Best gifts for men 2023: 40 present ideas for the man that has everything

We've rounded up the best gifts for men in 2023, from gadgets and tech to experiences and unique presents

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The best gifts for men can be tricky to find and it can be a challenge to source a genuinely thoughtful and unique gift, especially if they’re a guy who seemingly has everything they want already.

We’ve spent hours scouring thousands of products and presents to compile our list of the best gift ideas for men in 2023. Our carefully curated selection of gift ideas spans a range of different categories and features something for all budgets. 

So whether you're shopping for a gift for your husband, a present for your dad or need something to send to a guy you don't know quite as well like a colleague or a friend's partner, you should find plenty of ideas to inspire you below. 

Where to shop for the best gifts for men in the UK

The best gifts for men in 2023


1. Kintsugi Repair Kit

RRP: £13.11

Kintsugi is the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery pieces using gold, a concept which embraces flaws and attempts to bring a new perspective to things that have been damaged. Whether you’re buying for a man who’s obsessed with fixing things or who might just need the gift of a couple of hours of relaxing focus time, he won't be expecting this thoughtful gift. With two small bowls to practice on, the kit also features an instruction booklet, protective gloves, a cotton cloth, glue and gold pigment.


2. Provencal by Alex Jackson

RRP: £20 

A re-release of his widely acclaimed recipe book Sardine, Provencal features a collection of dishes which make use of simple, seasonal ingredients. The book is divided into seasons, with a ‘grande bouffe’, or a set menu, included in each season which can be followed to impress dinner guests and show off their newfound talent for provencal cooking.


3. Fender Play Subscription

RRP: £9.99/month

Maybe your recipient has decided they’re picking up guitar-playing as a new hobby for 2023: with the Fender Play Subscription, all they’ll need is the guitar and the app, which offers step-by-step guitar, bass and ukulele lessons. Plus, with the subscription they’ll also get 10% off Fender guitars, amplifiers and any other gear all year long, so their collection can start growing as soon as they’re a seasoned pro.


4. Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit 

RRP: £45 

Gifts which combine the experience of making something new with actually producing something that can be enjoyed afterwards are always a win. This IPA beer-making kit has everything he’ll need to start brewing his own pale ales, with pre-mixed grains and hops, a glass fermenter, a screw top stopper and more included (though he will have to provide his own bottles and pot). 

While it can be a tricky process to master, the beer can be brewed on any stove top, and this kit may just help the man in your life find a new hobby as an adult; making this gift perfect for a partner or dad as well as for any other family member who enjoys a hoppy beverage.


5. Hunter Original Tall Wellies

RRP: £125 

The perfect gift for an outdoorsy dad, partner or friend, Hunter wellies are known for their durable material and stylish design, and this classic pair comes in navy, black or dark olive colours. Pair with some good-quality socks to make an even more thoughtful gift for the guy who’s gearing up for his next walking holiday, come rain or shine.


6. Alfriston Bergamot & Rose Geranium Beard Oil

RRP: £32 

Beard oil is a classic gift for the well-groomed man, and this option is great for sensitive skin, as it features natural, nourishing ingredients such as sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and tea tree oil. It’s lightweight and absorbs quickly, so it’s an easy step for your recipient to add to their morning skincare routine for a soft, shiny beard. Plus, it’s cruelty-free and handmade, making this a great sustainable gift.


7. Philips Sublime L’OR Pod Coffee Machine

RRP: £105 

You can’t go wrong with this machine - one of the best gifts for coffee lovers in this list. They’ll be able to brew either two single espressos or a double espresso with this nifty machine, creating barista-level coffees with ease, such as ristrettos and lungos. The pods used for the machine are recyclable, and the machine will shut off automatically after one minute, so you don’t have to worry about overheating.


8. Calm and Cosy 7kg Weighted Blanket

RRP: £35 

It may not be cosy season anymore, but if your recipient lives in cooler climates, or if they could benefit from a super-soft, comforting blanket in their home office or on their bed, a weighted blanket is the perfect solution. Weighted blankets are one of the best sleep aids for those that struggle to drift off at night, and they’re also proven to reduce stress and anxiety, providing a calming feeling which helps relieve the struggles of the day.


9. Ooni Frya 12 Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

RRP: £249 

Gift an Ooni pizza oven for the dad or partner who loves to host, and they’ll soon be throwing pizza parties all spring and summer long in their readymade outdoor kitchen. While they are pricey, these wood-fired ovens are some of the best for cooking crispy, delicious wood-fired pizzas, and as they only weigh 11kg, they’re not too heavyweight as to be impossible to transport. There’s a one-year warranty on this pizza oven, but if you register the gift with Ooni, this can be extended to three years.


