The very subtle hair hack Kate Middleton uses to give fresh feel to re-worn outfits

The Princess of Wales seemingly uses a clever hair trick to revamp her recycled looks

subtle hair hack Kate Middleton
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To make her re-worn outfits feel fresh and new, Kate Middleton seemingly relies on a very subtle and simple hair hack - and it's very clever!

Hair hacks are always fun to try out, whether it's TikTok's newest healthy hair hack, the styling trends we all wish we could pull off, or the classic 90s blowout hair that's surprisingly easy to nail. But the styles we opt for to give our looks a fresh feel don't always have to be as dramatic as we think and Kate Middleton is the perfect example of this. 

As pointed out by Glamour, Kate will often change where she parts her hair to change the look of a previously worn outfit. Stick with us here because it can sound a bit silly, but there's proof in the pictures.

The hack is not one that only Kate has clocked on to. The world-renowned hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai once said, "Changing the direction of the parting can completely transform a woman's look. It determines where the volume of her mane will be concentrated." 

With that in mind, let's look at how Kate uses this hack in practise. 

subtle hair hack Kate Middleton

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Kate has worn her stunning Alexander McQueen white power suit on a number of occasions and styled it with differing accessories, shoes and bags, but, by looking at the two photos above, the hair is what really marks these two photos out as being taken on different occasions. 

Sure, in 2022 she opted for pin-straight hair while in 2023 she debuted stunning bangs and 70s-esque beach waves, but she changed up the look with a voluminous middle parting for her later engagement, juxtaposing the sleek side part of her previous look. The two outfits may have been exactly the same, with the all white suit paired with white heels and a white bag on both occasions, but because of the  hair they couldn't look more different! 

Another look can prove the same theory. Kate adores her crisp white button-down midi dress by the brand Suzannah and actually owns the style in a number of different colours. In 2019, she attended Wimbledon in the white dress, letting her hair sit in a middle-parting with any wispy strands pulled off of her face with her sunglasses. Then, in 2022, Kate gave the look a fresh feel with a overly dramatic side parting, sweeping her hair across her scalp in a chic and straight style. Rewind back to 2020 and the look seemed completely different as Kate stepped out with her hair freshly blown-out and sitting in a subtle side-parting. One dress but three completely different looks - how clever! 

subtle hair hack Kate Middleton

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There could be a more practical reason for this change though and the trick could save you a lot of fuss in the future. 

According to hair care expert Miriam Quevedo, changing how you part your hair every couple of weeks can not only add volume to the hair, but can also help minimise the effects on 'environmental ageing' on the scalp

She told Vogue Magazine, "By always having the parting on the same side, what happens to the scalp is that this area is always exposed to environmental ageing. The microbiome is altered, and contamination enters the follicles, altering the ideal microenvironment of the scalp that maintains healthy and continuous growth and a healthy scalp. 

"By changing the parting slightly from time to time we will block UV rays from always hitting the same area. Moving it every week or month means that no area is more exposed to these factors."

The ideal rate at which to change the parting, even by just a few millimeters, according to Miriam, is almost once a week, perhaps more during periods of significant sun exposure

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