Makeup trends 2023: the 8 looks makeup artists say you need to know

Experts predict the biggest makeup trends 2023 has in store, from cool grunge eyes to aura blush

Collage of makeup trends 2023 on Helen Mirren, Lizzo and Julia Fox
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We’re desperate to know what the top makeup trends of 2023 will be. That's why we’ve recruited the help of industry experts to share their predictions. From barely-there bases to grungy glam, expect to see countless makeup moments, both on and off the runway, this year.  

Looking back to 2022, radiant complexions ruled the runway with donut-glazed skin becoming de rigueur. “For 2023, I predict we’ll see the continuing rise of sheered down, stripped back complexions where our best skincare products play an even bigger role in people’s makeup routine,” says  Dominic Skinner, global senior artist at MAC Cosmetics. As well as bare skin, blusher will continue to build warmth, and glossy textures will reign supreme. “In 2022, the power of pop culture to influence makeup trends was strong,” says Skinner. “This trend of relatable characters in shows is not a new thing and it looks like it's going nowhere fast." 

Keen to delve deeper into the makeup trends 2023 has in store? Keep scrolling to find out what to get rid of in your new year makeup declutter, and which looks are set to dominate including a blusher application hack, the ‘it’ color to wear on your eyelids, and how to tap into the new grunge girl aesthetic. 

1. Bare skin

Bare skin makeup trend at Victoria Beckham S/S'23

Victoria Beckham S/S'23

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Prepare to bare all in 2023 as our skincare routine takes precedence and makeup becomes minimal. “The fresh-faced look is a trend that will continue in 2023,” confirms Dina El Adlani, makeup artist and founder of Espérer Skincare. Driven by the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic that dominated our social media feeds in 2022, base makeup will move away from heavy textures in favor of lightweight tints and the best bb creams. This trend also takes its cue from the Spring/Summer’23 catwalk. “Barely-there makeup reigned supreme at Brandon Maxwell and Altuzzara,” notes Adlani, “where the models’ skin was hydrated and dewy.” 

For a fresh-faced base, the experts recommend seeking out skincare makeup hybrids. Think featherweight foundations laced with hydrating ingredients to dial up the glow. We recommend our Chanel N°1 de Chanel Revitalizing Foundation review and Clinique Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation review to see if either of these skin-savvy bases sounds up your street – and be clever with placement. You needn't apply a full base layer of foundation,  just focus on the areas that need it and let the rest of your skin shine through.

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ESPÉRER SKIN CARE Anti-Ageing Night Repair Face Oil | RRP: £43 (UK only)

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2. Bitten lips & rosy cheeks

Emma Stone with rosy flush makeup trend 2023

Emma Stone

(Image credit: Getty)

Rosy complexions will reign supreme in 2023. But as there’s no right way to wear blush, you can tap into this trend with a healthy outdoorsy flush, or you can dial it up and go for the multi-tonal aura blush (more on that later). For a subtle rosy glow, take your cue from the Ulla Johnson Spring/Summer’23 runway where the order of the day was a balmy, beautiful blush paired with a bitten lip look. “This super wearable makeup look is perfect for every day,” says Adlani, “it will give you that gorgeously flushed look reminiscent of the natural glow you get after taking a brisk winter walk.”

As for placement, "this particular rosy look concentrates on the apples of the cheeks, towards the center of the face, for a really youthful complexion,” says Adlani. Easy to recreate, we recommend opting for your best cream blush (if your skin is oily, go for powder instead) that can be pressed onto cheeks using fingertips to create a diffused look. “For the lips, apply a tint onto the center of the lips and softly smudge it outwards,” instructs Adlani, “this will create a naturally plump, just-bitten look.” If you want to make a bolder statement, swipe on a long lasting lipstick in a matte finish before blurring the edges with a brush. “It’s important not to have any harsh lines for this lip look."

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Milk Makeup Lip & Cheek | RRP: $21/£19

A handbag hero, this two-in-one creamy formula can be swiped onto cheeks for a dewy flush and then applied onto lips for a pop of hydrating color. Available in eight shades, there’s something for everyone. 

3. Grunge girl

Julia Fox wearing grunge makeup trend 2023

Julia Fox

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Grunge makeup is back on the agenda, thanks to smash hit Netflix series, Wednesday. “The lead characters statement lip – MAC Lip Pencil in Nightmoth - sold out pretty much overnight,” notes Skinner. For 2023, expect to see lived-in liner, messy makeup, and barely-there bases take off too. Popular on the Spring/Summer’23 runway, models’ smudged shadow at Sergio Hudson made a statement. Elsewhere, at Moschino, Tom Ford, and Louis Vuitton, bold black liner defined the models’ lower lash lines. 

Happily, you don't have to go full goth if you don't want to as this is a very adaptable trend. “The easiest way to tap into the grunge girl trend is to add a sweep of black eye kohl to your waterline,” says Dominic Skinner, global senior artist at MAC Cosmetics. “Wear your usual eye makeup and apply a good coat of MAC Feline Eye Pencil,” continues Skinner. “Then let it melt through the root of your lashes and blend it out with a finger for a smudgy, grungy, fashiony eye look.” As for the rest of your makeup, keep your base pared-back with just a hint of coverage for a real skin finish. 

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MAC Feline Eye Kohl Liner | RRP: $17/£17

This pigment-rich kohl liner glides on effortlessly to create a smoky eye in seconds. Follow skinner's advice and trace along the waterline before smudging it out with your fingertips. 

