These are the 15 best rose perfumes in 2024, from a fragrance-obsessed beauty editor

Searching for a new spring scent? Our beauty team selects the best rose perfumes for every budget and mood

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As classic fragrance goes, the best rose perfume is the long-reigning champion. This scent provokes memories, but don't let the old-fashioned, powdery blends of days gone by put you off – a rose perfume can be anything you want it to be.

So many of the best perfumes for women contain rose notes, from traditional floral fragrances to clean, unisex fragrances. "We adore rose, as did the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans," explain Sarah McCartney and Samantha Scriven in The Perfume Companion: The Definitive Guide to Choosing Your Next Scent. "Even if you don’t think you like rose perfumes, do give them a try. They are all so different: rich, light, dark, citrussy, sweet, sharp, soft. There are roses for men, women, and everyone."

We couldn't agree more. Rose is incredibly versatile: It’s suitable for blending with other notes or holding a fragrance on its own. And whether you’re a rose fan on the hunt for a new signature scent or looking to dabble for the first time, our top perfume picks include something for everyone.

The best rose perfumes 2024

How we tested the best rose perfumes

Fiona McKim

A small selection of the fragrances we tested for this guide

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Perfume is incredibly subjective. So while there's no 'apples for apples' testing method for scent, we have personally spritzed on and worn every fragrance in this guide – and many are personal favorites we have loved for years. We wore each for at least a full day to check how it changed as it dried down, as well as how well it lasted. Finally we considered who might like to buy each rose perfume we tried, taking into account the brand, packaging, price, as well as the mood it best suits. 

How to choose the best rose perfume for you

If you already know you love rose perfume, there's no going wrong with any scent on this list. However, if you need a little more guidance as to the right rose perfume for you, there are a couple of things to look out for when shopping.

  • Base notes: To get a rose perfume you really love, pay attention to the base notes of each fragrance. These are what determine how your perfume will smell after it has dried down, indicating what the lasting smell will be throughout the day. If you like a truly floral fragrance, look for base notes of patchouli. For a slightly more mature or day-to-night rose perfume, go for woody or musky base notes.
  • Sweetness: Many people assume that they don't like rose perfume because they don't like sweet scents, but it is possible to find a rose perfume without an overwhelming sugary smell. Consider which end of the sweetness scale you want your perfume to be at, and pay attention to the top notes of each scent. Fragrances like Diptyque Eau Rose, with fruity top notes, will come across as sweeter. Those with peppery top notes will have a more neutral smell that can work for everyone.
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