We've found the perfect dupe for the Chloé Signature perfume - and it's from Zara

Zara does it again with this chic Chloé Signature perfume dupe that costs over 70% less than the designer fragrance

A composite image of the Chloé Signature perfume next to Zara's Chloé Signature perfume dupe on a pink floral illustrated background
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Zara's affordable Chloé Signature perfume dupe is the chic summer fragrance we've been looking for and at less than $30 / £23 per bottle, we'll take two please!

Since launching in 2008, Chloé's Signature perfume has been a consistent bestseller and the sophisticated bow-adorned bottle is not only one of the best perfumes for women but it's also a status symbol in its own right. 

However, while the clean, floral fragrance is undeniably gorgeous, at over $100/£100 for a 100ml bottle, snapping up this bestselling Chloé perfume is far from a quick trolley dash treat.

However, we've found a beautiful and extremely purse-friendly Chloé Signature perfume dupe at high street mecca Zara, that's just as pretty but a whole lot more affordable at up to 71% less per 100ml. 

Just as Zara is known for its affordable takes on the season's hottest catwalk fashion, the Spanish fashion brand also offers shoppers the chance to enjoy sophisticated designer-style fragrances at a fraction of the cost.

While checking out all of the brand's in stock fragrances for our summer 2023 guide to the best Zara perfumes, we discovered that Zara's Rose Gourmand Eau de parfum is a pretty good dupe for everyone's favorite luxury Chloé scent.

The Chloé Signature perfume is a modern classic that combines floral, spicy, and grown-up fragrance notes for a beautifully balanced scent that has Damascena Rose at its heart. Similarly, Zara's Rose Gourmand fragrance is a rose perfume with spicy notes of carnation and both perfumes have a hint of jasmine in too. 


Zara Rose Gourmand Eau de parfum

This affordable scent boasts notes of peony and rose—the same aromas that underpin Chloé Eau de parfum. It dries down to a slightly sweeter caramel and vanilla base, with a warm amber hint reminiscent of Chloé's cedar base. Plus, the classy pared-back packaging will look fabulous on any dressing table.

An 80ml bottle of Zara's Rose Gourmand costs a mere $29.90/£22.99, which is a huge saving on the 75ml bottle of Chloé's perfume. And, at Eau de parfum strength, you can expect this to be a long lasting perfume just like its designer counterpart.

Plus, unlike the price of the Chloé Signature perfume, which has risen by over $20 / £12 in the last couple of years, the price of Zara's Rose Gourmand hasn't changed at all in the US, and has only risen by £2 in the UK, since we last price checked this item in December 2022, making it not only a bargain but a much more purse-friendly purchase.

If you're a fan of the high-low approach to beauty, why not try both? There's no harm in saving your designer scent for special occasions and spritzing your chic Zara dupe with abandon throughout the summer. 

Plus, you can currently save 20% on the Chloé Signature perfume at Boots and get money off Chloé perfume at Amazon in the US right now too - so you can save on Chloé fragrance ready for summer. 

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