We've just found the best Chanel No.5 dupes available to buy, including a brand new release

We've spotted two new Chanel No.5 dupes that make classy alternatives to the iconic fragrance

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A Chanel No.5 dupe isn't easy to come by. As fans of the classic scent know, its unique aldehydic and luxe floral blend is not one that can be replicated easily, and especially not at a bargain price. 

The Chanel No.5 scent is nothing short of iconic, with a blend of floral fragrance notes including iris, jasmine, rose, and lily-of-the-valley. Naturally, this luxury fragrance from the famous French fashion house comes at a hefty cost.

But while we'd all love to douse ourselves in the the best Chanel perfume of all time, splashing out on a high-end fragrance isn't always possible. And, when it comes to our everyday fragrance, sometimes it's nice to have something a little less precious to pop in our handbag. 

Looking for perfume dupes is a savvy way to save money and it's something our shopping and beauty writers make a habit of at woman&home. We've already found the perfect dupe for the Chloé Signature perfume and now we've found a Chanel No.5 dupe so new, it's only just landed online.

Our favorite Chanel No.5 dupes at the moment

Of course, perfume is so nuanced that no dupe will 100% replicate any other scent's exact aroma, but finding a similar blend of perfume notes is possible. Through hours of spritzing and testing in stores, we've tracked down two perfumes that we think come pretty close to the iconic perfume for women and make an affordable Chanel No.5 alternative if you don't want to splash out on the real thing. 

The Body Shop Wild Jasmine Eau de Toilette


The Body Shop Wild Jasmine Eau de Toilette | RRP: $30/£22

A beautifully heady fragrance for fans of fine floral scent. Jasmine blossom and violet leaf mimic the iris and jasmine found in Chanel No 5, while sandalwood makes for a similarly rich base.

The Body Shop's Wild Jasmine Eau de Toilette (formerly called Indian Night Jasmine) is a gorgeous blend of woods and florals that come together to create a scent that's similarly heady and floral to Chanel's signature perfume. 

"This is one of my favorite scents from the old formula. This new formula smells even better. I bought four for my cabinet" says one customer review, while another raves "Smells absolutely beautiful. Floral, and white so it's not too sweet. Considering it's an eau de toilette it has some strength and long lasting perfume power too."

We tested this fragrance ourselves, and we found it a little less intense than Chanel No 5, with more of a fresh, summery feel. We also loved that the bottle is now made with 42% recycled glass, with the eau de toilette being formulated with 91% natural ingredients. A Chanel No.5 dupe for those who love their sustainable beauty buys too.

M&S Discover Velvet Amber Eau De Toilette


M&S Discover Velvet Amber Eau De Toilette | RRP: £9.50/100ml (UK only)

Previously, we loved the M&S Velvet Rose Eau de Toilette as an affordable Chanel No.5 alternative with a similar scent, but this brand new fragrance has recently launched and we think it's an even better Chanel No.5 dupe that its predecessor. The Velvet Amber Eau De Toilette scent is the new and updated Velvet Rose, with a new name and a slightly different bottle.

When it comes to the high street, savvy shoppers know M&S is a treasure trove of bargain perfume dupes, including Velvet Amber Eau de Toilette, which combines amber, neroli and jasmine.

Of the previous Velvet Rose fragrance, which featured notes of rose, violet leaf and bergamot, one reviewer said, "Very similar to Chanel No 5 though not identical and doesn’t last as long, but very good value for money." You can still shop the Velvet Rose Eau De Toilette here.

When we tested the new Velvet Amber EDT, we found that the subtle, fruity notes made this slightly more earthy than Chanel No 5, but with less of the depth of the iconic fragrance. There's less of a musky sense, too, which makes for a more subtle, everyday scent, that also feels more natural. In comparison to The Body Shop's Wild Jasmine, we think this M&S fragrance is a slightly better Chanel No.5 dupe (but for less than a quarter of the price!)

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