Best full moon ritual: from May 2021 and beyond, here's what astrologers recommend

No, a full moon ritual is not the time for manifestations like you might've thought...

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How do you resist an astrological roller coaster? Answer: a full moon ritual. 

May 2021 dealt us quite a doozy (a super flower blood moon, to be exact) and we can expect many a celestial phenomenon in the months ahead—a strawberry moon, buck moon, sturgeon moon.

But luminary events don't have to be a cause for distress. In fact, astrologer-recommended practices can help you channel the forthcoming energy into something positive, i.e. a full moon ritual. 

The last 2021 total eclipse, or flower moon—and the impending Mercury in retrograde—had us on edge when in fact an astrological shift like this should be a time to pause and reflect. 

"Energetically, a lot of people have felt zapped by this full moon and the eclipse, it’s like a regular full moon but on steroids," Esther McCann, law of attraction coach and spiritual mentor tells woman&home. "We are being encouraged to rest more, surrender, and gently feel through what is rising up in us."

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While most of us assume that a full moon is the time to manifest goals, it's actually the opposite: it's one to wave the white flag and switch our focus. (Manifestations are best reserved for new moons.) Just ask Astrologer and author Narayana Montufar.

"I write things down that I want to let go, meditate on it, light a candle and burn the paper," Narayana said, signaling a move towards a new beginning.

Meanwhile, others use this cyclical happening as a time to be proactive. 

"The best thing we can do is to choose activities that center and ground us to help us navigate the energy, for example walking in nature, journaling, breathwork, meditation, etc," Esther adds.

Likewise, energy healer and intuitive advisor Kesaine Walker, is all about self-care practices during a full moon.

"Focusing on staying centered and nourishing our inner world’s a better way to work with this lunation. I’d recommend doing things like a few minutes or more of breath work or energy work, connect with nature, or just simply take a cleansing bath to ground you," she says. 

Remaining full moons of 2021

  • June 24 strawberry moon
  • July 23 buck moon
  • August 22 sturgeon moon
  • September 20 corn moon
  • October 20 harvest moon 
  • November 19 beaver moon
  • December 18 cold moon

So now that you have a game plan, here's when to mark your calendars. All information is courtesy of our sister site,

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