Eyeglasses trends 2023: These are the styles experts recommend investing in this season

These are the top eyeglasses trends 2023 has to offer for autumn/winter. See our guide to the latest spectacles to ensure your prescription style is on point this season.

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As we enter the last phase of the year, the eyeglasses trends 2023 offer one of the simplest ways to update your autumn/winter look. With more frames on the market than ever before, it's never been easier to find a pair to suit your face shape, taste, and budget that will also help you express your style.

Eyeglasses aren't just a practical investment. Much like the autumn/winter fashion trends 2023, they can help you to make a statement and tie your wardrobe together with minimal effort. As important as this season's jewellery trends and autumn/winter handbag trends 2023 for curating a statement look this season, glasses are not to be overlooked in your accessories rotation. Whether you stick to a minimal capsule wardrobe or gravitate towards bright colours and patterns, the eyeglasses trends 2023 offer something for everyone.

As well as making a sophisticated statement, the right pair of eyeglasses will also enhance your facial features. There are several factors to consider when shopping for new frames to ensure you're investing in the right pair, which is why we've spent hours looking through the most popular shapes for this season. Take some direction from the top eyeglasses trends 2023, plus top tips from industry experts, to find a pair that will boost your style as well as your sight.  

If you usually shop for the best designer sunglasses, you'll be used to investigating sunglasses trends and the silhouettes that fit your face shape and lifestyle. Use your sunglasses collection as inspiration and consider the styles you are drawn to in order to help you find the best eyeglasses trend 2023 for your face. You can also check out our guide on 'What sunglasses suit me' as this will help you to work out what silhouettes are best for your face shape if you're struggling, as the basic principles between eyeglasses and sunglasses frame shapes are the same.

Jake Lawrence, Frames Buyer for Boots Opticians, has this advice when it comes to finding the right eyeglasses frames for your face shape this season:

“Knowing your face shape will help you find the right pair of glasses for you as certain styles are better suited to different face shapes. Most styles will suit an oval face shape as this is typically the most common, however, we recommend going for styles that are a little wider than the widest part of your face. Square or rectangular frames tend to complement round faces because they can make your face appear longer.

Round and oval frames suit square faces, creating balance by softening sharp angles. A cat-eye or wayfarer frame style will flatter a heart-shaped face, making your forehead appear narrower and your cheekbones more defined. Wide frames, such as an aviator style, will flatter a longer rectangular oblong face by making it appear shorter and more balanced.

You should remember that it is totally up to you and your personal style. I suggest you start by trying on the frames which you’re naturally drawn to and go from there.”

These are the seven eyeglasses trends 2023 that are set to be big throughout the latter half of this year, and luckily there is something to suit every occasion, taste, face shape, and budget. So whether you're after a simple update or want to look runway-ready, here's all you need to know for the season ahead. 


two women wearing harlequin eyeglasses

Eyeglasses trend 2023: Harlequin, worn by Joy Crookes and Jasmila Žbanić

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If you’re looking for a timeless classic with a twist for your next pair of spectacles, try a pair of Harlequin frames - a sassy update on everyone’s favourite eyeglasses trend from 2022, the cat-eye. Inspired by the upturned corners of a jester’s mask, the triangular tips of the frames compliment virtually every face shape as they highlight brow arches, drawing the eye to the highest points of your face. A staple that will look just all year through, this shape can work for anyone.

Bianca Swan, Specsavers frames stylist, suggests looking for modern takes on a classic frame: “Cat eye frames are picking up pace as consumers look to reworked classics. We’re making them feel new via scale, finish or contrasting metallic accents for 2023.”

Style tip...

Why not try a style with exaggerated points or sparkly corner details to further add interest to your look? This shape of frames has a hint of vintage-inspired style, making them the perfect partner to your best midi dresses or for adding interest to a simple best t-shirt and jeans ensemble.

Clare Kimeze, co-founder of Kimeze eyewear adds: “This year, angular and sharp cat eye shapes are everywhere in optical styles. Look for frames with lens shapes that follow the cheekbone sharply.”

