Dyson Cyber Monday 2023: save up to £265 on w&h’s favourite vacuums and hot hair tools

The Dyson Cyber Monday sale includes deals up to £265 off best-selling vacuums, Airwraps, and air purifiers

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Black Friday may be long gone, but the Dyson Cyber Monday sale is in full swing.

From £150 off the best cordless vacuums to £80 off the rarely discounted Dyson Airwrap, we've spotted amazing Cyber Monday deals from the brand itself and across a range of stockists. 

Argos and Very are offering some of the best Dyson Cyber Monday beauty deals with a £399 Dyson Airwrap Multi Styler and £30 off the Supersonic hair dryer. And with winter on the horizon, Cyber Monday is the perfect time to snag one of the brand's best air purifiers and heaters.

Below, you'll find the best deals on all our favourite Dyson models we've tried and tested to help you get the best savings.

Best current Dyson deals 2023

Hair tools

Dyson Corrale in Fuchsia/Bright Nickel: was £399.99, now £299.99 at Dyson (save £100)

Dyson Corrale in Fuchsia/Bright Nickel: was £399.99, now £299.99 at Dyson (save £100)
We gave the Dyson Corrale 4.5 stars when we tested it, due to its suitability for any hair type, as well as how quickly it can straighten hair compared to other straighteners. The unique flexing copper plates reduce frizz and fly-aways, while preventing heat damage on the hair, and you can use it for up to 30 minutes without charging.

This Cyber Monday beauty deal also includes a complimentary, heat-resistant travel pouch and travel dock.

Dyson Airwrap Complete Long Multi-Styler & Dryer:was £479.99,now £399 at Dyson (save £80)

Dyson Airwrap Complete Long Multi-Styler & Dryer: was £479.99, now £399 at Dyson (save £80)
This Dyson Airwrap Cyber Monday deal comes with a £80 price drop, lowering the price tag to £399. We don't expect this deal to be around for much longer, so we recommend adding it to your cart ASAP! This multi-styler is also available at John Lewis and Argos with the same £80 discount.

Dyson Airwrap Origin Multi Styler and Dryer: was £400 now £350 (save £50) at Argos

Dyson Airwrap Origin Multi Styler and Dryer: was £400 now £350 (save £50) at Argos
For those looking for a deal on the specific Airwrap Origin Multi Styler and Dryer, this is the one. Now £350, this version of the tool comes with fewer attachments than others but still works the same as the Complete. But if you want more options, you can invest in the new Dyson Airwrap attachments at a later date.

Also £50 off at Currys

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer with Gift Case:was £329.99,now £299.99 at Very (save £30)

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer with Gift Case: was £329.99, now £299.99 at Very (save £30)
We're used to scouting out the best Dyson hair dryer deals every month, so we know how hard it is to find money off on this coveted hair tool. Right now you can grab this gorgeous Dyson Supersonic hair dryer set in the Blue Blush colourway for £30 off. 

W&h beauty editor Rhiannon Derbyshire says this dryer is one of Dyson's best work. "It's lightweight, effective and - frankly - gorgeous. I visit a lot of hairdressers, and more often than not, it's the Dyson I see poking out of their kit bags. While a big investment, if you're a daily styler, I think it's worth the spend for the difference it makes to the health of hair," Derbyshire says.

Dyson Airwrap Complete: £479.99 (+ free gifts worth £40) at Dyson

Dyson Airwrap Complete: £479.99 (+ free gifts worth £40) at Dyson
Those of us here with longer hair (chest-length or longer) are big fans of this version of the Airwrap, which comes with long barrels for curling, as well as smoothing dryers and brushes. On the Dyson site at the moment, the styler comes with a complimentary travel bag worth £40, alongside the presentation case.


Dyson Omni-Glide: was £299.99,now £199.99 at Dyson (save £100)

Dyson Omni-Glide: was £299.99, now £199.99 at Dyson (save £100)
The Dyson Omni-Glide is the brand's slimmest vacuum, specially engineered for hard floors and featuring the brand's first omnidirectional, soft cleaner head. It's also one of the best Dyson vacuum cleaners, which is best suited to bathroom and kitchen cleaning. This Cyber deal also comes with a free floor dock that's worth £100.

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute:was £699.99,now£549.99 at Appliance Direct (save £150)

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute: was £699.99, now £549.99 at Appliance Direct (save £150)
This cordless model features an anti-tangle brush bar and a runtime of 60 minutes. The V15 Detect Absolute also comes with more accessories than the V15 Detect Animal, which is better suited to eliminate pet hairs. This vacuum is rarely discounted, so we recommend snapping on this £150 deal before it's too late.

Dyson V8 Absolute: was £329.99,now £269.99 at Dyson (save £130)

Dyson V8 Absolute: was £329.99, now £269.99 at Dyson (save £130)
The V8 features de-tangling technology specifically for homes with pets, and there are two cleaner heads on this model: a Motorbar cleaner head that works great on carpets and a fluffy cleaner head for hardwood floors. There are also six tools and accessories alongside it, including a wall dock and a mattress tool. We highly recommend snagging this while it's still on sale for £130 off.

