The unexpected feature that makes Kate Middleton 'magnificent' according to this starstruck celeb

"It’s impossible not to feel starstruck by Kate"

Catherine, Princess of Wales - feature that makes Kate Middleton 'magnificent'
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After meeting Kate Middleton for the first time, one 'starstruck' celebrity highlighted the unexpected feature they believe makes her look so 'magnificent'.

From how Kate Middleton's hairdresser achieves her bouncy curls, to the Princess' best makeup looks that are surprisingly easy to recreate, to her best style moments from across the years, Kate Middleton always looks stunning when she steps out for royal engagements. 

We still can't stop thinking about her pale pink high-collared coat and her fall-forward look of green tapered trousers and a maroon lacy blouse, and we love the 'transformation' she's making to her new go-to style, but one celebrity has made us question whether it's just Kate's look that makes our jaws drop whenever she steps out. 

feature that makes Kate Middleton 'magnificent'

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Instead, it could be something a lot less obvious that makes the Princess of Wales appear so 'magnificent' during these outings. Any guesses? 

Well, according to singer Professor Green, it's Kate's posture that leaves all who see her 'starstruck'. Speaking about meeting the Princess during a children's mental health talk earlier this year, he said that she has 'got such incredible posture' and praised 'the way she holds herself' as being 'magnificent'.

Kate Middleton and Professor Green

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HELLO! Magazine reports that Green said, "It’s impossible not to feel starstruck by Kate. She’s got such incredible posture - I looked like a prawn when I was sat next to her! I looked all curled up, even though I’m taller than her with her heels on, the way she holds herself is magnificent. 

"The touch of the Royal Family has never felt normal. The work she’s doing to help kids out there these days is absolutely incredible, she’s a brilliant role model. It was great to get behind a curtain and learn more about why she’s so invested in young people."

This brilliant posture is likely something Kate was taught as she learned how to adopt royal etiquette following her marriage to Prince William back in 2011. Myka Meier, founder of Beaumont Etiquette, previously told The Sun that there are many specific posture tricks the Royal Family employs to make sure they appear 'interested' in what is happening around them. 

“Holding your chin parallel helps maintain posture while sitting, standing, walking and descending stairs," she said. "When your chin points down or up it gives the impression that you’re not paying attention or not interested in what’s happening."

Meier added that, to emulate Kate's perfect posture, 'one should keep their back straight, chin parallel to the floor and square the shoulders.'

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Kate Middleton

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The 'magnificent' posture is just one indicator of Kate's confidence within her royal role. With over a decade of experience now under her belt, she's well and truly a seasoned member of the family and her body language shows this clearly. 

Speaking about her confidence journey, body language expert Darren Stanton told PureWow, “She behaved in a similar way Princess Diana did when she first got engaged to Prince Charles. Kate would always stay very close to William and continuously look towards him to seek his approval and reassurance.

"Now, it’s very clear that Kate is less reliant on William and even when out with him, she maintains a subtle distance from her husband—proving she is more than capable of holding her own."

feature that makes Kate Middleton 'magnificent'

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The differences may be subtle with simple changes being made to elements as small as her hand gestures, but they go a long way in creating a vastly more confident image. "Kate used to position her hands in front of her—another self-reassuring gesture which signifies feelings of anxiousness," Stanton shared.

"However, these days she is seen making what is known as open palm gestures instead—doing so signifies not only confidence, but openness, genuinity and honesty. 

"The difference in how she holds her hands during engagements suggest that she has grown into the large shoes that come with being an established member of the royal family."

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