Venus in retrograde 2022—How will it affect your love life, depending on your star sign

Venus in retrograde 2022 presents rare conjunction and the push you need to transform your love and sex life—but time is running out

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You’ve heard of Mercury in retrograde but are you ready for the only Venus retrograde in 2022? In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, values, finances, our desires and can oftentimes speak to our love language and aesthetic, too. 

When this romantically inclined planet takes a backspin and stations retrograde, we are in for a period of time that is similar to Mercury retrograde, but the focus is on our closest relationships. 

Past lovers, exes, and people from our past can crop up seemingly out of nowhere. Themes and conversations that we’ve been putting off with our closest romantic partners, family members, friends or co-workers will be hard to ignore. 

Your love horoscope 2022 might have indicated that you were going to carry lovey-dovey vibes from the end of 2021, into the new year. But with this huge cosmic shift in full swing, here's everything you need to know about Venus in retrograde 2022.

What is Venus retrograde?

Luckily, Venus retrograde isn’t a yearly occurrence, and this cosmically chaotic event only takes place every 18 months or so. This occurs when the planet Venus in the sky begins to slow down and lose speed, creating the optical illusion that it is actually moving backward in the sky.

Instead of pressing forward through the zodiac, Venus will retrace its steps in the sign of Capricorn, calling our focus to this specific area of our birth chart during this period of time.

The last time Venus was retrograde in Capricorn was from December 21, 2013, to January 31, 2014. Think back to this time frame in your life and events that may have taken place during this window for clues on how this retrograde may be unfolding for you.

When is Venus retrograde?

Venus retrograde kicked off on December 19, 2021, when Venus stationed retrograde at 26 degrees. It’s important to note that we can actually pick up on signs now that reflect our own personal Venus retrograde stories. 

During the pre-retrograde phase, between November 19 and December 19, 2021, when Venus was tracing its steps through Capricorn, you may have noticed the conversations, conflicts, and themes that came up. How did you react to them? Have they stirred anything that you're now addressing?

Since Venus hit 25 degrees of Capricorn, it slowed down and began its journey backward, over the degrees of Capricorn that it’s already passed. This is likely to have brought up issues and conversations from that pre-retrograde period for review, reflection, and re-evaluation before moving forward.

This Venus retrograde will last until January 29, 2022, when Venus stations direct at 11 degrees of Capricorn. Considering the fact that this aligns with Jupiter in Pisces 2021—2022, things are going to be supercharged!

From January 29 to March 1, 2022, we will experience our post-retrograde shadow phase. Now, you might recall the Mercury retrograde shadow period of 2021, which saw a lot of us stuck in a rut.

Venus will make its final pass over the degrees of 11 to 25 degrees Capricorn, inspiring us to move forward and take action with whatever issues arose in our personal lives during this time with more clarity and understanding. We are finally ready to integrate the lessons we’ve learned and move forward with confidence. 

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How does Venus retrograde affect my love life?

This Venus retrograde packs a punch and there is no way to downplay its intensity. This particular Venus retrograde takes place right as Venus forms conjunction, or sits directly next to or on top of, Pluto, the planet of death, taboo, and transformation. 

Pluto’s energy can show up as power struggles, manipulation, obsession, jealousy, secrecy, sexual desires, taboo topics and more.

Pluto’s influence is hard to ignore and can dredge up anything and everything we’ve been hoping to keep hidden underneath the rug. It might be a time to consider your deepest desires. 

Perhaps a look at the best sex toys for your star sign, trying something new with a partner or consider signing up to a dating app. 

This isn’t a quick confrontation with a friend or lover—Pluto’s energy points to turmoil and repressed anger or energy that’s been brewing for some time. Now, during Venus retrograde, these issues or topics will see the light of day.

While this retrograde journey will surely be intense, it offers us a powerful portal of transformation. Almost like the Lion's Gate portal opening, it offers the chance to step into our power. Life-changing shifts within our closest partnerships can take place if we choose to surrender and release our need to control. 

This isn’t a time to fight or bury our feelings. This is a time to confront and acknowledge. Past lovers, exes, and friends are generally a theme during Venus retrogrades, so expect people from your past to show up. Venus’ retrograde can also have us re-evaluating our finances and our value system.

