When is the ring of fire solar eclipse in 2021 and where can you see it?

This month is busy with celestial occurrences, including this rare ring of fire eclipse

The entire sequence of the 2019 annular solar eclipse from start to finish. This sequence shows the beginning of the eclipse and continues all the way until the ring of fire is formed.
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This year has been packed full of celestial occurrences and another rare solar event is coming that you won't want to miss.

After witnessing the blood moon you may be wondering how many astronomy events for 2021 there are. 

Well, you can add the ring of fire eclipse to your calendar as this rare event is slated to take place June 10, a couple of weeks after the next total lunar eclipse—also known as the Flower Moon. 

While you might be planning the best full moon ritual, you should also start preparing for the ring of fire eclipse, which will surely be a sight to see.

What is the ring of fire eclipse?

Normally, when a solar eclipse occurs, the moon casts a shadow onto Earth creating a visual phenomenon. During the moon's orbit, it would typically move between the Earth and the sun blocking its light from reaching Earth. 

This is when would would see the eclipse of the sun for a period of time. The difference between a normal eclipse and this ring of fire event, though, is that the moon will be covering the center of the sun, which will allow only the outer edges of the sun to be visible, forming a ring of red around the moon.

Solar eclipse August 21, 2017 at 1:15pm from Wisconsin, USA 85% Coverage

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Ring of fire eclipse biblical meaning

This astrological phenomenon was even mentioned in the bible as many early Christians believed that the ring of fire eclipse had a spiritual meaning. 

Many of the references to the ring of fire eclipse, blood moons or any lunar or solar eclipses, are used to prophesize the end of times. 

Bible verse,  Acts 2:20, states this clearly as the verse states, "The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come."

Some Christians still believe that the ring of fire eclipse is a bad omen and the recent increase of eclipses indicates that the end of time is nigh. 

Ring of fire eclipse path

The path of the ring of fire runs across a narrow track of the Earth surface
which astronomers call the path of annularity. 

The eclipse begins at sunrise in Ontario, Canada and then circles across the northern most parts of the globe. The path then continues north and ends over North-eastern Siberia. 

The eclipse will last about 100 minutes in total and will be visible from various different countries along its path..

Where can you watch the ring of fire eclipse?

For around an hour and 40-minutes, the eclipse will be visible to spectators who are located in parts of the US, Canada, Russia, and Greenland, according to National Eclipse. 

So, if you're in the US or Canada, the best cities to see it will be in Toronto, Philadelphia, and New York. Just like with any eclipse or partial eclipse too, make sure to have a pair of solar eclipse glasses when looking up.

Even though Mercury in retrograde is officially here, don't let that keep you from witnessing this phenomenal celestial event—especially since the next one won't be for three years!

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