Five surprising hairstyles you CAN wear today

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  • Throw away the rule book! Here's how to create grown up ponytails, braids and more

    As you’re probably aware, at Woman & Home we’re not into age-related diktats, and one area where we feel there are far too many unnecessary rules is our hair. Whoever said woman past a certain age shouldn’t have long hair, vibrant colour or try the latest trends clearly hadn’t met us, so we’ve rounded up five of the coolest hairstyles for 2015 and consulted the experts for tips on how you can make them work for you, today. 

    Of course, while we don’t buy into strict hair rules, we are firm believers in getting brilliant advice from the experts when we try a new style to ensure it is flattering, chic and elegant (let’s leave the ‘experimental’ disasters to the teens) 

    Our first hot hair trend for 2015 is the ponytail – so classic, nonchalant and perfect to offset elegant occasionwear or show off a beautiful neckline. When done right, they can also really ‘lift’ your look, slimming the face and creating killer cheekbones to boot. Interested? Here’s our three step plan to pulling it off:
    • What height is right? A bit goldilocks this one, not too high and not too low. Trace your finger up your spine, stopping where your neck meets the curve of your skull. This is the sweet spot for a grown-up pony. 
    • Keep it bouncy Ponytails can make fine hair look even more so, so add body with product (Aveda Thickening Tonic Spray, £19 is genius, bulking up every strand) then backcomb lightly around your roots and crown before you tie hair up. 
    • Smooth it over For a sleek, elegant ‘do use a snag-free elastic to secure your ponytail, then wrap a strand of hair around to cover it and pin in place. Now lightly spray with a glossy mist like Redken Diamond Oil High Shine Airy Mist, £13.