The best sex positions for your zodiac sign—get a deeper emotional connection with your partner

How your zodiac sign can help you connect in the bedroom...

best sex positions to try based on your star sign
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When looking to gain a deeper connection with your partner, you might want to try something different in the bedroom—but what about looking to the zodiac for help?

You may have read all the best sex books and be familiar with all the best sex positions in the Kama Sutra, but sometimes looking for a more emotional connection with your partner requires something more risqué.

For those of us who read our weekly horoscope, many of us are concerned about what the stars say about our love life and what our future will look like but can your star sign tell you which sex position you might like? 

Expert astrologist Inbaal Honigman (opens in new tab) tells us how we can sexually connect with our partner on a more emotional level through sex positions, and Ness Cooper, a Sexologist, who works as a Sex and Relationship Coach (opens in new tab) explains how best to achieve these positions safely for ultimate pleasure. 

Water signs should opt for a doggy style position

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Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are all water signs, the most emotional signs of the zodiac. According to Inbaal, these signs should try out doggy style with their partner if they want a deeper emotional connection.

“Water signs are all about the emotional connection,” says Inbaal, “they love whatever makes them feel more together and as if it’s the two of them against the world. So when it comes to sex, they'll be all about going as deep as possible.”

Inbaal explains that this deep emotional connection also translates to positions that allow for physically deeper penetration, “whichever positions are very deep, for example, the rocking chair, or doggy style, or even a variation of doggy, anything that would be very deep would appeal to a water sign as they want to become one with their partner.”

But what is the best way to try doggy style? This may be a preference for some, but for others, this position can put a lot of pressure on your joints, particularly your knees. 

Sex expert Ness says, “To make the doggy style position more comfortable, you can put a pillow underneath the torso,” she adds, ”This may make the G spot area more pleasurable and lead to greater stimulation for women who are receiving penetration.”

“You can also put pillows underneath the knees, and for the wrists. Sometimes if the wrists are aching during doggy, you can get a rolled-up towel or blanket and just put it underneath your fingers or hands and it raises up the hands slightly and takes the pressure off the wrists,” says Ness.

She adds that the addition of a sex toy such as a cock ring or your best vibrator can also mean that clitoral stimulation is achieved during this position, making the connection deeper and orgasm more likely.

Earth signs should opt for a missionary style position

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Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are all earth signs so Inbaal says that for these signs, routine is key. “For earth signs in general, we’re looking at missionary, we're looking at taking turns for very regular oral sex with the lights out at midnight,” says the astrology expert.

But even though this may be the original lazy sex position, don’t think of this as the boring choice, says Inbaal, “there's something nice about routine and you sort of know where you are with it.” 

She adds that earth signs feel most confident sexually when they know what they’re doing. This means becoming practiced at missionary or other positions that they feel sexually proficient in, will allow for these signs to connect on a deeper level emotionally as they are present and not worrying about their performance.

To spice up your missionary position, sex consultant Ness says, “Prop the bum up!” To enjoy a deeper penetration that is angled well, propping the bum up or providing support for the lower back can be crucial. Plus, “can lead to more stimulation on the clitoris and the G spot area.”

Ness says that the missionary position also allows for you to see your partner’s face and have better non-verbal communication. “Eye contact releases oxytocin and hand-holding has this kind of primal and intimate link. We don't hold hands with everyone, so when we do during sex, it's very important,” she says. 

Fire signs should opt for standing up positions

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Aires, Leo, and Saggitarius are all fire Signs. According to Inbaal, these signs of the zodiac are not only looking for something more adventurous in the bedroom but something a little more athletic too!

“Fire signs are incredibly energetic, and they need to just sort of burn off all that energy, much like puppies or rottweilers,” says Inbaal. “The connection for them is less important than the athleticism part of it. The joint exercise that a couple is having is much more of an achievement to them.”

Inbaal recommends that for these adventurous signs, sex standing up or against a wall is a great position for them to try with their partner. “I think that sex up against the wall is great for fire signs as it’s a bit more adventurous and also a bit more sporty,” says Inbaal.

However, this sporty position can also make it challenging for first-timers. Ness explains that there are a few things you need to consider before trying this position, for example, height differences. 

“If you want to try sex against the wall, you have to one take into account height difference, because if the person being penetrated is slightly shorter, you may find it a bit harder to just jump into it,” says Ness. 

She advises that the best way to combat this is to have the person who is being penetrated, lifted up onto a surface. “Finding a surface or something similar that is safe can help,” says  Ness but she warns, “please don't use a towel rail or sink because they can detach from the wall.”

Ness also adds that variations of this position can be attempted on your sofa. While there are plenty of sex on the sofa positions to try, Ness suggests that positioning your partner, or yourself, on the edge of a sofa be the perfect way to try out this position.

“Propping someone up against the edge of the sofa is a good solution because it’s a little bit more risqué, but it's a firmer support and safer height,” says Ness.

Air signs could opt for a threesome


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Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are all air signs and for these signs of the zodiac, Inbaal suggests something that is both physically and intellectually stimulating. 

“When it comes to relationships, air signs will bond over the movies that they like, the books they've read, and critical ideas that they have about politics and the universe,” begins Inbaal. “When we translate this to relationships, air signs will probably be the most excited about talking dirty and other things that stimulate the mind.”

Inbaal suggests that threesomes, experimenting with BDSM for beginners and blindfolds, would be perfect for these signs as they will both be mentally and physically stimulated. “Experimenting with multiple partners, different settings, and different social groups,” is the key to this, says Inbaal.

However, threesomes may not be something that everyone is comfortable with. Sexologist Ness suggests that if you would like to try a threesome, you need to consider what you want to achieve when inviting another person to join you in the bedroom.

“I recommend having a think about your top three to five goals of your threesome,” says the sex expert who recommends that you take time to think about what you will gain from the experience before you rush in. 

Ness also says that broaching this topic with your partner can be tricky and testing the water with some threesome erotica can be a good way to gauge how your partner might feel about potentially inviting someone else into the bedroom. “Ask your partner if you can read something a bit saucy together. You read a bit and then they read a bit, and you can watch them if they're comfortable or uncomfortable,” says Ness.

Ness continues that choosing a person to join the threesome can be another tricky decision. “The question is, are you going to introduce friends into your threesome? Or are you going to outsource?” says Ness who advises that couples need to have rules about who they want to invite and make decisions together before they invite a friend, or someone from a dating app, or even an acquaintance, to join them in the bedroom.

Ness says that with a threesome, as with any position listed, a couple needs to communicate effectively about their desires and feelings. This means that no matter your star sign, so long as you consider your own desires and that of your partners and communicate with them properly, you should be able to have a deeper emotional connection in the bedroom.

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