10. Hugo Boss Bottled Night

RRP: £39.99 

While it may not be the most unique gift, if you’re buying for someone you know well, a fragrance is always a safe bet. And while scents are subjective and personal, Hugo Boss is a popular men's cologne for a reason: this seductive scent features notes of lavender, vanilla, sandalwood and cardamom, blending musky with delicate to achieve an elegant fragrance that he’ll love.


11. Mejuri Oval Gemstone Signet Ring

RRP: £98  

A high-quality, subtle piece of statement jewellery is a great gift for a partner or a close friend, or even if you’re looking for a thoughtful option for a 21st birthday gift idea to a nephew or godson. This signet ring is made from lightweight, 92.5% sterling silver, with a unique gemstone and a thick band. Several sizes are available, and there’s a two-year warranty, as well.


12. Calvin Klein CK96 7-Pack Trunks

RRP: £85 

Spice up a potentially unsurprising gift by treating them to a pack of good-looking underwear, and he’ll have a gift he actually needs, that will also look great and last for a long time. Made from 74% cotton and 21% recycled cotton, these comfortable trunks feel super-soft while featuring the distinctive CK waistband.


13. Nintendo Switch

RRP: £259.99 

This innovative games console can be connected to a TV for at-home playing - meaning if you’re buying it for a partner, you’ll also get enjoyment out of this gift - as well as being a portable device that can be played anywhere. Gift it to the games-lover who travels a lot, and pair with their favourite game for an even more special present.


14. Eastpak Springer Bum Bag

RRP: £14.19 

A great gift for the outdoorsy individual, this bag would look great and also be practical to wear at festivals, on camping trips, or exploring cheap luxury holiday destinations. The bag comes in a wide array of colours, and has a zipped back compartment for keeping important items safe, as well as compression straps and a key clip, and it can be worn across the body or around the waist for hands-free travelling.


15. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash

RRP: £31  

It can be hard to find aesthetically pleasing soaps, but the classic Aesop bottle looks great, as well as holding a nourishing, refreshing, hand wash that won’t leave hands feeling dry. With a scent of mandarin rind, cedar atlas and rosemary leaf, they’ll leave the bathroom smelling gorgeous, too.


16. One, Two, Three, Four: The Beatles in Time by Craig Brown

RRP: £8.50  

This award-winning book combines fan letters, diaries, interviews and more to trace the immense rise and unparalleled influence of one of the most culturally significant bands in history. A rich biography and a substantial read, the Sunday Times bestseller is the ideal gift for any music-lover, even if they’re not (yet) a voracious Beatles fan.


17. Tile Mate Bluetooth Item Finder

RRP: £19.99  

Everyone knows the unique frustration of being unable to find your keys or wallet, no matter how hard you look. The Tile Mate is a small, nifty device you can attach to the things you lose the most, for example your keys, and pair with the app to find and track its location. Or, if it’s your phone you can’t find, you can double-press the button on the Tile Mate and it’ll locate your phone, causing it to ring even when it’s on silent. For the clumsy dad or forgetful friend, this gift will be infinitely useful.


18. Date Deck

RRP: £9.99  

Suffering from relationship burnout and looking to get some spark back in the relationship? Even if you’re just feeling the strain of day-to-day life and aching for an evening of technology-free connection, this pack of thought-provoking cards are an ideal gift for a partner if you’re both feeling disconnected and in need of quality time together (quality time is one of the 5 love languages, so if this is your partner’s, they’ll love this thoughtful gift).

Prompt cards ask both players questions and conversation starters, but the deck could also be played with close friends to further understand what’s going on in your loved ones’ heads.


19. Chaz Cheese Plant

RRP: From £16 

Patch plants is one of the best places to buy plants online, and it offers an array of easy-to-care for flora including this cheese plant, or monstera: one of the most low-maintenance plants to brighten up your home. Greenery is an easy way to bring positive energy into your home, and whatever your interior style, they’ll always look welcoming. Gift this plant, which comes alone or with a choice of clay pot, to the green-fingered guy in your life, or the indoor plant novice.


20. M&S Textured Weekend Bag

RRP: £80 

You may have researched the best weekend bags for women, but if your partner or dad is in need of a durable, stylish bag for stag-do's, short trips or even just a sizeable carrier for work and the gym, look no further than this M&S option. With side poppers for extra space, as well as internal zipped pockets to keep important documents and valuables safe, this handy bag is lined and comprised of thick material, meaning it’s definitely a gift that keeps on giving


21. Thermos Guardian Tumbler

RRP: from £23  

Another great gift for the coffee lover, or the man in your life who loves camping trips and long hikes, this Thermos tumbler has a sleek and secure opening for easy sipping, and a screw-top lid that keeps liquids contained. Known for its unmatched quality, this Thermos coffee travel mug also has a five-year guarantee for peace of mind.


