Aquarius compatibility - independent sign's romantic needs and how they interact with the rest of the zodiac

Aquarius compatibility in romance from what they need, what they're like to date, and what each star sign might experience dating them

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Aquarius compatibility in matters of the heart is one of the trickiest of all the zodiac signs to decipher. It's one tough sign to pin down, so figuring out where to start is a challenge in itself. However, there are a few useful observations to consider in discovering what this eccentric zodiac sign is looking for in a partnership. 

Let’s start with some basics - Aquarius, one of the air signs - is fiercely independent, logical, social, forward-thinking, eclectic, and stubborn. They're an odd bunch, so to pigeonhole them into having a specific type is rather reductive. 

It’s no surprise that this year is a wild one - there’s no shortage of exciting astrology in 2023, but could dating an Aquarius be written in the stars for you? 

Ruled by Saturn in traditional astrology and Uranus in modern astrology, their ruling planets offer that unique edge and the ability to reimagine the future. Their ruling planets have contradictory values - Saturn seeking stability and long-term vision for the future, and Uranus eager to shake up the status quo or stagnant energy.

For a deeper insight into Aquarius compatibility, you'll need to really examine your personal astrology birth chart - but in the meantime here's everything you need to know.

What does Aquarius need in a partner?

Adaptability is a key trait that Aquarius seeks within potential partners. They need someone who is up for going to a concert last minute and canceling other plans, and someone who can also respect their need for solitude. 

Aquarius love is not for the faint of heart! Clingy behavior and overly emotional sentiments can leave some Aquarians scratching their heads. With Saturn as a ruling planet, Aquarius likes to take its time. 

Saturn is the lord of time and long-term decisions. Just take a look at Saturn return - a time when people make huge life-changing choices. Aquarius may entertain the idea of dating someone, but they aren’t one to rush into a full-blown commitment. 

Aquarians also operate from a more logical standpoint and take time to process their emotions intellectually. Speaking of intellect, this zodiac sign thrives with intellectual stimulation. 

They love to learn and dialogue with their partners. Witty banter is their love language. As one of the more social signs of the zodiac, they also love an outgoing personality who isn’t going to abhor weekly get-togethers with friends. Social stimulation is a must!

What is an Aquarius like in a relationship?

It may take some time to see your Aquarius’ softer side. Saturn is all about boundaries and walls. Aquarians may guard their vulnerabilities early on, so it’s important to stay patient with them. 

Once you do notice a hint of intimacy, make sure to acknowledge it. Dating an Aquarius might start out as more of a friendship. This zodiac sign loves light-hearted dating in the beginning and prefers to slowly build to more intimate gatherings. 

If they start to bring you around their friend group, you know things are getting serious. Their friends are their chosen family and, in their minds, meeting some of their friends may be more of a BFD than meeting their actual family.

Aquarius can get a bad rap for being cold and aloof. If you’re confused by their reaction - or more likely lack of reaction - to a declaration of love or sharing some of your vulnerabilities, talk to them about it. This is an incredibly mental sign that won’t shy away from discussing what comes up in a practical manner. 

If you can detach a bit from your own emotions, a productive conversation may lead to more understanding of where their head is at. Aquarius is a fixed sign in the zodiac, so as much as they may play coy when it comes to committing, once they commit, they are all in. 

Signs compatibility with Aquarius

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Aries and Aquarius love compatibility has a lot of potential. Aries has a spontaneous quality to it that Aquarius will admire. They share a zest for life and have similar energy levels. They can both be incredibly stubborn, though, so that’s where some hiccups may crop up over time.


Taurus and Aquarius love compatibility can potentially be a bumpy ride. It will all come down to values. If they share a similar value system and respect one another's point of view, this pairing has potential for longevity. Their innate stubbornness as two fixed signs can lead to troubled waters, though. They must find a middle ground.


Gemini and Aquarius love compatibility is a match made in heaven. Pair two of the most cerebral air signs together and you get mental stimulation that’s off the charts. These two may get lost in the idealization and potential of their union. They could spend more time chatting than actually moving forward and committing to the partnership. So it’s important that they go deeper beyond surface-level conversations for a sustainable partnership.


Cancer and Aquarius love compatibility can create some emotional waves. Cancer is an emotional sign ruled by the Moon, shifting its mood every 2.5 days or so. Aquarius is calm, cool, and collected. Cancer’s sensitivity may also be an issue for Aquarius, who is more aloof and engages often in witty banter. 


Leo and Aquarius love compatibility was written in the stars! These two are opposite one another on the zodiac wheel, creating a balance when their energies blend. While Aquarius is focused on the group and collective, Leo is focused on the self. These two can learn so much from partnering up and expanding their perspectives.


Virgo and Aquarius love compatibility seems like an odd fit, but there is something beneath the surface. These two zodiac signs are both very particular. There is a method and logical process to their madness. If they can learn to appreciate how the other operates, bliss can be achieved. 


Libra and Aquarius love compatibility is the definition of sparks flying. These two can be quite the flirt. Libra knows exactly what to say to pique Aquarius’ interest and charm them. Aquarius knows how to play Devil’s Advocate with Libra and light their fire with endless debate. There is an effortless energy match in this union.


Scorpio and Aquarius love compatibility is hit or miss. Both fixed signs in the zodiac, their stubbornness can get the best of them. Scorpio craves depth (and sometimes chaos), and Aquarius can resist sharing that side of themselves for some time. If Aquarius proves to be trustworthy and honest and begins to open up, it’s a slam dunk.


Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility is one for the books. Sagittarius seeks life experience and Aquarius loves to learn and absorb new experiences, as well. This pairing may quit their jobs and travel the world together. There is a synergy between this pair that makes being friends, lovers, and partners second nature.


Capricorn and Aquarius compatibility has the potential to last the long haul. Both zodiac signs are ruled by Saturn, so both are no strangers to having a more practical approach to love and having an emotional guard up. Capricorn craves a little more planning and may not enjoy Aquarius’ occasional thirst for whims and adventures. But overall, they have a more similar approach to love than one might think.


Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility in love is quite obvious. Who could better understand the unique weirdness of Aquarian energy than another Aquarius? There is an innate understanding and respect of one’s values and needs. Two Aquarius do make for one incredibly stubborn couple, though, so when they are approaching an issue from opposing viewpoints, things could get messy. 


Pisces and Aquarius compatibility is full of highs and lows. Pisces craves to merge with another soul, like, instantly. They’re also incredibly intuitive and sensitive. They may tune into Aquarius’ feelings before Aquarius is even able to logically process what’s going on within them. If Aquarius finds this helpful, this pair could reach new emotional heights together, but if Aquarius resists, well, there’s trouble in paradise. 

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