The Best Blushers

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  • Highlight and sculpt your cheekbones with our favourite blushers for every skintone

    The thing about makeup is, usually, we just want to look like the best version of ourselves, right? Healthier, more radiant and more polished, but still us. Which is why we all chase the ‘healthy glow’.

    You know, those rosy cheeks that tell the world you’ve been getting your full eight hours of sleep or you’ve just come back from a relaxing weekend in the country. And the next best thing to those? Blusher.

    There’s a reason why blusher is one of the most loved items in our makeup bags. There are few single items that can revitalise your entire face like that one little item, instantly perking up tired skin and giving your whole face a lift.

    Naomi Watts revealed in a recent interview that it’s her go-to for a fresh and lifted complexion. Preferring to sweep the rosy hue all the way to the top of her cheekbones and even under her eyes instead of sticking to the apples. The 47 year-old actress picked up the tip from a make-up artist who advised her to apply it as high as possible in the fight against ageing cheeks.

    ‘I once had a make-up artist tell me to wear blush as high as possible on my cheekbone,’ she explains. ‘You almost want to apply it under the eyes. It’s a good trick, it really does make it look better yet natural.’

    Naomi’s tip is similar to the craze we saw a few years ago where women were rubbing red lipstick under their eyes instead of concealer to hide dark under eyes. The red pigment neutralises purple tinged skin and cannot be detected under foundation.

    Blusher will help you fake that healthy glow but choosing the best one for you is harder then you think – because there are so many to choose from. As well as powders, there are creams, gels, stains, tints and magical formulas that adapt to your skin tone to create an authentic-looking flush.

    The only rule? Try and match the texture of your blusher with your foundation. If your base is a powder, pop a powder blusher on your cheeks instead of a liquid. And as we all know, blending is the most important step for blusher and the key to a natural-looking healthy glow – you don’t want those tell-tale lines giving the game away, do you?

    Another important tip is one of the most valuable: always start with the bare minimum and build it up. Even the best blusher can let you down here, and there’s nothing worse than Aunt Sally cheeks that refuse to simmer down. Apply your pigments in natural light, so you’re not blissfully unaware of the pink stripes down your cheeks once you get outside. Got it? Great – you’re good to go.

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