Dyson Corrale review: Is this high-tech hair straightener worthy of its top spot?

Our Dyson Corrale review explores the hair straightener's smart features and unmatched smoothing finish that has thrust haircare into a new era

Dyson Corrale
(Image credit: Dyson)
Woman & Home Verdict

The results-driven It-girl straightener, the Dyson Corrale is set to be on everyone’s wish list

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Variable heat settings

  • +

    Significantly reduced styling time

  • +

    Sleek, shiny and healthy finish

  • +

    Cordless convenience

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Slightly weightier than its competitors

  • -

    Shorter battery life than expected

  • -

    High price

Dyson’s well-known reputation for launching industry-leading technology remains in true form with its newest beauty offering, the Dyson Corrale. So we've put the tool through its paces to bring you all the essential information about it in our Dyson Corrale review.


RRP: £399 Weight: 561g (when cordless) Cord length: 4.34m Warranty: Two years Voltage: 200W Added extras: charging dock, heat-resistant travel pouch, magnetic 360˚ charging cable

The groundbreaking straightener has been the talk of the beauty industry this year, leaving many ready to part from other brands of best hair straighteners that we’ve been loyal to for decades.

It all started with a dramatic advert more suited to a Hollywood blockbuster than the newest hair tool on the block. Enticingly chic, it mesmerized us all – from the first shot of the standout gold plates that wondrously transform into a curved position to hug your locks. That, alongside the revelation that the styler could be used cord-free (and of course the Dyson name), immediately caught the attention of anyone whose daily hair-styling routine is as fundamental. 

Weighing up Dyson Corrale vs GHD Platinum? Here are our thoughts on whether the Corrale really deserves a top spot. 

Dyson Corrale hair straightener review

Is the Dyson Corrale worth it?

It's not the cheapest out there, but we'd say the Dyson Corrale is definitely worth it - if not for the sleek and fast results, then simply just for the nifty design features. On first glance the Corrale looks more like a rogue printer attachment than something that would be at home on a luxury dressing table. But the signature Dyson dark grey and fuschia colour scheme - which you might recognise from one of the best hair dryers (opens in new tab)on the market - and polished but chunky appearance give us the impression that we’re truly witnessing the dawn of a new era of haircare.

Unlike other hair straighteners on the market that seem to go by the ethos “the more streamlined the better”, the Corrale is a pretty hefty chunk of technology. The manganese copper plates are a plus for anyone who’s bought into the whole rose gold phase (guilty) and give the styler a somewhat high-end finish, but the hollow-feeling plastic casing and creaky movability (which does actually have a pretty clever reason behind it) take away from that. However, in sacrificing a sleek and shiny decorative tool, customers are rewarded with practical and convenient features that make it a dream to use.

First we come to the simple lock switch that keeps the plates neatly clamped together for effortless transportation and, let’s face it, a tidier dressing table. The OLED screen is another handy standout feature of the styler, which displays three different heat settings that users can easily toggle through with the plus and minus buttons.

But the buzziest design feature of the straightener has to be its ability to go cordless. With an inconspicuous magnet that sits the tool stably in its dainty cradle, users can simply grab the straightener whenever they need a quick defrizz and pop it straight back on the charger when they’re done – a feature that seems thrillingly luxurious. And if you’re one who has long, thick, coarse locks to contend with, the cable can be taken from the dock and plugged into the styler so that you don’t have to race against the 30-minute battery.

We also love the flight-safe tool, a nifty little tab users can pull out when travelling in order to disable the lithium ion battery. And while the styler is deceptively heavier than any other hair tool we’ve tried in the past, we feel like that’s a small price to pay for the performance and results you get from this straightener.

Does the Dyson Corrale work on all hair types?

When we say this styler is something from the future, it’s because it has been able to do something we previously would have imagined impossible – give a frizz-free dead straight finish that lasts for days in just 10 minutes to just about any hair type, making it one of the the best straighteners for curly hair we've come across. Over a few weeks of testing and trying out various hairstyles from dead straight to relaxed straight, wavy and curly on long, thick and wildly frizzy natural hair, we could barely fault the performance.

Just one slide of the tool through the tresses gives a completely straight, smooth and frizz-free finish. And because the Corrale naturally creates greater tension where your strands need it, it’s able to use less heat to style, leading to healthier and stronger hair.

So while it’s difficult to quantify the Corrale’s 50 per cent less damage claim, we can personally say that we’ve noticed less hair fall, fewer split ends and flyaways and a noticeably shinier finish. Plus the frizz that has always started to creep back in on day two seems to have been banished with a dreamy straight hair finish now lasting for days on end.

Variable temperature settings also mean that you don’t have to expose your locks to surplus heat damage. Fine or naturally frizz-free hair will be able to get away with the lower settings while those with thicker hair or who are looking to curl could benefit from one of the higher temperatures.

Is the Dyson Corrale easy to use?

In a way that we didn’t even realise the Corrale has left us unable to use any other tool on the market – it’s transformed a previously hot and sweaty half hour’s hair straightening routine into a 10-minute breeze. The first reason for this is the Corrale’s unique flexing plates, which gather a bigger chunk of hair than any other straightener we’ve ever tried and require just one quick glide through.

And when it comes to curling or waving the hair, the Corrale’s rounded body allows for easy movement and a kink-free finish – no matter which heat setting you’re using. A simple twist of motion while you’re gliding down your hair leaves a beautiful subtle wave while a full wraparound will result in a gorgeous bouncy curl, making this intelligent styler a true multitasker.

On first use, the Corrale doesn’t feel like it glides as smoothly through hair as its competitors. However, this is due to the intelligent plates flexing around the hair, providing more tension on the shaft where it’s needed and less on the ends where you don’t need as much. This also negates the need for the natural tendency to squeeze the plates as hard together as you can – a welcome feature given the weight of the styler. By taking control of the amount of tension applied, the styler stops you from dragging solid plates through your locks and damaging the delicate ends.

With the slightly grainy glide through the tresses also comes an unwelcome symphony of cracks and what sounds like the strands of hair snapping and breaking. However, the worrying noises are in fact the result of the complete opposite. The cracks signify the plates gathering around your hair and treating flyaway strands to stop them from weakening and breaking.

What's not good about the Dyson Corrale?

Every hero has its Achilles heel and for the Dyson Corrale it’s the battery life. For a tool so clever it’s natural that it would tire out quickly. Of course, the Corrale’s seamless performance does mean it doesn’t take too long to go from frizzy to sleek anyway, but the time crunch does sometimes leave us with a faster heartbeat than we would hope for on a Sunday afternoon. This is when the extended cord comes in handy and with more than four metres to play with you can easily style while plugged in.

woman&home verdict on the Dyson Corrale

Super-speedy use, the ability to go cordless and unparalleled results make investing in this tool a no-brainer.

After 15 years of straightening thick, curly coarse and overwhelmingly frizz-prone hair, no other styler has ever come close to achieving the same results. Sure it might not look as pretty on a dressing table as other straighteners on the market, but for the significantly reduced styling time, revived shine and long-lasting results, sacrificing aesthetics is a small price to pay.

The £399 on the other hand is not such a small price, so if you're after something a bit kinder to your credit card then we also love the GHD Platinum+ and the tech-forward T3 Lucea ID. However, if you’re someone who uses straighteners on a regular basis, has an unruly mane to contend with or only has 10 minutes to get from the shower to the front door in the mornings, then parting with your money for the Corrale is one move that you won’t regret.

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