Your Essential Guide To A DIY Manicure

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  • Get flawless talons in minutes with our easy step by step guide

    There’s no doubt that washing, gardening, cleaning – all our many chores – can take their toll on our hands. But there’s no need to book a salon manicure when you can achieve a professional finish with the right products at home.

    Revlon’s global nail artist Chelsea King has revealed a common mistake that many nail salons make – soaking your hands in water. By avoiding this, your nail manicure could last up to 47 per cent longer! Chelsea explains that soaking your hands in warm water causes them to expand, so when they go back to normal size the nails flex causing the varnish to chip. Soaking your nails in water can also saturate your nail plates. Make sure you keep your hands out of warm water after your manicure too – so avoid baths and washing up bowls.  
    Your manicure will also last significantly longer if you apply a top coat like Revlon’s Ultimate Shine Top Coat which gives nails a gel-like finish and shine. Just simply apply one coat over nail varnish five minutes after painting them. 
    Whether you want to go for a natural French polish or something zestier for your summer holiday, we’ll show you how.
    Set aside a few minutes, every week, for a DIY manicure and you’ll soon have digits to die for…