This Chanel No 5 dupe perfume comes with rave reviews, and will save you up to £90

Save money and smell good with this Chanel No 5 dupe

chanel no 5 perfume next to chanel no 5 dupe the body shop Indian Night Jasmine Eau de Toilette on a beige background with floral illustrations and lilac patches
(Image credit: Future/Chanel/The Body Shop)

A Chanel No 5 dupe is that rare item that fans of the classic scent keep an eye out for; elusive cheap perfumes with the luxurious scent of the real thing.

While we all love to smell great with designer perfumes, splashing out on high-end buys isn't always feasible, especially if it's something we plan to use on a regular basis. So looking for perfume dupes is always a reliable way to save money and smell good at the same time. And if there's one perfume that is worth trying to find a dupe for, it's Chanel No 5.

The classic perfume has long been a cult beauty product, with most beauty fans having tried it out at least once. With a blend of flowery notes shining through, including iris, jasmine, rose and lily-of-the-valley, it's definitely up there with our favourite floral fragrances. However, as it hails from the famous French fashion house, it does of course come with a pretty hefty price tag. If you adore the scent, but can't justify the cost, it's always worth scouting out a Chanel No 5 dupe—luckily we've found a few that will keep you smelling fresh.

Chanel No 5 dupe: Where to get the famous smell for less

When it comes to finding a Chanel No 5 dupe, it's not actually as difficult as it may seem. Of course, it isn't a given that each dupe will replicate the signature aroma to a T, but finding a similar blend of notes is possible, and it can be a great way to get the classic scent for less.

A few years ago, budget supermarket Aldi famously released its 5th Element Eau de Toilette, which fans insisted smelt exactly like the famous Chanel fragrance.

One happy customer wrote in a review, "It is amazing. But the most convincing thing for me was when my 10-year-old son told me I smelt like Grandma and she only ever wears the expensive one," while another added, "I am very fussy about my perfume and this Aldi copy of Chanel No 5 is EXCELLENT. Very pleased with my purchase."

Unfortunately, the popularity of the fragrance meant that it sold out pretty quickly and the store is yet to bring it back. We have, however, found another spritz that works pretty well as a Chanel No 5 dupe.

The Body Shop's Indian Night Jasmine Eau de Toilette is a gorgeous blend of woods and florals that come together to create a scent that's similar to the Chanel icon.

Jasmine blossom and violet leaf mimic the iris and jasmine found in Chanel No 5, while the sandalwood makes for a similarly rich base to the combination that makes up the designer perfume's base notes.

The Body Shop fragrance comes in at £15 for 50ml, which is a £71 saving if you're buying a 50ml bottle of Chanel No 5 perfume (or a £90 saving if you're buying the 100ml bottle).

chanel no 5 perfume next to chanel no 5 perfume dupe the body shop Indian Night Jasmine Eau de Toilette on a white background

(Image credit: Future/Chanel/The Body Shop)

Fragrance fans have hailed the potent Body Shop spritz, with the product receiving a shower of five-star reviews.

"A very subtle and pleasing fragrance and not too overpowering," wrote one fan, while another commented, "It is a strong smell, rich, floral and woody. It really lasts all day."

One customer wrote, "I love this perfume, I actually have stopped buying more expensive brands as I prefer this. It’s a beautiful scent."

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