At-home dye kits and highlights kits that you can order online for salon-worthy results

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  • We've been perfecting our at-home beauty treatments.

    From DIY manis and pedis to salon-worthy facials, at-home versions of our favourite pampering treatments have become the new normal. But one of the easiest things to get right, DIY-style, is a colour touch up or refresh – thanks to these great high street products.

    With so many advances in at-home hair care, you no longer have to go to a salon to achieve professional-level results. It can be pretty daunting dyeing your hair at home, but, with the help of a good kit, a new wash of colour or some face-framing highlights are very achievable, meaning you’ll still feel at your best – even if it is just for that Friday night Zoom call.  And, with the current lockdown situation in mind, we can afford to experiment with new styles and colours while we have more time at home, meaning you’ll have nailed your preferred look is by the time lockdown is lifted.

    Whether you want to subtly create some more movement in your hair, or change your shade for a bigger effect, these at-home dye kits are the perfect way to shake up your style. With clear instructions and proven results, it’s never been easier to breathe new life into your hair.

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    We asked expert hair colourist and Clairol UK Ambassador Michael Douglas about the golden rules when colouring hair at home.

    If you’re going to attempt a DIY colour at home, remember the following…

    • Wear a protective towel or gown that you do not mind staining.
    • Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly around the hairline, on the forehead and temple area. Avoid getting it on the hair as it forms a barrier to colour but it’s helpful to stop staining on the skin around the hairline.
    • Follow the instructions and look at the pack/box for the shade recommendations based on your existing/natural hair colour.
    • It is important to remember that all colour brands have slightly different formulas so please make sure you read the instruction leaflet which will give details on application and development times. This is key to helping you achieve the colour result you would like with at-home dye kits.
    • Application is super important. The better the application, the better the result. For example, if you have long or very thick hair and you think you will need two boxes, then use two.
    • Make sure your hair is tangle and knot free, use a small amount of serum to make sure your hair is smooth and easy to section.
    • A wide tooth comb will help you distribute the product throughout all the hair.

    These are the best at-home dye kits, for salon-worthy results