When does Mercury in retrograde end and why hopeful times are ahead

Mercury in retrograde ends as two planets go direct, bringing ' hope and inspiration, adventure, and possibility'

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Mercury in retrograde ending is probably something you've been waiting eagerly for. This infamous period in the astrological calendar is known to be a challenging one, but don't expect everything to be perfect right away.

Although Mercury in retrograde ends, like all tough times, it's not an immediate switch to the serenity you might seek. This is owing to the Mercury retrograde shadow period, which occurs both before and after the planet goes retrograde.

Michele Knight is an astrologer, psychic, and tarot reader. As Libra season 2021 comes to a close alongside Mercury going direct, she says that the shadow period means it will be another couple of weeks before things get easier.

Michele, a bestselling author, tells woman&home, "Mercury will still be in retro shadow for two more weeks but things will ease and communication clears."

Stephanie Campos-Powell of Leona Moon Astrology previously explained to woman&home what Mercury retrograde shadow period is all about. In short, this time is like the crescendo and diminuendo on either side of a planet going retrograde. 

Yes, you read that right, it happens with other planetary shifts like Uranus in retrograde and Jupiter in retrograde too!

Stephanie explained that the two-week period is, "when Mercury first enters the zodiacal degrees of the retrograde period." 

"While Mercury is in retrograde, it will move backward between 25-10 degrees of Libra until October 19," she said.

"The post-shadow period refers to once Mercury retrograde ends, but is still at 10 degrees in the sky, and needs to re-trace over 10-25 degrees of Libra—where it journeyed while in retrograde," she added.

When does Mercury in retrograde end?

Mercury in retrograde ends on Monday, October 18, 2021. As Mercury in retrograde is a time that brings up difficult parts of our past and is known to cause issues with communication, mistakes, and all manner of challenges—it going direct ought to be a relief.

Better still, the planet isn't the only one going direct on this day.

Michele tells woman&home, "Mercury and Jupiter go direct today thank f***!"

"Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good fortune," she explains, even if the shadow period means that things might still be sorting themselves out.

Michele says, "whatever Jupiter touches, even in difficult times, it brings hope and inspiration, adventure and possibility."

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