9 transitional nail looks to tide you through this extended rainy season

The classic and sometimes overshadowed nail designs we're loving for this late (and long enduring) spring...

On the left, is a close up of a hand with a short nude manicure by nail artist @matejanova/ Mateja Novakovic and on the right, a hand with a muted sage manicure by nail artist @gel.bymegan/ in a beige and purple sunset-like template
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While we continue to wait on a break in the cloud cover, these are the nine transitional nail looks we're loving for late spring - which will also translate to summer styling (when it finally arrives)…

So far, the 2024 nail trends have offered up a number of stylish manicure options, especially where spring is concerned, with everything from playful pastels - like mint green nails - to classic spring flower nail designs garnering attention. However, now that we're hitting late spring though, with still no hint of summer sun, we're growing a bit tired of said pastel and floral and yet, it feels far to early to jump on the likes of bold orange nails (despite them being tipped a summer trend). So we're left in what we like to call manicure limbo.

Or perhaps not, as this transitional weather offers up an opportunity to bring both timeless and perhaps overshadowed looks back into your rotation - many of which will also work for summertime...

9 chic and transitional nail looks to brighten up this extended rainy season

As we know, spring is typically reserved for fresh pastels and pretty flower designs, whilst summer is the time to let the bold shades shine - so your pinks, greens and aquatic blues. But what about the weeks in between - when the calendar is saying almost-summer but the weather is certainly not?

Well, according to woman&home's Digital Beauty Editor Aleesha Badkar, this late spring stretch is the perfect time to bring back some timeless favourites as well as, "colours you love that perhaps got overshadowed during the initial springtime rush, or don't quite suit a specific season."

Our transitional nail staples

We don't mean to sound like a broken record but nailcare never goes out of style, so if you're looking for healthier talons that transcend the season, we'd like to point you towards the best nail straighteners and a few of our other go-to staples...

1. Bright signature red

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Our Beauty Editor, Aleesha cites a bright red as the perfect colour to opt for this in-between season.

It's timeless, effortlessly elegant and adds a welcome pop of colour to your look. Not to mention that it suits every nail shapes, especially the ever popular squoval nails.

2. Barely-there nude

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In the same breath, Aleesha also recommends a soft, sheer nude. "It's my go-to, especially when I can' decide on what to get because it always looks chic, no matter the season or occasion."

We'd recommend pairing a minimalist nude with an almond or squoval nail shape.

3. A steely blue

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While pastel baby blues are often a go-to for spring, while bright aquamarines and teal's are reserved for summer, we're loving a cool, steely blue for this extended rainy season.

4. Cool pink

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Carrying on the cool theme, a pale ballerina pink is also perfect for spring and summer and everything in between. It's subtle, understated but very elegant and suits all nail shapes.

This also a great colour option if you're considering a long-lasting treatment like BIAB nails, because even if summer arrives suddenly, this pale pink is timeless.

5. Short French tips

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A French tip nail look will never not be a failsafe. They're elegant and very on-trend right now, so if you think it's too early for statement summer shades, stay safe and go for this stylish design.

6. A glazed manicure

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No matter what colour you opt for, a wash of pearlescent shine is the perfect way to elevate or change up your original spring nail look.

Let's say you chose a pastel pink when spring first rolled around but now, you're tired of the block shade but aren't sure what's in for summer yet - simply add a iridescent sheen.

7. Creamy milk nails

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Bubble bath nails and soft milky shades are another timeless favourite, which can often be overlooked when botanical pastels come back around.

This style, especially when paired with round and short nail shapes look so clean and fresh - perfect for pre-summer.

8. Muted sage

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For an alternative to spring's trendy mint green nails, opt for a muted sage. It's cool and modern an will seamlessly transition into the summer season, where green is always a welcome hue.

9. Ombre French tips

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A pink and white ombre French tip is perfect for this spring/summer limbo, the gradual gradient is like a visual interpretation of the weather itself and when paired with a long, almond or oval nail shape, you have a seriously luxe mani on your hands (literally).

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