HAIR VIDEO: The best short haircut to take years off

There's nothing like a fabulous, flattering new haircut to fill you with confidence. If you feel you've become stuck in a rut with your hair and need expert advice on the best hairstyle to suit you, our Haircut How-To Video series could just inspire you to take the plunge with a new look.

Woman & Home reader Sylvia Billinghurst was tired of her mid-length style, which was curly, difficult to manage and needed shaping - in short, she was ready for a change. In this exclusive video, award-winning hairdresser Robert Musciave shows Sylvia how to pick the best haircut to knock 10 years off, show off her bone structure, bring out her eyes and take the hard work out of day-to-day styling. The transformation is sensational!

This tutorial is perfect if you're thinking about cutting your hair and wonder if a short crop is right for you. With the right advice, short hairstyles can can be adapted to suit any hair type and texture as well as flatter your best features at any age.

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Watch as our four readers discover how to pick the right style for their hair type, learn about what to ask for in the hairdresser and how to style a new 'do at home - everything you need to walk out of the hair salon feeling amazing!