Moon signs—zodiac element that shows true relationship needs and desires

Moon signs are among the most important elements of your astrology birth chart and represent your deepest needs and desires

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Moon signs are one of the most important elements of the zodiac used by astrologers to get a deeper understanding of what a person truly desires. So what does the position of your moon indicate?

You’ve got your Sun sign down and that’s cute, but did you know that it’s your Moon sign in your astrology birth chart that really reveals your deepest needs and desires? 

The Moon in astrology acts as our emotional foundation and compass. If the Sun is representative of our personality and identity, the Moon is who we feel we are on the inside, and what we need to receive in order to feel safe, comfortable, and secure.

The Moon also speaks to the emotional environment we grew up in, our intuition, and our home and family life. Our first relationships in life are with our caretakers and we can learn much about our emotional needs in all types of relationships from those dynamics. 

Can you identify which signs of the zodiac are a Water sign, Fire sign, Air sign, or Earth sign?

Learning more about your natural, emotional ebbs and flows based on your Moon sign can help lead to more successful and healthy partnerships. Having both our outer needs and inner needs met within a partnership is critical for creating a vulnerable and intimate space with our loved ones.  

So quit blaming bad dating experiences on Mercury in retrograde, and read on for everything you need to know about your Moon sign when it comes to dating.

Full Moon October 2021

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Aries Moon

Adventure is top of the list for you, and you need an extra dose of spontaneity. It doesn’t matter if you have the most grounded Earth sign Sun, if you were born under an Aries Moon, you’re impulsive and feel more comfortable when acting upon some of your whims. 

You may find you can be hot and cold when it comes to arguments, but you move on quickly. You need someone who understands this cycle and doesn’t take things too personally. Physical exercise is a lovely outlet to help you process some of your deeper emotions, so maybe consider having a look at the best workout apps to find something that works for you.

Taurus Moon

The Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus, meaning it's operating at its peak potential. Taurus Moons soak up comfort, luxury, and security. 

Your emotional world requires stability. Changes and last-minute plans probably aren’t your thing, and having a schedule you can stick to with your partner is just what the doctor ordered. 

You’re most likely a lover of gifts (really, who isn’t), but you’re no stranger to having great taste and enjoying the finer things in life. Having someone you can truly rely on always, at any time, any day, is critical for your emotional wellbeing. 

Gemini Moon

If you can’t engage in witty banter with someone, what’s the point? Your emotional landscape appreciates mental stimulation. If you’re not connecting, learning, teaching, or sharing information with your partner, you’re bored. 

Your mind moves a mile a minute and you need someone who can keep up. Your varied interests may have you all over the place, and you can suffer from boredom if you’re not getting enough mental stimulation or trying enough new things. You need a partner who is willing to go with the flow and who you can learn from.

Cancer Moon

Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon, meaning the moon thrives in this position. If you’re born with a Cancer Moon, nurturing others comes naturally to you. 

You get hit with nostalgia like no other. You crave a partner who can provide emotional security and stability, someone who you can rely on to build a family with–whatever that looks like! 

You’re incredibly intuitive and sensitive, so having a partner who is thoughtful and mindful of your oscillating moods and feelings is critical. 

Leo Moon

It’s your world and we’re just living in it. You may play coy and act shy, but truly, you are the center of attention and you love all eyes on you! You need a partner who will make you feel like the superstar you are. 

Someone who worships and appreciates your love. Leo rules the heart, and this is one passionate placement. Your love is committed and loyal. 

Compliments go a long way with you, as does honesty. Creativity is also a core value to you and you love a partner, or partners, who can inspire you on a daily basis.

Virgo Moon

Once you stop trying to fix everyone around you and slow down, you’ll recognize that you’re way overdue for some nurturing. 

You are precise and have your schedule organized and planned out months in advance—reliability is key for your relationship success. You need someone who is thoughtful, and who also appreciates your thoughtfulness. 

It’s the small things that really add up for you, and having a partner who is your equal is a must. Someone who can share the housework, chores, and plan out three months in advance with you.

Libra Moon

Libra is one of the Air signs and if it's your Moon sign—you need a debate partner. Partners who can play Devil’s Advocate and question your every move. You love to weigh the pros and cons of every decision, and having someone to do this with is necessary. 

Communication and socialization are core fibers in your being. You need a partner who can easily transform into a social butterfly, but who can also debate the meaning of life with you into the late-night hours. 

Creativity is your lifeline, and finding a partner who can inspire you to create and indulge in your artistic side feeds your soul.

Scorpio Moon

You’re not interested in seeing your partners’ LinkedIn, you want to see their bare souls. Vulnerability and intimacy are a must.

You need a patient partner who is willing to jump through the emotional hoops you will likely put them through when testing out their loyalty. Your love is not for the faint of heart and you don’t give it out willingly. 

Your potential partners need to earn your trust through a series of trials. You’ll secretly be keeping score, but once you decide to commit yourself completely to a relationship, there is no ending to your love.

Sagittarius Moon

Did someone say give you space? You’re fiercely independent and can’t be held down. You’ll never grow tired of freedom and your personal space. 

You need a partner who has full and complete trust in you. A partner who will let you travel to the ends of the Earth without them and just know that you’ll be back when you’re ready. 

You’re passionate and spontaneous, too, so finding people who encourage and ignite adventure within you is key.

Capricorn Moon

You are motivated by the thought of your legacy. How will you be remembered? What will you leave behind? 

In partnership, this looks like finding someone who is as equally motivated as you are. People who overcome the odds and continue along their path no matter what until they reach success. 

Your reputation matters and, in partnership, you desire someone who fits well with you or who can help influence your social standing in a positive way. Your practical nature also requires someone who is reliable and has a 10-year plan.

Aquarius Moon

If you don’t feel safe to fly your freak flag then what’s the point? Your entire, unique being must be loved and appreciated within partnerships. 

You desire to go against the grain and love a partner who can encourage you to continue your exploration of the unknown. Your emotional landscape is more logical. 

You can operate from a detached perspective and it can take time to process and understand your feelings. Having a practical or logical partner who is patient while you decode your feelings is key for a successful relationship. 

Pisces Moon

Being in love in this dimension simply isn’t enough to satisfy you! Pisces moons are psychic and soulful. They yearn to merge with another soul. 

This Moon sign craves a depth and spiritual connection that’s out of this world. Finding a partner who is in tune with your psychic energy and sensitivities is life-changing. 

You can be so selfless, so having a partner who doesn’t take advantage of your generosity is also key. Your love knows no bounds and you crave relationships with people who are also on the quest of finding out the meaning of life.

Stephanie N. Campos

Stephanie Campos-Powell is a Mexican-American astrologer, modern mystic, writer, editor, and serious cat lover. She's got four obnoxious planets in Leo and thanks the stars every day for her grounding Virgo moon. Reading celebrity birth charts just puts the wind in her sails, and so does Zumba. In her spare time, you can find her helping others step into their power with the help of magic, spellwork, astrology and various healing modalities. And creating passive-aggressive astrology memes about her loved ones.