Where to buy a sports bra - 9 brands to shop for better support in 2024

These brands are where to buy a sports bra if you're stuck in the sea of options, featuring low, medium, and high-support styles and unique designs

A selection of sports bras from where to buy a sports bra, including Nike, Under Armour and Pour Moi
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Wondering where to buy a sports bra? Often when choosing this essential piece of our workout wardrobes, the huge amount of choice on offer can make finding a good one harder than it should be. 

"Regardless of your breast size, a properly fitting sports bra offers good support and comfort, which is essential. [Having one of the best sports bras] can reduce breast pain, chest pain, skin irritation, and soreness that may occur with an oversized or tight-fitting bra. For those exercising regularly, this will help you avoid discomfort that could lead to missing sessions," says Kate Rowe-Ham, a certified personal trainer and founder of Owning Your Menopause.

With that in mind, as woman&home's digital health editor and the owner of more than 20 different sports bras myself, I've rounded up where to shop for the top sports bras, whether you're looking for the best sports bras for larger breasts or low-impact support for yoga. 

Where to buy a sports bra  

1. Shock Absorber

Shock Absorber is a smaller brand than titans like Lululemon or Nike, but after a collaboration with Champion in recent years, they've quickly become one of the best on the market for go-to sports bras. They are moisture-wicking, durable, abrasion-resistant to prevent chafing, and incredibly supportive during high-intensity exercise.

The Shock Absorber D+ Max Support sports bra is also our top pick for anyone with a larger chest size looking for one of the best high-impact sports bras, thanks to its dual encapsulation and compression design, strong shoulder straps, and triple hook-and-eye closure. The D+ category is more than just a singular bra though - most Shock Absorber sports bras carry up to a 40H or 40HH. Otherwise, the collection starts at 30B or D in some cases, so there's an impressive size range. 

2. Marks & Spencer

After Marks & Spencer launched Goodmove in 2020, the brand quickly became known as one of the best British sportswear brands thanks to the collection of affordable leggings, tops, sports bras, and outerwear. 

The Goodmove collection, which features everything from pairs of the best workout leggings to sports bras and accessories, is sold online alongside picks from brands like Girlfriend Collective, Sketchers, Sweaty Betty, and Panache. 

Each bra, regardless of the brand, is assured to be of great quality, with hundreds of buyers' reviews across the site to guide you in the right direction. You'll also find a good range of sizes here, from A to E cups and Small to XXXL. 

3. Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty is one of the top British sportswear brands carrying high-quality, sportive sports bras for all kinds of activities, from yoga to running. What makes this one of the best sports bra brands is the variety on offer – as well as bras for different impacts, the brand carries a great range of designs, from encapsulation racerback bras to traditional crop-top designs, so there's something for everyone.  

Sweaty Betty sports bras come in cup sizes A to F, although they are measured in XXS to XXL size ranges on site. This brand isn't afraid to push the boat out when it comes to colour either, so it's a great choice for where to buy a sports bra if you're looking for bold and bright. Often the best-selling sports bras feature in the Sweaty Betty sale with impressive discounts.

4. Runderwear

Runderwear is one of the few brands that designs sports bras for runners of all shapes and sizes. While the range is limited in terms of selection (with only three different types of sports bra in the collection) and colour, there are an impressive 60 different sizes to choose from and specially formulated designs to combat common running problems like chafing, sweating, and a lack of support for larger-chested people. 

Of the three styles, two cater for high-intensity workouts with a focus on support and comfort. The other caters for medium-impact workouts like strength training for runners, yoga, and Pilates. 

Detailed sizing guidance on the Runderwear website makes it easier to find your perfect fit at home and if you don't get it right the first time, the brand offers free exchanges until you find the one for you, so you can try and buy with confidence. 

5. Lululemon

Lululemon is a go-to for premium, high-quality sports bras. As a titan in the fitness industry, you can expect plenty of choices here in terms of style - from strappy yoga bras to firm running bras - and colour. Sizes go up to a D as standard and to a G cup in one design

"Although they can be expensive, sports bras from Lululemon are good quality and can last you years. They cater to many different designs and styles and their most popular 'Align' collection is like second-skin material, great for working up a sweat. 10 out of 10 recommend," says Ekam Grewal, a certified personal trainer and founder of Body By Ekham

Provided you learn how to wash gym clothes, you can bet on a Lululemon sports bra lasting a few years thanks to the high-quality construction and added Lycra in the material, which helps the bra maintain its shape and stretch with wear. However, if you're more into bold designs, it may be worth weighing up Lululemon vs Sweaty Betty.