22. ProCook Pasta Maker

RRP: £35  

If he’s armed with one of the best cookbooks and is ready to show off his newfound culinary skills, this pasta maker is a gift that’ll be immediately appreciated and treasured for years. With the ability to make lasagne sheets, tagliatelle and linguine, the pasta maker has eight thickness settings and has an easy-to-use turning handle that’ll have him churning out homemade Italian dishes in no time.


23. Fitbit Charge 5

RRP: £99  

One of the best Fitbits for tracking workouts, this advanced tracker also has notifications for irregular heart rhythms, along with tracking other health concerns. For anyone who needs to keep an eye on their health, this is ideal. The Charge 5 also comes with a six-month Fitbit Premium membership, so the truly advanced fitness tracker is great for the exercise-loving dad or the partner who’s in training for a marathon.


24. BabylissMEN Japanese Steel Digital Hair Clipper

RRP: £55  

It might be a cliché gift idea at this point, but a hair trimmer is a nifty tool for men that gets a welcome upgrade in this BabylissMEN option. Using innovative technology, the cordless clipper can twist, curve and reach tricky areas with precision and ease.


25. Theragun Mini Portable Massager

RRP: £155 

Whether he frequently works out or is just a long-time sufferer of aches and pains, the Theragun Mini will relieve tension and knots with ease. The Theragun is a popular birthday, Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day gift for men, and the pocket-sized Mini version is even easier to use on the go, whilst being available in four different colours and boasting an impressive 150-minute battery life.


26. Folding Bicycle Helmet

RRP: From £40 

If he’s a keen cyclist, there’s a whole range of gift ideas that open up. One of the most practical of these is this foldable bike helmet, which can be folded down in seconds, eliminating the need to carry around a bulky helmet on days out or after long cycles to the office. Far from just being nifty, it also looks great, available in 11 colours and providing constant ventilation when riding. 


27. Ivory & Copper Metal Watering Can

RRP: £13.99 

Whether he’s a keen gardener always tending to his creations or just takes pride in his sprawling house plants, this large watering can is not only a practical gift, but also looks super stylish. The sleek can doubles up as a thoughtful gift for couples who have recently embarked on a gardening journey together.


28. Geekey Multi-Tool

RRP: £22.99 

Put simply, there’s nothing the Geekey tool can’t do: bottle opener, screwdriver, bike spoke key, can opener, measurement… the list goes on. Rather than getting out the tool kit for every small fix around the house, the Geekey tool can be attached to keys, a belt or on a hook. It’ll soon be a necessity for the DIY-obsessed guy.


29. Adidas Samba Classic Shoes

RRP: £90   

A staple for the stylish man, these trainers can be worn with jeans, trousers or shorts. While they were originally designed for football players who needed to train on frozen ground, they’ll also look great on summer holidays as well as to work, if the attire is smart-casual. Made from a mix of leather, suede and rubber, these sneakers are durable with a great grip: if you’re looking for 18th birthday gifts for a nephew or a thoughtful anniversary present for a partner, look no further.


30. Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

RRP: £169.99

“What do you buy for a man who has everything? Something that allows him to do nothing: a robot floor cleaner”, says Erin Lawrence, reviewer of tech gadgets and YouTuber, recommending this handy gadget for busy working men, or just cleaning-avoidant guys.

This Eufy option connects to Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control purposes, and automatically increases suction when it moves over an area that needs more power. It’s not the cheapest gift, but if you’re buying for a guy that already owns his fair share of nifty gadgets, this will soon be his new favourite. 


31. Le Creuset Cast Iron Round Casserole

RRP: From £195  

Gift the aspiring cook his new favourite kitchen accessory; Le Creuset is well-loved for a reason, they last a lifetime and are great for cooking stews, curries, soups and more. The casserole dish is available in 14 different colours, from pastels to a satin black, so you can ensure to match it to his kitchen space’s aesthetic, and they last for ages, making this one of the best engagement gifts for newlyweds too.


32. Magnetic Folding Chess Set

RRP: £33.99  

Buying for a father-in-law you know is a chess fanatic, or a colleague and your budget isn’t too high? This travel set is a suitable small, yet thoughtful gift. The foldable board is easily transported, and due to the magnetic pieces, the game can be played in windy weather or on turbulent flights without worrying about losing any. 


33. Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses

RRP: £184  

Ray-Ban takes the top spot when it comes to the best designer sunglasses, with high-quality UV protection, the option to add prescription lenses and a wide range of classy frames to choose from. The Wayfarer Classics come in 7 different colors, with polarised lenses which reduce glare and a comfortable fit. Treat your dad or stepdad to the classic design, or impress a partner’s dad or brother with this thoughtful gift.


34. Five Points Brewery Tour Gift Voucher

RRP: From £20 

When we asked men we knew what they would most appreciate as a gift, the majority of them expressed interest in a present that would give them a new experience. A brewery tour is a surefire way to ensure a fun day out that you can enjoy with the recipient, especially if they’re a partner or a friend. Hackney brewery Five Points offers reasonably priced tours, valid for 12 months, which run for 90 minutes and include tutored tasting, as well as a look around the historic brewhouse.


35. Kodak Ultra F9 35mm Film Camera

RRP: £42.95 

Whether they remember the days of film cameras being commonplace or they’ve come to enjoy the process during its recent resurgence among young people, a film camera is a great gift for a creative in your life who’s keen to start amateur photography. Pair it with a pack of Kodak 35mm film to complete their setup. 


36. Show & Listen Vinyl Record Album Frame

RRP: £23.99  

These black vinyl frames give off the appearance of a framed LP cover, but when you open them from the top, you can actually remove the record and swap it out for whichever one you’re playing at the time (or just keep your favourite cover in there). The perfect gift for a music lover, they’ll be able to show off their extensive collection while appreciating the covers that might usually be hidden when storing their records.


37. Carharrt Madison Sweater

RRP: £80  

Carharrt clothing is known for its elite quality, and this sweater is no exception. With a midweight cotton knit and ribbed detailing, as well as the classic ‘C’ logo subtly adorning the chest, this sweater is the perfect ‘impersonal’ gift for a recipient you don’t know too well, though it would make a lovely present for a loved one who’s been dropping hints about a new jumper for a while. Choose from four different colours, all ideal for that awkward weather that comes as the seasons change.


38. Popcorn Maker

RRP: £22.99  

Gifting for a self-described movie obsessive or just looking for a fun, affordable present for men? This popcorn maker is ideal for film nights, as it quickly makes popcorn with no oil, and an accompanying scoop that allows you to pour the kernels straight into the top of the machine before clicking a button, meaning anyone in the family can use it.


39. Birkenstock Zermatt Premium Slippers

RRP: £160  

Available in brown, black, white or purple, these slippers truly suit everyone, and while they are lined with shearling, they can still be worn around the house whatever the season. If you’re worried about buying slippers for someone who’s in between sizes, these slip-ons are available in a regular or narrow fit.


40. Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

RRP: £179.99  

Treat a book-lover to a gadget that will allow them to enjoy thousands of books for an affordable price, as prices for Kindle editions of new releases are often much lower than for the physical copies. Plus, they’ll be able to read everywhere and anywhere, making this a perfect gift for people always on the go. Why not pair it with one of the best Kindle covers, too?

What do you buy the man who has everything?

It’s always important to contemplate the needs and wants of your recipient, considering their passions and interests, or thinking about what they might benefit from but would never think to buy themselves. 

While gadgets are often a safe bet, it might be worth thinking outside of the box, too: have they recently expressed an interest in gardening and might appreciate one of the best gardening gifts? Or have they hinted at an experience they’ve always wanted to do, that you could give them as a pleasant surprise?

If you're still struggling to find something to buy the man in your life who has everything already, try the following: 

  • Consider gifting an experience: When we asked men in our lives what they would want to receive as a gift, from dads to friends and our partners, they all suggested experiences. Whether it’s tickets to a gig, theatre show or exhibition you can enjoy together, or a brewery tour or Secret Cinema experience for them and their partner, an experience is a great way to make sure they’ll never forget your gift. 
  • Think about things they might enjoy, but wouldn’t think to buy for themselves: Dads, stepdads and other male family members especially might not consider splashing out on certain extravagances, such as a high-quality beard oil or a particularly flashy piece of tech. Unique gadgets will always be appreciated: think nifty devices like smart lights, wireless speakers, and robot vacuum cleaners.
  • Pay attention to any hints they may have dropped: Cast your mind back to any hints your recipient has made about a present they’d particularly like. Were you in a bookshop recently and a certain biography caught their eye? Have they been complaining that their trusty trainers are getting a bit worn out? Surprising them with something they didn’t need to actually ask for is a lovely way to show them that you’ve really considered their wants and needs. 
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