Dyson V11: was £429,now £349 at John Lewis (save £80)

Dyson V11: was £429, now £349 at John Lewis (save £80)
The ultimate pro vacuum, covering more square footage with each pass. This gadget features a full-sized bin and cleaner head, which adapt and run across all floor types - ideal for cleaning hardwood floors, tiles and carpets. You can also use it to clean laminate floors effectively, and there's up to 60 minutes of runtime.

Dyson Ball Animal Origin:was £329.99now £229.99 at Dyson (save £100)

Dyson Ball Animal Origin: was £329.99 now £229.99 at Dyson (save £100)
For those who want something a bit bigger for large cleanups, the Dyson Ball Animal Origin may be your perfect Dyson match. Currently marked down by £100, It's an upright corded vacuum that automatically detangles, cleans all floor types, and has a bigger bin than most. And although it's not cordless, you can still clean your floors without lugging the vacuum every inch with you, thanks to its 14m cord.

Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute:was £549.99now £429.99 at Dyson (save £120)

Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute: was £549.99, now £429.99 at Dyson (save £120)
Save £120 with this Dyson Cyber Monday deal on one of the brand's most powerful and light machines. This cordless vacuum has a run time of 60 minutes and can be used on all floor types. It even features a hair screw tool to pick up stubborn long hair and pet hair.

Dyson Gen5detect:was £849.99now £749.99 at John Lewis (save £100)

Dyson Gen5detect: was £849.99, now £749.99 at John Lewis (save £100)
Discounted by £100 at John Lewis, this powerful cordless vacuum holds its charge for 70 minutes, plenty of time to clean all the floors in your home. This vacuum features a fluffy optic cleaning head that reveals twice the amount of invisible dust on hard floors.

Air Care

Dyson HP00 Pure Hot + Cool Purifier Fan Heater:was £604, now £339 at Appliances Direct (save £265)

Dyson HP00 Pure Hot + Cool Purifier Fan Heater: was £604, now £339 at Appliances Direct (save £265)
One of the best Black Friday Dyson deals at Appliances Direct, this multi-functional air appliance is £265 off its RRP. Purify, heat, and cool your home with Dyson's HP00 bladeless fan. 

Dyson Purifier Humidify + Cool Auto React: was £599.99, now £449.99 at Currys

Dyson Purifier Humidify + Cool Auto React: was £599.99, now £449.99 at Currys
At Currys right now, this air purifying fan has a £150 discount if you buy online, the best deal we've seen on this purifier.

It's a great choice if you need a fan, a humidifier and an air purifier – three sensors in this machine will work together to assess your air quality consistently and adjust accordingly, hence the 'auto react' feature. Controlled via a remote, this is a machine that will slot right in in your home.

Dyson Hot + Cool Jet Focus Fan Heater: was £399.99,now £299.99 at Dyson (save £100)

Dyson Hot + Cool Jet Focus Fan Heater: was £399.99, now £299.99 at Dyson (save £100)
Use this Dyson year-round with its 2-in-1 hot and cold smooth airflow. This model has jet focus controls which gives you the option to heat the entire room or just directly to you. It also includes a sleep timer and remote control. And according to reviewers, it's super quiet and heats the room quickly. 

Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool Formaldehyde HP09:was £699.99,now £549.99 at Dyson (save £150)

Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool Formaldehyde HP09: was £699.99, now £549.99 at Dyson (save £150)
There are many benefits of using an air purifier, like capturing dust, allergens, and viruses like COVID-19. The Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde does all this while keeping your home warm or cool. This was one of the best air purifiers we've tested at w&h, and we can attest to its quality and amazing performance of how quickly it purifies the air and heats the room. Snag this stylish purifier while it's on sale for £150.

What Dyson products were in the sale last year?

Last year, we saw discounts on the majority of Dyson’s products, from cordless vacuums to hair tools and air purifiers, fans and more.

In both regions, Dyson itself offered impressive discounts of up to £100 and $220 on its vacuums, air care and hair stylers, and with free gifts available such as presentation cases for the Dyson Supersonic and charging docks for the cordless vacuums, you could nab an even better saving. But it wasn’t just Dyson slashing prices: we saw up to £170 off on cordless vacuums at Littlewoods in the UK, as well as huge savings such as $200 off on a Dyson V10 Absolute at Walmart in the US.

We also saw rare discounts on the brand’s ever-popular hair styling tools, such as the Dyson Corrale, which is one of the best hair straighteners for thick hair, and limited-edition versions of the Dyson Supersonic. The Dyson Airwrap had £130 off in the UK, which, considering the coveted styler has an RRP of almost £500, is not a saving to be taken lightly.

When it came to air treatment products, we were happy to see incredible deals with up to $220 off at Dyson itself, on a popular tower fan/air purifier. In fact, air purifiers and fans from the brand saw the biggest discounts across the range, with savings being around the $200 mark when you shopped straight from the retailer.