6. Decathlon

Decathlon is a high-street and online retailer famous for its huge collection of affordable and basic sportswear and accessories. One trip here can sort you out with a full kit to go cycling as a workout (including the bike), one of the best yoga mats, or a good sports bra.

The sports bra range at Decathlon features almost 100 different options, including picks from Adidas and Puma, along with own-brand designs like Domyos and Kalenji. You can expect plenty of low to medium support options here for under £20, all available on the new and improved website. 

7. Under Armour

Under Armour has an impressive range of sports bras in various supportive designs and colours. The brand specialises in - and is most known for - its excellent collection of activewear designed for cardio activities and weight training so you'll mostly find medium and high-intensity support options here. 

The largest size widely stocked across the range is a DD cup so it's not the best for those with a larger chest, but if your fit is in this range, you'll likely find a high-quality sports bra that can stand up to whatever activity you have in mind.

8. Pour Moi

Even looking at the best bras outside of physical activity, Pour Moi takes a spot on the list of must-tries. When it comes to sports bras, it's the brand to shop for total support in low- to high-intensity exercise, with inclusive designs and sizes up to 40H. Along with Shock Absorber, it's where to buy a sports bra if you're above a DD cup-size. 

If you're bored of plain black, white, and neutral colour options, Pour Moi could be a great choice. From neon leopard print and floral to bright colourways, Pour Moi specialises in bold designs like no other. 

9. Nike

Nike is one of the most popular sports bra brands for a reason, so we had to include it on this list. Naturally, you can expect a range of designs and supportive styles from this brand, with sizes up to 4X (suitable for cup sizes F to G). The materials are super high-quality, designed to stand the test of sweaty workouts and wears of wear.  

While the colourways are lacking compared to Pour Moi or Sweaty Betty with exclusively neutral colourways in most designs, if you're more focused on performance and seamless comfort than anything else in your chosen activity then Nike is a great option. 

10. Boobydoo

Looking to shop independent? Boobydoo is a size-inclusive online store specialising exclusively in sports bras - with an impressive range from 28 to 54 band sizes and A to K cup sizes. Here, you'll find all the best sports bra brands outside the big sportswear labels like Nike and Adidas. Think Curvy Kate, Shock Absorber, Panache, Pour Moi, and Freya Active. Designed (mostly) by women, for women. 

If you're unsure what size sports bra you are (as it can differ from your regular sports bra), Boobydoo can help with that too. They are regularly on the road, up and down the country doing fit and supply services, so follow them on Instagram for updates. 

How do I find a good sports bra? 

Once you've found a brand you like the look of that offers bras with the support you need, how do you find the right bra for you? Here, personal trainers reveal the key features to look out for - and the ones to avoid. 

  • Size: Size and knowing how to wear a sports bra will be most important in choosing a good sports one. Get the wrong size and you'll notice right when you need support the most. Be sure to check the sizing information of your chosen brand before ordering since, as we all know, this can change drastically between retailers. "The correct sizing will fit comfortably which is important when training," says PT Grewal. 
  • Material: "Make sure it's sweatproof and stretchy material, such as polyester. You want to ensure you have a material that you can move in. It should be flexible and cater to sweating," says Grewal.
    Style: "I would go for a bra that encompasses the whole breast and is made of soft yet supportive material. Shoulder straps can be a good idea for added support but ensure that you don't go too tight across the top as this may cause pain," says PT and menopause specialist Rowe-Ham. 
  • Underwire: Some people like underwires for extra support but the personal trainer says: "I would avoid underwired bras as this can irritate the sternum. Especially as our fluctuating hormones can cause our breasts to feel swollen one minute and not the next, the wire may dig in, causing discomfort." Consider whether you'd benefit from the additional support or underwire or can do without it - it's rarely removable if you change your mind.
    Type of support: "Think about how your breasts may have changed shape and the type of support you need for the discipline you are doing," says Rowe-Ham. "If you are running, you will need something that moves with you and offers you good support. If you are doing a weighted session, you could opt for something less restrictive yet supportive to allow for a good range of movement." 
  • Deals: While you can normally find one of the best sports bras on Amazon with a deal at any time of year, it's worth seeing if some brands offer deals outside of seasonal sales. For example, Lululemon permanently offers a range called 'We Made Too Much', which sells excess stock at a reduced price.
  • Returns: If the sports bra you choose doesn't work for you, can you return it? Unless you're 100% sure of your choice, check the returns policy of your chosen brand to ensure you can return or exchange your sports bra after trying it on.
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