Stylish linen dresses to buy now and wear all summer long

The best linen dresses to invest in for every occasion this summer

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As the weather warms up, the best linen dresses are the most stylish way to beat the heat. A smart fabric choice, something about linen dresses screams 'Quiet Luxury', delivering a subtle elegance to summer ensembles. 

The best linen dresses are ideal for a summer capsule wardrobe. Crafted from natural fabric, they offer excellent breathability, helping to keep you cool as summer temperatures soar. Wearable from AM to PM depending on the garment's cut, linen fabric works well for more tailored silhouettes, as the natural stiffness ensures it holds its shape well. 

While linen pants for work will help regulate your body temperature for your 9-5, the best linen dresses add elegance to your wardrobe whether you're on, or off duty. Prone to some creasing, make sure you press or steam your outfit the night before so that you look smartly put together. Alternatively, linen blends can ensure you get breathability, with less creasing. A look that never goes out of fashion when it comes to summer trends, quality linen dresses will always have a home in your closet. 

Best linen dresses

Why are linen dresses good for summer?

There are heaps of reasons to invest in linen dresses this summer. The strongest of natural fibers, linen's durability and strength improves when wet. However, to keep you linen in tip-top condition, wash linen clothing on a gentle cycle at no more than 40 degrees, and never wring, twist or scrub the fabric so that your items retain their shape. 

As a natural fabric, linen is also sustainable, making it ideal if you're looking to shop more consciously. Linen grows easily in poor soil, making it an accessible crop and requires little in the way of fertiliser. It also needs much less water than cotton and is biodegradable. 

Highly absorbent,  linen can gain up to 20% of its dry weight in moisture without feeling damp making it perfect for avoiding or minimizing sweat patches in warm weather. And of course, as a natural fiber it is breathable, which also minimizes over heating and helps you to regulate your body temperature, as it is crafted from durable flax fibres, forming a linen fabric that allows air to travel.

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