2. Oval

two women wearing oval eyeglasses

Eyeglasses trend 2023: Oval, worn by Julia Roberts and Lisa Henson

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After many years in limbo, Oval opticals are making a surprise return as one of the big eyeglasses trends 2023 with a key update - colour. When it comes to the fashion colour trends 2023, bright hues and dopamine dressing are still on the agenda, so we're not surprised that this look has crept into the eyeglasses trends 2023 too. This style is particularly suited to those with diamond-shaped faces, characterised by full cheeks and a narrow forehead and jawline. The narrower framed style is also one to consider if you have a long face as it will help to balance your facial proportions.

If you’re in the market for a pair of oval eyeglasses, Robert Roope Founder and Creative Director of Black Eyewear explains what to look for in your new frames: “Bolder and more colourful, proudly showing off curves in a fun and confident way. Think the Jackie-O look, re-modeled!”

Style tip...

Carissa Dunphy, founder of OpticianNow.com, has this sage advice when shopping for oval frames: “Pay special attention to how the frame looks with your brow-line and jaw-line. Smaller oval frames are a great solution for those with high prescriptions, yet troublesome to those who wear a multifocal or progressive lens design.”


two women wearing rounded square eyeglasses

Eyeglasses trend 2023: Rounded square, worn by Abby Ajayi and Paz Vega

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While 2022 saw the return of geek chic via trends such as Dark Academia, ushering in heavy square and rectangular frames, the eyeglasses trends 2023 sees this popular shape softened with rounded corners. Angular-edged frames help to add definition to round faces but this style update is gentler and works on a variety of facial features while adding a distinct, modern look.

Robert Roope, Founder and Creative Director at Black Eyewear says: “Alternative bridge and hinge designs combined with introducing unusual angles create a very individual look. It creates character eyewear through which the wearers can express their personalities in a completely new way”

Style tip...

If you’re worried that this angular update might still be too overwhelming for your face, try swapping classic black frames for a pair in warming tortoiseshell or a dark jewel tone such as navy or forest green, or even a wire frame style, such as Kimeze’s Akin style.


two women wearing geometric eyeglasses

Eyeglasses trend 2023: Geometric, worn by  Bianca Jagger and H.E.R.

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This eyeglasses trend 2023 is one for the daring optical wearers, as Geometric eyeglasses are a style statement - particularly when it comes to more outrageous shaped frames. Specsavers Frame Stylist Bianca Swan says: “Geometric shapes are an evolution of the oversized angular takes on a playful silhouette, you will see this coming through in collections in wider rims and bold colours.”

Style tip...

If you’re looking for a geometric style for everyday wear, look for shapes in wire frames for a lighter take on the look - oversized octagonal frames are a modern take on what was once described as granny chic, and slot perfectly into the Coastal Grandmother trend. Team them with a simple outfit such as your best cashmere sweater and dressy flats and let your eyes do the talking.

Jake Lawrence, Frames Buyer at Boots Opticians, says: “Geometric styles work well with a lot of face shapes - adding angles to a round or oval face shape and soften a squarer face. This trend works especially well in metal frames, colourful chunky acetates or tortoiseshells.”


two women wearing seventies eyeglasses

Eyeglasses trend 2023: Seventies, worn by Jenna Lyons and Myleene Klass

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The seventies is the decade that continues to be a key source of inspiration for the eyewear trends in 2023 and beyond - from popular frame shapes such as aviators and oversized round frames to the return of tinted lenses, there is a seventies-inspired style for everyone.

As well as looking cool, another perk of going for an oversized frame is the uninterrupted line of vision that a larger shape offers, and if you’ve ever wondered how to style flared jeans, these glasses will up the ante on your outfit in no time.

When it comes to embracing the seventies vibe with tinted lenses, Marie Wilkinson, Style Director at Cutler and Gross is a big fan - not just for aesthetic reasons: “Wearing SPF year-round has been accepted when it comes to skincare, it should be no different for eyecare. Whilst black-out sunglasses might not always be necessary, you can still protect your eyes from low-angle sunlight with mid-toned tinted lenses.”

Style tip...

Aviators are a celebrity favourite with Jennifer Aniston, Brooke Shields and Sarah Jessica-Parker all fans of the frame shape - if you’ve ever wanted to master how to dress like Carrie Bradshaw, why not start with her eyeglasses? Particularly as aviators suit most face shapes, and never fail to add a little A-lister style to your look. Finish off with the best quiet luxury shoes for a foolproof and chic look.

