These are the 2022 hair trends A-list hairdressers predict you'll want to try

The experts reveal five 2022 hair trends to know—could this be your new style?

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Maybe you're looking for 2022 hair trends because you've always got your finger on the pulse. Or maybe you've got a haircut that you know suits you so aren't convinced that trends are particularly relevant. Well, in the spirit of Miranda Priestly's blistering cerulean blue monologue in The Devil Wears Prada (the one where she traces fashion refusenik Andy's "lumpy blue sweater" back to an Oscar de la Renta catwalk collection) the thing about hair trends is you probably follow them even if you don't think you do. 

Because honestly, no matter how many 2022 hair trends guides tell you the mullet is back, will you sack off flattering easy hairstyles in favor of a Miley Cyrus mop-top? Nope. But the filtering of edgy A-list looks into small twists on tried-and-true cuts happens all the time. It can be as subtle as two extra inches on bangs hairstyles or chopped off the ends of bob hairstyles. It could mean embracing your curl type with beautiful natural hairstyles. Basically, you are welcome to stick with what flatters you—by giving it a tiny 2022 tweak you'll look cool, feel all fresh and fancy, but also feel like you. 

We've asked the experts for their 2022 hair trends predictions, from a glam bouncy blow dry to cool choppy bangs. Expect to see these styles filtering onto the heads of on-trend types near you soon—whether they realize it or not. 

1. The shag haircut

Halle Berry with a shag haircut

Halle Berry

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Quiet at the back, please. Despite its smirk-inducing name, the shag is actually a very cool and flattering layered cut that brings 1970s style right up to date. “Hair cutting and styling will still be very much about texture in 2022, and the 70s shag will be the go-to low maintenance option," says celebrity hairdresser and Sally Beauty ambassador, Mikey Kardashian.

The great news is, as long as you know how to style layered hair this style can be adapted to almost any length, the key is in the texture. "I’m loving the midi shag bobs and cool razored fringes with a little 70s bangs", says Babyliss ambassador and celebrity stylist, Syd Hayes. Who recommends you ask for a style that's "sliced out and choppy, with the length, kept throughout the back."

The shag also works nicely on textured hair. "For curly hair, a glam shag haircut will give structure," explains Luke Hersheson, CEO of Hershesons Salons. "It's for someone who is looking to enhance their hair's natural movement, as this is a short hairstyle that has texture."

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"For added texture and that cool ‘I woke up like this' vibe, spray your tresses with a small amount of this dry shampoo which gives added volume and an ultra-matte look," says Kardashian.

2. Retro-glam blow dry

Adele with a glossy blow dry


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Is anyone else bored of air dried hair and matte beach hair waves? Good, because the experts predict a return to ultra-fabulous glossy blow dries with big bouncy curls—think Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton's hair) and you won't be far off.  “I’m envisaging there will be a return to the glossy blow dry, moving away from the loose and beachy waves we’ve seen over recent months. Like Adele on her latest album cover—full-bodied, glossy, glam hair," says Hayes. 

The absolute dream is a blow dry at the best salon in town, the reality is more likely to be a home blow dry with your best hair dryer. Follow Hayes' step-by-step tips:

  • Dry: "With a thickening spray so it's bone dry, you have taken out all of the moisture and you have a gorgeous and smooth blank hair canvas.
  • Curl: Take 3cm by 3cm sections from the top of your head working backward. Start at the root and wrap your hair around a hot brush holding for ten seconds at a time.
  • Pin: Smoothly roll the hot brush away and pin the hair around your finger with pin curl clips so the sections of hair cool forming a super bouncy curl.
  • Cool: Once the whole head is set and cooled take out your pin curl clips and brush out using a flat hair brush to create big glamorous waves."

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 BaByliss Cordless Hot Brush | RRP: $248/£179.99 

Hayes' preferred tool for creating the most va-va-voom of 2022 hair trends. "The perfect tool for creating a voluminous blow dry look at home without having to worry about a hair dryer and brush," he says.

3. Choppy bangs

Sandra Oh with a choppy fringe

Sandra Oh

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“Bangs have made a real comeback in 2021, and in 2022 you can expect them to still be a total vibe!," says Kardashian. "Rather than voluminous curtain bangs, it’s all about effortless texture again, so ask for a wispy and choppy finish. Just like the 70s shag do." 

Bangs look particularly cool on curly hairstyles, with the right styling know-how. "Textured hair works well with a shaggy fringe," says Belle Cannan, Co-Founder of Salon Sloane. "You need to work with the natural spiral of the curl, it has to be the right length. For clients who have curly hair, I often cut the fringe a little longer so they can see how their hair responds day-to-day."

As with any bangs this soft style can be cut into almost any hair length, from long hairstyles to pixie haircuts, and work in tandem with hair color trends. "Seventies disco bangs are all about being sexy and effortless but they partner well with layers of rich tones such as deep golden brunette, light mocha, butter blonde and cashmere,” says STIL Salon founder and color specialist, Christel Barron-Hough.

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"Make sure to use a finishing product with a little hold to keep your overall style in place but still keep much-needed movement," says Kardashian.

4. Combless cuts and cropped curls

Cynthia Erivo with closely cropped curls

Cynthia Erivo

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Over the last few years we've seen a real shift in the narrative around curly, coily, natural hairstyles—and about time too. Curls of all patterns are to be embraced and enhanced rather than 'tamed' or relaxed into oblivion (although if a smooth look is what you prefer, you do you) 

Whatever chop you're going for, the technique is crucial. At SALON64, curly-haired owner Ricky Walters has created combless cutting, a dry freehand method. "My curly-haired clients don’t wear their hair straight and wet so why would I cut it this way? Curly hair must be cut to replicate how its wearer likes to style their hair," explains Ricky. "Freehand combless cutting prunes and sculpts from every angle. This revolutionary technique is the way forward for anybody with curls.”

And how do the 2022 hair trends decree you cut those beautiful curls? As short as you dare, according to Zoë Irwin, ghd Global Ambassador. "Really prominent in Afro hair is very texturized short crops in an array of colors. I call it fly curl–fly as in hip and cool, and fly as in fluffy having little hairs flying around the curls, which gives it a cool freshness." 

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5. Ultra-sleek sheets

Julianne Moore with sleek hair

Julianne Moore

(Image credit: Getty images)

These 2022 hair trends just wouldn't be trends unless two of them entirely contradicted each other, would they? The antithesis of the '70s-inspired soft shag cut, this one is all about sleek, blunt-cut sheets of hair last seen at the turn of the millennium. Best hair straighteners at the ready!

"With color taking a slightly more subtle approach, we will still see the Y2K hair trends appear," predicts Hayes. "A big one for me has to be the uber chic and long straight sleek, shiny hair. There is a feeling of power and sophistication that comes with straight hair whether its poker straight and center-parted, side-parted with an edge of wet look or short and sleek." 

The best bit about this look? Styling is a breeze. "I think we still see big moments for straight hair because it's something that can easily be adapted by or translated by the consumer," agrees Hayes. "As long as you have the tool, the rest is up to you. I like to gently press rather than holding the straightener tightly and dragging, this way you don’t lose any of the shine."

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woman&home thanks Zoë Irwin, Christel Barron-Hough, Ricky Walters, Belle Cannan, Syd Hayes, Luke Hersheson and Mikey Kardashian for their time and expertise. 

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