The best M&S perfumes, from viral designer dupes to new-season scents

These M&S perfumes impressed us so much, we're ready to retire our designer favourites...

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The beloved high street store may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of luxury beauty, but after going viral online for its ability to create opulent scents on a real budget, it's clear that M&S should now be a go-to destination for all perfume obsessives.

There are countless perfumes for women on the market today, so cutting through the noise to make a sell-out scent is no mean feat. But after multiple shoppers noted an uncanny similarity between the M&S Apothecary Warmth Eau De Parfum and Le Labo's much-loved Santal 33 fragrance, M&S perfumes started to get a real buzz. No longer a simple British clothing brand, the retailer is slowly but surely cementing itself as an olfactory haven. 

We are pretty devoted to our signature designer perfumes; in our experience, they are almost always worth the steep price tag - even without the best perfume deals or the M&S sale to consider. And despite going viral, we were skeptical about how well these M&S dupes could live up to the real thing in terms of lasting power and potency. But, after testing out the most talked about perfumes for ourselves, we discovered a remarkable dupe for one of our all-time favourite summer fragrances - and it has quickly become our new signature scent. With an entire range of impressive designer alternatives and premium blends of sophisticated notes available for under £20, the best M&S perfumes are deserving of your attention. Perfect beauty stocking fillers, might we add?

The 10 best M&S perfumes, tried and tested by us

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How we tested the best M&S perfumes

Perfume is very subjective, so we approached this testing process with an open mind. As well as being sure to try perfumes from multiple fragrance families and with differing notes, we looked at a few key things to determine whether each M&S perfume is worth purchasing. These included:

  • The strength of the scent
  • The blend of notes and how well they worked together
  • How similar they were to designer scents
  • Packaging
  • Price point

How to choose the best M&S perfume for you

Learning how to choose a perfume takes some trial and error, especially when shopping online. That's why it's important to understand which perfume notes you like to make the process simple.

Decide whether you're after a scent that's fruity, woody, fresh, or floral as a starting point, and then land on the specific smells you want to pull through when you spritz. Most M&S perfumes have their notes listed on the bottle, so it's easy to take a quick look and decipher whether they're smells you gravitate towards.

As many of the best M&S perfumes have been compared to designer fragrances, you can also opt for one that is similar to a high-end perfume that you like. Not only can you be sure of a scent you love, but you will also be saving yourself a lot of money.

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