6. Brights

two women wearing bright eyeglasses

Eyeglasses trend 2023: Brights, worn by Prue Leith and Cynthia Erivo

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It’s not just bright colour clothes that are a big fashion trend this year, bold and colourful frames are set to be one of the key eyeglasses trends 2023 too. Not just for summer, a bright pair of frames will add some lightness to all manner of winter outfits. While it may seem daunting, swapping your regular black, tortoiseshell, or wire frames for an eye-catching pair, it's a super quick and easy way to update your look, adding an element of interest to an over 50s capsule wardrobe.

If you’re not sure if you can pull off Barbiecore pink just yet, try easing yourself in with a jewel-inspired hue such as sapphire blue or emerald green frame. With Viva Magenta named as the Pantone Colour of the Year 2023, the flattering deep ruby hue is another key colour to look out for when selecting a pair of frames. These colours work well on everyone, making them a go-to choice for anyone who is keen to experiment with colour.

Style tip...

Carissa Dunphy, of Opticiannow.com, believes in the power of a bright frame: “Having a bright and bold pair of glasses is a style staple that is more versatile than you think. Embrace the frame as your prominent stand-out accessory, and pair with any casual or formal attire. You can’t help but feel great while wearing a bright frame!”

7. Pastels

two women wearing pastel eyeglasses

Eyeglasses trend 2023: Pastel, worn by Oprah and X Mayo

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If you’re looking for a pair of frames that will blend softly with your features, why not look for opticals in a soft pastel hue, particularly if you have a fair complexion. Jake Lawrence, Frames Buyer at Boots Opticians says: “Soft pastel colours with warm undertones are likely to continue to grow in popularity, as they work especially well with fairer hair and paler skin tones, helping to add warmth.” If you're wondering how to style linen trousers for work, opt for a blazer and some pastel frames to finish off your ensemble, and soften a tailored look.

Style tip...

While icy blues and clear frames were big in 2022, Robert Roope, Founder and Creative Director at Black Eyewear has this tip on how to update ice cream colours for the eyeglasses trends 2023 with a pair of Crystal Tri Colour frames:

“At Black Eyewear we have been introducing crystal frames with three shades of colour in one frame including blue, brown, pinks, and slight yellows. This is a great way to introduce colour to the face in a subtle, non-shouting way. There are three colours - to go with the facial element of the brow at the top, the eye socket in the middle and the cheek at the bottom. They have been very popular with Black Eyewear customers who love the warmth and hint of colour it brings to the face."

You can also get a similar effect with ombre frames, where the colour gradually fades through the frame to give a subtle nod to this glasses trend.

What eyeglasses shapes make you look younger?

"More angular eyeglasses shapes, such as rectangle or square are great for rounder face shapes and will in turn make you look younger. For a directional feel, try modern glasses shapes such as octagonal which will also deliver an age dropping effect. But it isn't just frame shape you should be concerned with if you're trying to look younger. Think about the colour of your glasses too, a bold coloured framed naturally feels more brave and youthful," says woman&home fashion editor, Rivkie Baum

What colour glasses are on trend?

"In line with this season's fashion colour trends, we're seeing a resurgence in simple gold and silver frames for the autumn/winter eyeglasses trends 2023," says Rivkie. "Metallics are always big in the winter, but this time the look has slipped into eyewear too. However, that doesn't mean bold and bright coloured frames need to be put away. Statement eyeglasses are often an extension of the wearers personal style and despite what trend predictors might say, showcasing who you are through your look never goes out of fashion. Stick to bold red and blues, both of which are big for the months ahead."

Rivkie Baum
Rivkie Baum

With over fifteen years' experience, Rivkie is an accomplished fashion editor, writer and stylist. Covering international fashion weeks, and styling photoshoots all over the world, Rivkie loves translating the trends in an accessible way to make fashion available for all budgets. 

The latest eyeglasses trends 2023 offer a blueprint for silhouettes and colours for the months ahead, but are less prescriptive than many of the fashion and accessory trends. While you might want to curate a selection of eyeglasses to help switch up your look for different occasions, opting for a statement style that becomes inherently 'you' is also a fantastic way of individualising a look and making you feel put together. 

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