Top tips for shopping the Dyson Cyber Monday sales in 2023

  • Sign up to newsletters. It’s worth signing up to the newsletter on the Dyson site to ensure that you’re one of the first to know when new deals drop. We expect the deals to be as popular as ever, so you’ll want to be ready to shop the discounted products.
  • Don’t wait around! While we did see some great offers on Dyson in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales last year, we also noticed that plenty of products went out of stock by the Monday. This means that although you may spot an even bigger reduction in price on Cyber Monday or throughout the Cyber Weekend, there’s no guarantee the stock will still be around, so we’d advise snapping up a deal quickly on Black Friday.
  • Always check the RRP. When shopping Dyson Cyber Monday deals that aren’t offered by Dyson itself, be sure to double check the actual RRP of the item on the Dyson site. Some sites may inflate the RRP when offering Dyson deals, to make it look as though the discount offered is much better than it actually is. Make sure you know the product’s RRP and that the new price is actually worth shopping. In general, Dyson do price match the deals offered by other stockists, so the Dyson site itself is always a good place to start for money off.

What to buy in the Dyson Cyber Monday sales

If you're planning your sales shopping but aren't sure what you might actually want to purchase, it's worth considering the brand's entire offering, and how each product category might suit you.

  • Dyson vacuum cleaners: Over the years, the Dyson brand name has become synonymous with quality vacuum cleaners, so if there's one thing to look out for in the Dyson Black Friday sales, it's one one of the iconic cleaning machines. Often, these are subject to the biggest discounts during shopping events like Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day, so if you're in the market for a new vacuum and like Dyson's offering, it really is worth purchasing one during the deals. You might unnecessarily pay an extra £150-£100 if you don't!
  • Dyson hair tools: A few years ago the brand launched its now-cult hair dryer, the Dyson Supersonic. It has since become one of the most popular hair dryers on the market for all types of hair. Its popularity led to the release of the brand's all-in-one styling tool, the Dyson Airwrap, which is one of w&h's best hair straightener brushes. As mentioned, these items are very rarely on offer, so if you do happen to spot a deal, we'd seriously suggest picking it up. They are absolutely a pricey option, but can offer fantastic results if you are willing to make an investment.
  • Dyson fans/air purifiers: If there's one home gadget that has become a sure-fire status symbol, it's a Dyson fan/air purifier. These look sleek in the house, emit cool air without the rumbly noise of a traditional fan, can purify the air, or act as a dehumidifier if your space tends to get a little damp. You can also get fans/air purifier that offer both cool and heat options to keep you comfortable throughout the year. Like the vacuums, these fans/air purifiers tend to see fantastic discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so it's one of the best times to snap these items up if you've already decided you want to buy one.

Does Dyson accept returns?

Yes - if you find you're not happy with a Dyson product you've bought online, outside of shopping events you can return the machine for a full refund within 30 days of the delivery date. Dyson will cover the cost of return shipping, which is a big bonus, as this isn't a given with many retailers at the moment. You can also return the item in-store if you wish, although this may be a bit trickier given that there are only 200 physical Dyson stores across the world! 

It's worth noting that refurbished Dyson products, or products purchased from the Dyson outlet, cannot be returned, unless they arrive damaged or faulty.

Is it worth paying for Dyson?

Whether or not to invest in a Dyson product is a personal decision and will likely depend on your own budget and priorities. W&h beauty editor Aleesha Badkar owns a few Dyson products and says each of them leaves something to be desired.

"Ever since it launched in 2018, the Airwrap has been one of the most coveted hair tools in the industry. No exaggeration. 'Is the Airwrap worth it?' is probably the beauty question I get asked the most. Personally? I would say no," Badkar says. "While I love how easy it is to use, the comfort of the weight and the addition of so many different attachments, the strength of the air is just not enough for my naturally thick and curly hair." On the other hand, Badkar says the Corrale straightens her long, thick, frizzy hair like no other, only taking 10 minutes. 

Badkar also owns one of Dyson's fans and says is great aesthetically and has amazing functions to carry you through multiple seasons, but it could use more power. 

"The fans are great. Super sleek, streamlined to fit into small spaces, smart features like a breeze or a full blast, 360 oscillation and a sleep mode - but again, like the Airwrap, the power is the problem. Double the power that it emits, and it would be perfect. Fine for spring, autumn and winter months, but will definitely leave you wanting in the hotter months of the year," Badkar says.

And if you're wondering about the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, beauty editors Jessica Beech and Rhiannon Derbyshire say the hair dryer is worth every penny.

"I have thick, naturally curly hair that I have to battle with to get a sleek finish, but I always feel like the Dyson is on my side of the fight," Beech says. "It makes it easy to smooth out curls and kinks without using extreme temperatures - which means less damage. It’s also impressively lightweight, so I never end a blow-dry feeling like I’ve had a workout."

Aleesha Badkar, Digital Beauty Editor at woman&home
Aleesha Badkar