Uranus in retrograde: when is it and what does it mean for your star sign?

Uranus in retrograde will bring a big cosmic shift. Here's what to expect from the phenomenon, depending on your sign

uranus in retrograde

Uranus in retrograde might not have the same infamy as Mercury in retrograde, but it's still going to cause a massive cosmic shift. It's important to know how to make the most of this time and what to watch out for, depending on your star sign.

Keeping up with your weekly horoscope is a must for the modern woman and in recent times we've had shifts including the Lion's Gate Portal opening and now a planet, known as the 'great disruptor' is about to go into retrograde.

Astrologers Debbie Frank and Aliza Kelly spoke to woman&home and shared wisdom on the matter and explained that some are more affected than others during this time.

According to the experts, it's going to be a bumpy ride, especially for a few star signs. So here's everything we know about Uranus in retrograde.

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What is Uranus in Retrograde?

A planet is retrograde when it is moving backwards in the sky. For those who follow astrology, however, there's a lot more to it than the way it's moving.

According to Astrology.com, "On average, we experience at least one planet in retrograde about 80% of the time, and understanding each retrograde's true meaning, dates, and effects can prove to be a powerful tool."

Although it appears to be moving backward in its orbit when we observe Uranus from Earth, it is in fact an optical illusion. Owing to this, it's sometimes referred to by astronomers as an ‘apparent retrograde motion' because despite this planetary change looking real enough, it’s of course just a trick of the eye. 

Although a planet being in retrograde isn't a unique phenomenon—how each of their retrogrades affects us varies. Uranus is known as 'the great disruptor,' so you know what that means!

Debbie says, "The great disruptor planet Uranus has a total span of 84 years around the Sun including many retrograde (reverse) periods lasting approximately five months. When Uranus is moving forwards (direct) he brings the full force of his catalyzing energy."

When will Uranus be in retrograde?

Uranus will be in retrograde from August 19, 2021 through January 18, 2022.

It's an annual occurrence that lasts for six months and is said to bring massive change and upheaval. Debbie says, "He is the change-maker, the rebel, the awakener. His frequency coincides with those periods in life when we experience lightning bolts of epiphany. Those aha moments. The desire to alter course, change things up, distance ourselves from the way things have been."

However, it looks like it's not all on us. She adds, "Sometimes other people shake things up for us, other times we make the choice to depart from the old. Whichever way, Uranus intends to open us up to new ways of thinking, living and loving. He is not known as the breakup planet for nothing!"

She adds, "However, more often he can be the breakthrough. If we’ve been going through the motions, on auto-pilot, Uranus stirs things up so that we feel fully alive."

How does Uranus in retrograde affect people?

Debbie says, "It is like a change of gear.  We are given time to assess where we are with the status quo.  We can integrate and process what we’ve been through whilst Uranus was powering forward since January 13 2021."

She explains, "It feels gentler, a time of awareness and adaptation. Uranus is currently moving through the very fixed and stubborn sign of Taurus which he first entered in 2018 and will finally depart in 2026." 

"During this astro cycle which of course includes the onslaught of Covid 19 our old way of life has been disrupted, our values, sense of security and normality have been irrevocably altered," Debbie adds. 

"Uranus is the planet of the new normal. Which doesn’t arrive in one comfortable entry point, but as a series of awakenings, jolts and surprises which ensure we continue to move forward, grow and evolve rather than live in a cocoon."

"Starting on August 19 we can make inroads in terms of integrating whatever has felt unfamiliar and challenging. We can attune to new ideas and realities and ride these waves of change. After all change is the only certainty in life."

Which star signs will be most affected by Uranus in retrograde?

Aliza tells woman&home, "Uranus goes retrograde every year. Shocking and progressive, Uranus represents revolution, rebellion, and innovation. Uranian energy encourages us to break free of stale traditions, embrace the unknown, and try something brand new."

She adds that, "Uranus will be moving backwards in Taurus, the fixed Earth sign associated with the tangible, material world. During this time, Uranus Retrograde will be inviting us to reconsider our values — especially as they relate to our physical environment."

Some will feel the brunt of it all more, Aliza explains. "Those with planets or placements in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) will be most dramatically impacted by Uranus' backward motion. It should be noted, however, that Uranus is a distant outer-planet and its astrological implications are considered "transpersonal" (that is, impacting generations as opposed to individuals), so Uranus' movement is more likely to influence long-term choices as opposed to day-to-day experiences."

How will Uranus in retrograde affect my star sign?

Debbie took an indepth look at how Uranus turning retrograde will affect you depending on your star sign and depending on your sign, this could be a time of great change—here's some guidance on what to look out for.


The see-saw effect in your finances is stabilising so you get a chance to look at the best use of your skill set and manifest the self-belief to optimise them.


Never say never has become your mantra whilst ground-breaking Uranus has charged through your sign. Now you get a breathing space and can tap into the calm within.


Whilst so much has been surfacing from your past you’ve had to fire-fight. As Uranus changes direction you can live in the present moment again. Bliss.


A chopping and changing scenario around friends and co-workers has revolutionised your sense of what it means to be of ‘like mind’.  Now you can pick up the pieces.


Your place in the world has felt precarious so you’ve been exploring new options.   From August 19 you can take these ideas to the next level and build your game-plan,


If it weren’t for an ever changing series of blots on your landscape you believe you’d be much further forward. Timing is everything and this is the moment to carve out your future.


Instability around any kind of joint venture has not made for a time of peace and harmony.  Yet you’re moving into a stronger phase of development which settles your scales.


Those close to you have been lobbing curved balls  out of nowhere.  You’ve been running to catch up.  The coming months will offer space for reflection on what you’ve learned in the process.


Forays into certain wellness and fitness areas have been interesting, but perhaps a bit extreme.  Now you’re choosing what works best and is sustainable long term.


Being more spontaneous has opened up new avenues for you in recent months.  As Uranus turns retrograde, take this mindset with you so that you can find your happy place in a moment.


Restlessness is a common theme for water bearers.  You’ve been champing at the bit to re-invent yourself. When it goes retrograde, Uranus is awakening you to the fact you can do this on an inner level.   


Thinking outside of the box has been a necessity in order to keep up with rapid changes in your world. Now is your chance to take stock, integrate and further define what you really want.

Aliza's book This Is Your Destiny: Using Astrology to Manifest Your Best Life,  is available on September 28 2021. Check out her TikTok, Twitter, website and Instagram accounts.

Debbie's book What's Your Soul Sign? is available now. Check out her website and Instagram account.

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