Top 10 Dark Spot Correctors

Take 5 years off by targeting sun-induced dark spots with these targeted products

Brown age spots (also known
as actinic lentigines) were originally thought to be solely due to sun
damage and a result of overexposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays.
However, scientists are now discovering that the colour and evenness of
our skin-tone is ultimately determined by our genetics and the ratio of
melanin, carotenoids and haemoglobin they contain. This explains why
dark spots appear earlier than wrinkles in Asian women but later in
life, long after fine lines have set in for those with caucasian

just because dark spots are largely determined by genetics, pigments
and proteins in our skin, it doesn’t mean that the right beauty products
can’t help eradicate and disguise them. It’s simply a matter of
choosing the right dark spot corrector for your skin type. 

selecting a dark spot corrector opt for a formula that contains lots of
antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. SPF is also a must,
although many factors contribute to dark spots, staying clear of the
sun’s harmful rays will keep your skin looking bright and wrinkle-free.

Read on to see dark spot correctors for every skin type and budget…