Stylish linen dresses to buy now and wear all year around

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  • Linen dresses have flooded the high street for the warmer months, but these must-have buys are easy to style for every season. A few fashion tips and tricks and you'll wear yours all year around.

    Every spring our favourite fashion brands stock their stores high with luxe linen fabrics thanks to its effortless aesthetic and breathable fabric. Linen dresses in particular hang in window display after window display (along side the ever popular jumpuit!).

    And we can see why, because far from being a warm weather staple, sales of linen fabrics are growing in popularity for cooler climates too – in fact, according to Precision Reports, the global linen market is expected to rise 10.7% by 2025, reaching a whopping £689 million.

    So why are our beloved linens gaining so much attention right now?

    Why linen is the material to look out for

    If you’re wondering why you should give linen dresses a try all year round, here’s what you should know.

    It’s a strong fibre

    Linen is considered to be the strongest of all natural fibres and is proven to get stronger when wet! Just ensure to wash your linens on a gentle cycle at no more than 40 degrees, and never wring, twist or scrub the fabric so your clothes keep their shape.

    It’s sustainable

    Linen grows in poor soils and requires very little fertiliser, whilst the production process uses significantly less water than cotton. It’s also a completely natural fibre that makes it biodegradable.

    It’s highly absorbent

    This clever fabric can gain up to 20% of their dry weight in moisture without feeling damp meaning no embarrassing sweat patches in warm weather!

    It helps regulate your temperature

    The long fibres give linen temperature regulating properties. Made from durable flax fibres, the fabric allows air to travel making it perfect for layering during colder temperatures. Linen is also said to boost serotonin levels that can help to boost your mood and relieve anxiety.

    Sold? We are!

    How to wear your linen dresses all year around

    Linen dresses look summer ready with sandals and denim.

    While in autumn or winter, linen dresses look stylish layered up with other textured fabrics, like knitwear and suede or leather boots.

    Gorgeous linen dresses to buy now

    Everywhere from Marks & Spencer to Zara have lust-worthy linens in store now, plus keep your eye peeled for Peacocks’ new purse-friendly range.

    Which will you be adding to your wardrobe?