Since Venus’ backspin is taking place in the sign of practical and hard-working Capricorn, this retrograde will affect the cardinal signs the most intensely. If you have planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, you’ll likely feel the intensity of this transit the strongest. 

Remember, it's vital you deepen your understanding of your astrology birth chart, especially with respect to moon signs—to get the best interpretation of your stars.

Look to see if your planets or rising sign are between 11 to 25 degrees, this is Venus’ path during retrograde, and where our birth charts will be most activated. 

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How does Venus retrograde affect my zodiac sign?

Here’s a quick guide to how Venus retrograde may affect your love life. Read for your rising sign if you know it, or you can also read for your sun and moon signs, too.


Aries, it’s time to confront the desire to control your reputation and what others think of you. Right now, you may be obsessing over your job or career trajectory and, more importantly, how others judge you depending on it. You may also feel like your love life is on display with others dissecting it. It’s time to find alignment and ask yourself if your current path truly makes you feel fulfilled inside. And release what others think of you.


If you have some travel plans coming up over the holidays, Taurus, get prepared to run into some exes. The sector of your chart that governs travel will be activated. This is also a period of time where you may find yourself reviewing relationships you made in college or early on in your career. Are they more harmful or helpful? Setting boundaries may be necessary.


Gemini, it’s never easy to be vulnerable, especially with your flighty nature. This Venus retrograde is asking you to dig into your shadow side, embrace it and share it with a partner or loved one. Our traumas and triggers can feel destabilizing, but sharing your past pain with a trusted source will only strengthen your relationship moving forward.


Congrats, Cancer, you get the most intense manifestation of this retrograde. Venus will be moving through the sector of your charts that rules 1:1 committed partnerships. This can mean exes are tracking you down, or if you’re in a stable and healthy relationship, your partner may be undergoing an intense period of change.


Leo, how have your relationships taken a toll physically on your body? Are you giving too much? Are your needs being met? This Venus retrograde appears in an area of your chart that speaks to self-sacrifice and focuses on our health. Being of service to others is profound and meaningful, but if you aren’t taking care of yourself along the way, resentment builds within your closest partnerships. 


Here come the exes, Virgo. The area of your chart activated by Venus retrograde specially reigns over sex and romance. This could be romantic trysts of the past or full-blown love affairs. Don’t be surprised if an ex slides into your DMs or gives you a call out of the blue. People from your past may be seeking closure--even if it’s been months or years.


You may be gearing up to make a big move with a partner, Libra, but are you ready? This Venus retrograde activates an area of your chart related to home, family and your living situation. Secrets from the past can be dug up, which may in turn affect your closest relationships. You may also be in the process of moving in with your partner, or discussing it. It’s time to sort out any hiccups that may get in the way.


It’s time to speak from the heart, Scorpio. Repressing and guarding your feelings only work for so long. Venus retrograde will bring an emphasis on your communication. What have you been hiding from those closest to you? It’s time to share.


What are your values, Sagittarius? No doubt they’ve been evolving over the past 18 months with eclipses taking place in your sign. But this Venus retrograde may bring up value differences within your partnerships. How can you find alignment and agreement with your loved ones? It’s time to address the elephant in the room to move forward.


This is a perfect time to reflect on the boundaries you set within your relationships, Capricorn, whether they be romantic or codependent relationships with family or friends. This is also a wonderful time to reflect on how you want to be perceived by others--are you ready for a dramatic change in appearance? Wait until the retrograde clears, and make some changes!


Self-sabotage is a wild thing, Aquarius. If you’ve been playing the victim, this Venus retrograde is here to remind you that we can be our own source of pain. It’s time to confront self-defeating behaviors within our partnerships. What habits are no longer serving us and are ultimately perpetuating harmful patterns within our partnerships? It’s time to release and uplevel.


Have you been friendzoned or are you friendzoning someone else, Pisces? This Venus retrograde may bring a potential partner to mind--someone you’ve been keeping in your corner as a friend. It may be time to re-evaluate and ask yourself if you’ve already in fact met a potential love match.

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