Jupiter retrograde is in full swing—here’s what it means for you

'This is a great time to get a handle on situations you feel have gotten out of control'

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Thought you dodged a bullet with Mercury? Jupiter Retrograde has hit the scene just in time to throw you for another cosmic loop. 

Although the solar system's largest planet might not leave a notorious aftermath (á la Mercury), it'll certainly spark some changes. We'll fill you in on what to expect.

First thing's first, Jupiter is one of the most adored planets for what it symbolizes in the astrology world—luck, growth, optimism, and plenty of other positive notions. No matter what its backwards rotation has in store for your sign, this retrograde can be considered a time to reevaluate certain situations in your life, so be prepared to reflect. 

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When does Jupiter retrograde begin?

From June 20 to October 18 (depending on your time zone), the largest planet is moving backwards through Pisces and Aquarius.

"Jupiter's retrograde lasts about four months, so we will mainly feel it when other planets are in aspect to it," says astrologer Renée Watt.

What does Jupiter in retrograde mean for me?

The next several months are an ideal opportunity to take charge, according to Reneé. 

"Since Jupiter makes everything expand and become bigger, this is a great time to get a handle on situations you feel have gotten out of control," she recommends. 

However, no zodiac sign is treated equally.

"Take note of how your natal planets interact with Jupiter during its retrograde journey, and that will give you more insight," she adds. 

Per Astrology.com, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces signs are likely to feel the most intensity; Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Gemini signs will be on the fast track and might need to slow down; and the planet's benefits—including good luck—are most likely to affect Taurus, Cancer, Libra, and Aquarius signs. 

What to expect from Jupiter retrograde

"If you were born under Jupiter retrograde, this astrological period won't hit you as hard as it does with others," Renée says. "If you do have Jupiter retrograde in your natal chart, this will be an auspicious and lucky time for you, so do your best to seize as many opportunities as you can!"

Although each sign will undergo different experiences, there are a few universal circumstances to note.

"Since Jupiter is affiliated with our spirituality, our relationships have the potential to become more profound as Jupiter travels backwards," Renee said. "Soulmate connections will become clearer, though if you're in an unhappy relationship, it'll feel more obvious that you're with the wrong person."

She added, "In terms of career goals, you'll have to make your own opportunities. Jupiter loves to surprise us with random luck, but while this planet is in retrograde, we'll be responsible for taking destiny into our own hands." 

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