4. In-between eyeshadow

Zoe Kravitz pink eyeshadow

Zoe Kravitz 

(Image credit: Getty)

Step aside neutrals, there’s a new shadow shade that’s set to take 2023 by storm. Enter: rose eyeshadow. “It’s not pink – it’s more of a dusty, burnt rose that’s in-between camel and rose,” explains Kay Montano, celebrity makeup artist and Chanel ambassador. “My favorite colors are those that are in-between – think about Farrow & Ball colors, for instance – they’re all colors that you can’t name,” continues Montano, who adds that this eyeshadow hue is exactly that. “It’s a cross between camel and burnt rose – and I’m seeing it a lot.” 

Flattering for all, you can experiment with this shade in different textures. “You can wear it completely matte or with lots and lots of shimmer in it,” says Montano. To complete the look, apply light layers of your best mascara. “Mascara is still around but the lashes are not as thick as before. They’re still visible, but with a more natural-looking finish.” 

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CHANEL Les 4 Ombres Tweed in Tweed Pourpre | RRP: $88/£67

A good match for that in-between rosy hue can be found in Chanel's Les 4 Ombre Tweed eyeshadow palette. Positioned top right, sweep this shadow all over the lids to tap into this rosy eye trend. 

5. Aura blush

Lizzo with aura blush


(Image credit: Getty)

Popular on TikTok, aura blush refers to a layering technique, using multiple blush shades, to create a multidimensional finish. It was made popular by London-based pro makeup artist and TikToker Aiofe, who used the famous Glossier Cloud Paint to conjure up this look. First, Aiofe blended the shade Beam (soft peach) all over her cheeks before applying a patch of Eve (deep magenta) on top. After the slightest bit of blending, Aiofe dotted the shade Dawn (bright orange) in the center. The effect? It looks like an aura or energy field – hence the name.

Don’t be put off by the pre-blending look, once the colors melt into each other you'll get a seriously enviable flush. To blend in the 'aura', Aiofe uses her fingertips, but you can also use your best makeup brushes here (or a combination of the two). While the finish is striking and bolder than your everyday blush look, it’s really flattering and the use of different tones creates a realistic multi-dimensional rosy glow. Try it! 

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Glossier Cloud Paint in Eve | RRP: $20/£18

Invest in Glossier Cloud Paint in shades Eve, Beam, and Dawn to recreate this striking aura blush. Creamy and lightweight, the foolproof formula can be built up to achieve your desired flush. 

6. Transparent makeup

Karlie Kloss with transparent makeup

Karlie Kloss

(Image credit: Getty)

This trend feeds into that bare-skin aesthetic we discussed earlier. “What I’m seeing now is a much more transparent skin which really lends itself to a certain look,” says Montano. “If I was going to create a look that I felt represented the zeitgeist right now – it would be really beautiful natural skin, slightly shimmering with moisturizer.” Montano’s moisturizer of choice? Chanel Camellia Cream. “I work with so many different skin types and this is the moisturizer I often turn to because it has the slightest bit of luminosity,” she says. 

After applying your best face moisturizer, “conceal your under-eye circles and perhaps use a bit of tint,” adds Montano. For 2023, Skinner adds that “the idea of transparency within makeup will move from the skin and cheeks onto the eyes and lips. Gloss made a huge comeback in the Spring/Summer’23 shows and thanks to advances in gloss technology, wearers will be able to achieve hyper-reality filter finishes IRL.” Think balmy lips, luminous skin, and dewy eyelids. 

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7. Bleached eyebrows

Amber Rose with bleached eyebrows

Amber Rose

(Image credit: Getty)

Probably the most divisive trend of the year, there's no denying bleached brows are part of the makeup trends 2023 cannon. “The biggest trend that I’m seeing, which is pretty much everywhere, is a return to the bleached eyebrow,” says Montano. “It totally affects your makeup – in fact, it affects your whole look.” Popular among the celebrity circuit, Julia Fox, Bella Hadid, Lizzo, and more recently, Kylie Jenner have all experimented with bleached brows. “Immediately, it gives you a very avant-garde, edgy look,” continues Montano. 

While bleached brows can look good on anyone, note that it does take a lot of makeup. “You have to apply a lot of blusher and make sure you’ve concealed under your eyes as any imperfections like dark circles will be accentuated with bleached eyebrows,” warns Montano. But once you’ve nailed the rest of your makeup, the finishing look is bold and fresh. “If you wore a classic makeup look with bleached brows, say a red lip and mascara, it no longer looks classic – it will look very edgy.”

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Rose Inc Renew Enriched Clear Shaping Gel | RRP: $26/£19.50

Once your brows are bleached, brush up the hairs and set them in place with this Clear Shaping Gel from Rose Inc. The brow-boosting formula contains squalene, pea sprout, vitamins E and B5 to encourage hair growth too. 

8. Moody mouths

Kerry Washington with dark lipstick

Kerry Washington

(Image credit: Getty)

“I think there’ll be a return to dark moody lips,” says Montano. In keeping with the grunge girl makeup trend, dark lips can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. And if you're brave enough, “dark lips work especially well with bleached eyebrows,” notes Montano, “adding contrast and drama.” For the rest of your makeup, experiment with a barely-there base and that beautiful rosy-camel eyeshadow. 

In terms of finish, matte works best. But avoid anything too chalky, says Kay, “pick a lipstick that feels creamy yet looks matte and never cracks. Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick doesn’t dry flat.” Big tick! This formula is also one of the best long-lasting lipsticks out there. 

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CHANEL Rouge Allure Lip Colour in Rouge Noir | RRP: $36/35

This velvet matte lipstick glides on like a dream to deliver a stamped-on, deep merlot mouth. The semi-matte velvet finish stays put without drying or cracking over the course of the day. 

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