When will Mercury in retrograde end and what does this mean for our sanity?

Mercury in retrograde will occur multiple times throughout the year—but when will it be over?

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The occurrence of Mercury in retrograde means zodiac fans must come to terms with the so-called cosmic shift it brings to their livesbut when will it finally be over?

This year has already had its fair share of some truly spectacular astronomical events, from the recent total lunar eclipse—that was also being called a flower moon—to June’s rare ring of fire solar eclipse. But it seems the solar system is not done wreaking havoc on our daily lives quite yet. Those in the know may have already been cautiously checking their weekly horoscope and wondering about the most recent Mercury in retrograde 2021 event. 

Often associated with turbulence and chaos, both professionally and personally, y spiritual individuals, there's a lot you can expect during the astrological shake-up of Mercury in retrograde. But when will Mercury retrograde end in 2021? 

Is Mercury in retrograde now? 

For anyone who might not have been able to pinpoint why things have been particularly chaotic in recent weeks, the explanation is simple—Mercury retrograde is already upon us! The astrological phenomenon started on Saturday, May 29 and the planet is expected to be in retrograde yet again before the end of this year. 

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Mercury typically goes into retrograde between three and four times annually, though thankfully in 2021, it's only expected to happen three times, with the final retrograde occurring this autumn. So while you might just have got to grips with the effects of Mercury in retrograde right now, we’re set to go through it all again next season, from September 27th-October 17th.

When will Mercury in retrograde end? 

Whilst Mercury retrograde might not necessarily affect everyone, those who feel they have been experiencing the result of its so-called cosmic shift might be delighted to discover that they won’t be having to cope with this chaos for much longer. Mercury in retrograde will end on Tuesday, June 22nd and this pivotal moment falls the day after an equally important astronomical date—the Summer Solstice 2021. 

This marks the longest day of the year and there are many intriguing ways you can harness the spiritual energy of the Summer Solstice and manifest future achievements. Whilst Mercury in retrograde is often associated with disruption, the solstice is seen as a time for reflection, abundance, and celebration. So with the end of Mercury in retrograde following so closely afterward, it’s worth checking out your horoscope to keep up-to-date on what this period of change could mean for the days ahead. 

What does it mean when Mercury is in retrograde?  

Mercury in retrograde is so-named after the Latin word ‘retrogradus’, meaning ‘going backward’, as during this time the planet looks to be moving backward in its orbit when we observe Mercury from Earth. It is sometimes referred to by astronomers as an ‘apparent retrograde motion’, as while this planetary change might look real enough, it’s of course just an optical illusion. 

Though this is the logical meaning behind this name, for astrologers, the true meaning of Mercury in retrograde lies in the way it's believed to cause turbulence in our day-to-day lives. 

Sometimes known as the planet of communication or the messenger planet, when Mercury is in retrograde, many people could start to notice their professional and personal connections getting thrown off balance. 

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Some people even think certain star signs could be particularly susceptible to this, with Astrology expert and host of Saturn Returns Caggie Dunlop recently suggesting to woman&home that, "Those with strong Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius placements will be most affected. 

"But everyone should take precautions, backup files, and triple-check before pressing send, read the fine print and slow down. Avoid starting new projects, or diving into anything new."

Caggie also explained how it’s important to take time to assess things fully, stating: “Mercury is about trips, travel, intellect, and reason. But during retrograde, it's not time to dive into new ideas. Sit on them till it's over and reassess before making moves."

So whilst this month’s Mercury in retrograde won’t be ending for a few more weeks, it seems to be cautious during the coming days may be especially worthwhile.

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