7 Flattering Hairstyles For A Round Face Shape

Make the most of your natural beauty with a feature falttering cut...

26 February 2015

Round faces have a soft and endearing appeal, but the right cut can add youthful elegance, too. Whether you prefer your look short, straight, long or choppy there is a hairstyle out there to suit you.

A short round face shape lends itself better to shoulder skimming hairstyles which effortlessly elongate the face, but that doesn’t mean longer cuts should be overlooked. If you prefer long lengths worry not, you don’t have to chop it all off to achieve a flattering look. Simply request for a light feathering around the face next time you find yourself in the salon chair.

As-well as giving finer tresses movement, shorter layers placed around the face will draw the eye to the chin creating a fictional contour along the jaw. Team this feature framing cut will a centre parting and you will have perfected the illusion of a lengthened oval face shape a’la Heidi Klum at last weekend’s Oscars.