What is a deep autumn capsule wardrobe - and how to build one according to a fashion editor

Here's how to build a deep autumn capsule wardrobe for the season ahead

deep autumn capsule wardrobe clothing ideas
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A deep autumn capsule wardrobe is a selection of pieces picked largely because of their colour and tone. Fitting a particular colour brief, this particular wardrobe is aimed primarily at people with particular characteristics as it is believed they suit this style best. Below we explain how to workout if a deep autumn capsule wardrobe is for you and what you can add to your closet this season. 

Wondering what colour suits me? Once you've read through our guide, you might find that you slip into the 'deep autumn' category perfectly. Defined by how well you suit a specific group of dark, autumnal hues, those that like to have their 'colours done', finding what palette works for them helps them to narrow down outfit choices more easily and avoid fashion fax pas. 

Deep autumn is one of several colour groups that are referred to over the months of September to early November and while they're not always listed as part of the latest fashion colour trends, the traditional hues that make up a deep autumn palette are always available during the season. 

What is deep autumn colouring?

Autumn colouring is made up of three parts: soft autumn, true autumn and deep autumn. Each of these groups refers to a different make-up of colour palettes, that suit different people. Deep autumn, or dark autumn as it is sometimes referred to is the darkest of the autumn colour families. 

While deciphering what characteristics suit what autumn family can be tricky, the easiest way to think about deep autumn is to picture a dark forest as the sun begins to fade. It is these rich and earthy tones that underpin this colour group.

One of the most important things to understand about deep autumn colouring is that it is at its essence warm, and leans heavily into the traditional autumnal colour palette, but selects the coziest shades of those traditional hues. 

How to build a deep autumn capsule wardrobe

Normally when we talk about a capsule wardrobe we have a a guide of the silhouettes that should be in your closet. While you will still need a mix of separates, dresses, outerwear and accessories to make you deep autumn capsule wardrobe work, this idea is less about specific types of garments and more about a tightly edit colour palette that is guaranteed to suit you. 

This includes swapping black clothing for dark brown and coffee colourways, and introducing charcoal and very dark navy blue. These almost black colours serve the same job as fashion's favourite neutral but are more favourable to a deep autumn's complexion and characteristics. 

For lighter colours to add in, look to creamy, off white shades such as ecru as opposed to bright whites. And while having a strong base of neutrals is essential in any deep autumn capsule wardrobe, don't be afraid to add a splash of colour.

Deep autumns can embrace bright colour clothing, but you'll want to opt for colourways that are known to suit your tone. These include, plum, magenta, khaki, burnt orange, antique rose, dark navy, khaki and forest green. 

In terms of jewellery muted golds and bronzes will be more successful than silver tones. 

How to work out if you have deep autumn colouring

The first thing to do is assess your features. Deep autumn people have dark eyes and dark hair, and although skin tone varies, they have underlying warmth. 

If, after looking in the mirror, you're still unsure, look in your jewellery collection, deep autumns tend to lean towards gold jewellery over silver as it complements their skin tone.

To further break it down, the colour of eyes most prevalent in deep autumn, as you might expect are: hazel, dark brown, dark green and black. So if you have one of those eye colours, you're well on your way to fitting into this autumn subcategory.

Skin colour is broad, although commonly deep autumns have a bronze or golden undertone. And when it comes to hair, you're looking for anything from golden brown to a dark and deep brown. 

What colours should be in a deep autumn capsule wardrobe?

The deep autumn colour palette is underpinned by traditional autumn colours. Forest green, dark brown and mustard yellow as well as terracotta hues are reminiscent of the last leaves to full off the trees. 

A popular selection of colours for autumn outfit ideas, this well-known selection is peppered with lighter colourways, including soft pink, turquoise and oatmeal hues to create contrast. 

When selecting what to wear, look for items whether colour has a yellow undertone, as this adds warmth, avoid colours with too much blue in them, as this signifies cooler tones. 

Deep autumn vs Deep winter

Many mistake these two groups for one another but it's important to focus on warmth within your features to work out where you belong. Deep autumns always a warmth to them, while deep winter's have a cooler tone overall. 

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