending on your sign, will help you get through it with fewer bumps along the way.

So you follow your weekly horoscope, you've read up on what to expect in your 2022 horoscope, and heck—you've even cleansed your crystals. However, as it will be hitting us a remarkable four times, you need to know Mercury in retrograde 2022 will impact your star sign.

Astrological events in 2022 are packing a punch with four Mercury retrogrades, but our first Mercury retrograde is around the corner, and no doubt brings the most intense retrograde drama of the year! 

When is Mercury retrograde in Aquarius 2022?

On January 14, 2022, Mercury will retrograde in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, and eventually will go on to backpedal into the sign of Capricorn on January 27. 

We have the pleasure of Mercury visiting two zodiac signs during this retrograde period, bringing along distinctive archetypal energy of innovative Aquarius and practical Capricorn.

What makes this retrograde so dramatic? On January 14, the day Mercury stations retrograde, it will be forming a tense aspect with the planet Uranus in the sky. Uranus is the planet of rebellion, sudden events, shock, and surprise. Who could forget Uranus in retrograde?!

Mercury is the planet of the mind and communication, so this type of planetary showdown can lead to sudden mental breakthroughs, the exchange of shocking information, or just the desire to break free from the status quo and past ways of operating. 

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius encourages us to adopt a detached perspective in order to process and review. This is a head over heart energy that yearns for logic and can have us making decisions from a rational space.

The drama doesn’t end there, on January 27, Mercury re-enters the structured and practical sign of Capricorn. This zodiac sign wants to preserve its legacy and the structures in place that are working. 

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During a retrograde period, as a collective and on an individual level, we will be asked who these structures were put in place for and if they have our best interests at heart. On January 30, Mercury will go on to meet with Pluto in Capricorn. 

Pluto is the planet of death, destruction, obsession, power, and transformation. Obsessive thinking can flood our minds. This is a complete cosmic overhaul that asks us to fully release someone or something in order to clear the path for our future selves.

Take a look at your astrology birth chart and find out where Aquarius and Capricorn are in order to get more clues about your personal retrograde story. Read on for your rising sign, sun, and moon signs for a more complete picture of what to expect from this upcoming retrograde.

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How Mercury retrograde in Aquarius 2022 will affect your star sign


This retrograde period involves people in your life, Aries. Friends from the past or issues with friends that have been swept under the rug resurface for review. You may be asked to look closer at some of your friendships and reflect on who really is deserving of your time. 

This retrograde may also bring old co-workers or bosses your way with potential projects to collaborate on. You may also find yourself reenvisioning what you want out of your career. You’re clearing the way to charge after your goals full steam ahead.


How do you want to be remembered, Taurus? This retrograde asks you deeper questions about your reputation and legacy. Are you actively working toward your goals or just fantasizing about them? 

This period of revision tasks you with getting honest about what you really want to achieve during this lifetime. This is also a wonderful time to revisit areas of study that interest you. Take up learning a new skill that you’ve always wanted to explore. You are an eternal student of the universe. 


This Mercury retrograde sparks internal growth, Gemini. Your worldview and perspective is up for revision. How are some of your long-held beliefs holding you back? What other perspectives can you consider? 

This mental journey will also task you with revisiting some of your deepest pain and trauma. This is a wonderful time to do shadow work, work with a therapist, or use any tool to help yourself process hardships you’ve faced in your life. 

You’re known for your surface-level optimism, but it’s not sustainable to maintain unless you access your own vulnerability once in a while.


Your psyche takes centerstage, Cancer. Intimacy, trust, vulnerability, and trauma are just a few themes that come up for you during Mercury’s backspin. You’re forced to confront the monsters under your bed head-on. 

What have you been avoiding? It’s time to process and heal. Your retrograde journey will also involve your nearest and dearest. Don’t be surprised if relationship issues arise for review and reassessment and if a few exes pop up out of nowhere. 


Did an ex slide into your DMs, Leo? This retrograde period will bring people from your past, specifically exes, to the forefront. 

Have you really worked through releasing old relationship patterns and moving on from people from your past? This is your final test, and it’s time to let go. 

You will also be challenged with finding a more sustainable work/life balance. Your care matters and if you don’t prioritize your health and wellbeing, no one else will.


Your daily routine leads to your success, Virgo. You’ve been asked to review your morning routine, your workout routine, and the way you care for yourself. 

Small tasks every day lead to massive changes over time. Be intentional with your energy and remove daily behaviors that hold you back. 

Your retrograde journey will also invite you to bring more play into your life. Channel your inner child and spend time focusing on hobbies that bring you joy and light you up inside. 


You’re the charmer and the flirt of the zodiac, Libra, no one can do it quite like you. 

This retrograde period will ask you to reflect deeper on any situationships you’ve found yourself in. If you’re stuck firmly in dating purgatory, this retrograde reminds you of your worth and what you deserve. 

You are deserving of an equal partnership and romance that rivals even The Notebook. People from past relationships will likely come out of the woodwork. You may even be second-guessing whether your new partner deserves to meet your family after all. 


Family and home are your foundation, Scorpio, but you often remain private about family matters. This retrograde period will have you working through issues with your family members or roommates. 

If you’ve been holding onto grudges, it’s time to sort through any miscommunication to gain more clarity. The way you communicate and process information will also be up for review. 

Emboldening yourself to share your deepest vulnerabilities with others and put trust in your loved ones is key.


Issues with extended family or siblings might start to cloud some of your mental space. 

This retrograde period offers a period of reflection for any issues with family members in your life. This is also a potent time to revisit your value system and find alignment with others. 

Financial matters also become a focus as you may experience delays in a freelance payment or issues with your bank. This is a divine time to revisit your budget and adjust accordingly. 


You’re always on top of your budget, Capricorn, but this retrograde period asks you to go over it with a fine-tooth comb. 

Do all of your bills have automatic payment? Has your credit score increased over the past six months? If you’re hoping to make big financial moves in 2022, now is the time to get organized. 

This retrograde will also impact a very personal part of your chart: your sense of self. This is your cosmic reset to move forward in 2022 in alignment with the version of yourself that you see in your head. Be bold and be yourself. 


New year, new you, Aquarius! As Mercury moves through the part of your chart that represents your identity, health, and personality, you are reminded that you deserve to soak up some of the spotlight. 

Spending time with yourself and focusing on your needs isn't selfish–it’s critical. Devoting time to nurturing yourself will be key. As Mercury continues its journey, it will also invite you to reflect deeper on your subconscious. 

What limiting beliefs or self-destructive patterns can you leave behind in 2021? You’re ready to release.


As one of the most spiritual signs in the zodiac, it’s important that you find time to reconnect to your source. 

Carving out time for meditation or journaling about your dreams can lead to massive breakthroughs. Now is the time to accept that endings and closure create space for new opportunities in the future. 

You will also be asked to reconsider your closest relationships with others. What are your values within your friendships and who deserves to play a significant role in your life?

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