Looking for a chic, low-maintenance short haircut? Look no further than the ‘wixie’ cut

Flattering and versatile, the trending wixie haircut works wonders for all hair types and textures

audrey tautou with a wixie haircut
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Any low-maintenance chop is bound to be an instant favorite and the trending wixie haircut is no exception. With a beachy, relaxed feel that is made for the summer months, this cropped style is bound to be an instant classic.

If you've never quite found a short hairstyle that suits you, you'll want to know about the wixie haircut. Taking its name from the 'winged' shape it has, it provides volume and texture whilst remaining chic and timeless. The best part? It requires minimal styling, so you can guarantee a good hair day even on the busiest of mornings.

Both hair stylists and celebrities can't get enough of the wixie, which has "echoes of an 80’s new romantic vibe with a DIY twist," says celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton. Whether you're looking for natural hairstyles inspiration or you want to give your signature pixie a more modern refresh, we've found out everything you need to know about this trending look, including expert styling tips and what to ask for at the salon. 

The wixie haircut, explained by the experts

What is the wixie haircut?

"The wixie is in between a pixie and a shag," says Master Hairstylist Susie Geda. The 70s shag and layered cuts like the chopped bob have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years, but the wixie proves that these throwback styles can look just as good on shorter cuts. 

"The wixie haircut is a trendy and modern short hairstyle known for its versatility and textured layers; it typically involves keeping the hair shorter on the sides and back, while leaving slightly longer layers on top," explains Geda. The key feature of a wixie is the 'wings' that frame the side of the face, which help to add shape and definition to the face and add to the slightly boho vibe of this cut.

"This sassy little hair cut is a hybrid of two haircuts, it’s part pixie crop and part mullet," says Barton. Although mullets have had somewhat of a renaissance in recent years, it is not the easiest look to pull off. If you gravitate towards the full and textured style of a mullet but want something a little softer and more wearable, the wixie offers just that. Barton notes that the wixie "has a casual un-done vibe with a chic little twist," so it really is a look that can work for all ages and hair types.

What face shapes suit the wixie haircut?

halle berry with a wixie haircut

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"The wixie cut offers a playful and edgy look that can be customized to suit different face shapes and personal styles," says Geda. There are infinite ways to style the wixie, so anyone can find a variation that will suit them. However, there are certain face shapes that a wixie really compliments.

"Those with an oval face shape have the perfect face shape for the wixie," says Barton. "The choppy textured fringe will also suit rounder and heart face shaped faces. However, those with longer face shapes may need to keep a bit more length to balance the face shape." The top hair trends of 2023 are all about playing around with cuts and colors that work for you, so don't be afraid to approach the wixie in a couple of different ways until you find the best style for you. 

"The textured cropped side areas can also be tucked behind the ear to add a flattering lift to the cheekbones. Contrasted by the feathered lengths in the neck, it gives a slimming effect on any face shape," says Barton. An even more flattering alternative to bob hairstyles, going even shorter with a wixie can work wonders for enhancing your face shape.

Geda agrees that the wixie is "a versatile hairstyle that can be adapted to various face shapes. Generally, it tends to suit those with oval, heart-shaped, and square faces," she says. "For oval faces, the wixie cut enhances facial features and maintains a balanced appearance. Heart-shaped faces benefit from the short layers that soften the jawline. Square faces can be complemented with soft, textured layers to add dimension and soften the angles." So no matter your face shape, you are bound to fall in love with the wixie cut.

Wixie vs pixie - what's the difference?

"While both the wixie and pixie cuts are short hairstyles, they have subtle differences," says Geda. "The wixie cut typically features longer layers on top, allowing for more styling versatility and texture. It can be worn with different variations, such as swept to the side or spiked up. 

"On the other hand, the pixie cut is generally shorter all over, creating a sleek and more uniform look. Both cuts offer a chic and low-maintenance style, but the wixie cut offers a bit more length and flexibility." Short hairstyles for women over 50 can be tricky to master if you want to keep some length without losing volume, so if you find that classic pixie cuts don't do much for you, the wixie is the best alternative.

Barton notes that the pixie is "a classic shape that can be designed to various lengths to suit any face shape or age group and can be styled in many different ways." However, the wixie plays into modern trends and will stand out from other short hair cuts this season. Whilst both are gorgeous and flattering looks, we highly recommend the wixie if you want to try something new.

What should I ask for at the salon to get the perfect wixie haircut?

scarlett johansson with a wixie haircut

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"Translation at the salon can often be confusing - what is one thing to one person is something else to the other. Pictures speak louder than words, so use pictures as a reference to your stylist. They’ll appreciate that much more as, the picture will share the type of lengths you are looking for," says Barton. The same goes with colors like bronde hair or blue gray hair; you will get the best results if you take a reference photo along to your appointment. 

But if you don't have a specific look in mind and want to chat to your hair stylist about the cut to go for, "you can ask for a wixie cut with textured layers and slightly longer length on top, sides, and even longer at the nape," says Geda. "Be sure to discuss your face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle to customize the cut to suit you best."

How to style the wixie haircut

Depending on your hair type, you may be able to let your hair dry naturally and allow your natural texture to define your wixie cut. However, if you have quite flat or straight hair, some of the best hair styling products can give you the perfect wixie in no time. 

"To add texture and volume, apply a small amount of texturizing spray or styling product to damp hair. Use your fingers or a comb to create the desired shape and texture, either tousling the hair for a messy look or smoothing it down for a sleek style. If desired, you can use a small amount of pomade or wax to define the layers and add shine," says Geda.

The experts recommend...

Keune Style Matte Cream Hair Cream | RRP: $25 / £19.99

Keune Style Matte Cream Hair Cream | RRP: $25 / £19.99

"My favorite styling product for the wixie is Keune Matte Cream," says Barton. Ideal for adding some movement and texture without weighing the hair down, it will work for everyone.

Hair by Sam McKnight Sundaze Sea Spray | RRP: $34 / £26

Hair by Sam McKnight Sundaze Sea Spray | RRP: $34 / £26

This spray will create soft texture as well as protecting your hair from UV rays this summer. Read up on how to use sea salt spray for the perfect finish.

Wixie haircut inspiration: 9 looks we love

1. Classic wixie

emma corrin with a wixie haircut

Emma Corrin

(Image credit: Getty)

Emma Corrin's hair cut is one of the most popular wixies due to its modern and edgy feel. A slightly shorter alternative to the bixie haircut, this style is perfect for anyone who likes a weightless and easy finish. 

2. Cropped wixie

zoe kravitz with a wixie haircut

Zoe Kravitz

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If the shaggier wixie isn't really your style, this ultra-chic cropped cut has our vote. With a vintage and timeless feel, it will work for all face shapes. Ask your hairdresser for the same length all over with face-framing sides to recreate the look.

3. Graduated wixie

emma watson with a wixie haircut

Emma Watson

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This style of wixie uses subtle graduated layers to frame the face. An excellent hairstyle for straight hair that will add some shape and volume, it is very easy to maintain and style day-to-day.

4. Curly wixie

ruth negga with a wixie haircut

Ruth Negga

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Those with curly hairstyles have a lot of natural volume and texture which the wixie compliments beautifully. Use a curl cream or gel to keep your hair in place and let your look shine.

5. Tousled wixie

jennifer lawrence with a wixie haircut

Jennifer Lawrence

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A fantastic short hairstyle for thick hair, the tousled wixie has a sophisticated bedhead feel that will always be trendy. Be sure not to over-brush or use too many conditioning products to ensure your hair has a more textured look.

6. Long wixie

pixie lott with a wixie haircut

Pixie Lott

(Image credit: Getty)

This look instantly reminded us of Princess Diana's iconic and timeless signature haircut. If you're growing your hair out or you find longer hairstyles more flattering, this healthy and full iteration of the wixie is the one for you.

7. Sleek wixie

anne hathaway with a wixie haircut

Anne Hathaway

(Image credit: Getty)

Sleek and shiny styles will always be a winner, and this look proves that the wixie can be reinvented in so many different ways. Use one of the best hair masks once a week to keep your strands healthy.

8. Bangs wixie

tyra banks with a wixie haircut

Tyra Banks

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Bangs hairstyles can be harder to pull off but this structured cut works perfectly to accentuate the cheekbones. Keep your wixie cut long and full on top, cutting just above the brows to get this look.

9. Volumized wixie

audrey tautou with a wixie haircut

Audrey Tautou

(Image credit: Getty)

This volumized and curly style proves how chic a wixie can be, no matter your hair type. Use your best curling iron to enhance your natural wave and seal in with some hairspray for long lasting hold. 

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