Design expert reveals why we'll be seeing more stainless steel kitchens in 2024

Industrial chic is back as the stainless steel kitchen trend surges in popularity, according to a leading kitchen designer

Compilation of stainless steel kitchen trends from counters to splashbacks and cabinets
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The design experts at Magnet are predicting a surge in popularity for the stainless steel kitchen trend, with it becoming a hugely popular style choice for remodelling kitchens in 2024.

Kitchen trends, like bathroom trends, are determined by what designers envision being the most sought-after materials and new design innovations to shape how we remodel and redesign our homes over the coming years. 

And like all interior design trends there are always looks that come and go as they evolve, and for kitchens in 2024, it would seem that industrial-style materials are set to be very much back in fashion.

‘’The stainless steel kitchen has long been seen as the antithesis to the warm, welcoming heart-of-the-home style that people desire in their kitchen space," says Jen Nash, head of design at Magnet kitchens.

"Instead, it has found its reputation as a hallmark of professional kitchens - recognised for its durability, hygienic properties and ease of maintenance. In traditional kitchens, it has typically been reserved for appliances and smaller accessories.’’ Until now.

Why are stainless steel kitchens rising in popularity?

compilation image of two contemporary stainless steel kitchen trends

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Beyond the allure of the professional kitchen aesthetic, stainless steel kitchens are thought to be on the rise thanks to celebrities, such as the Beckhams showcasing the stylish side of the material in one of their many kitchens in their Netflix Beckham documentary.

And it's not just celebrity homes: "Thanks to popular TV shows like The Bear and Boiling Point, which highlight the sleek and practical attributes of a stainless steel kitchen, designers and homeowners are starting to rethink the material and its place in the home," says Jen.

Sleek and contemporary, stainless steel is ideal for tapping into the modern industrial and minimalist interior trend. Better still, it just gets better with age and therefore can prove timeless and more of an investment – unlike some of the now outdated kitchen trends to avoid

"Much like a marble kitchen, stainless steel acquires an elegant patina as it ages," Jen explains, "gaining a distinctive charm from the blemishes that naturally develop over time. This unique industrial character adds to its enduring appeal.’’

However, to preserve its pristine appearance and prevent scratches, it is important to clean stainless steel surfaces with care – avoiding abrasive sponges.

Magnet kitchen designer Jen Nash  standing in a dark green kitchen
Jen Nash

Jen Nash is the talented and experienced senior design lead at Magnet, a renowned kitchen brand that prides itself on their design expertise. With over 15 years in the interior design industry, Jen is well-versed in all aspects of the creative design process and bringing products to market. Her passion lies in insightful design and practical applications, driving her to deliver beautiful, functional solutions that resonate with the right audience.

3 ways to introduce stainless steel in kitchen design

Aside from owning the best stainless steel pans and showcasing a stainless steel coffee machine, you can welcome this trending material in many different ways with more prominent design features...

1. Set the scene with a steel splashback

contemporary kitchen with red and stainless steel cabinets with a stainless steel splashback to support the stainless steel kitchen trend for 2024

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The easiest way to introduce an impactful touch of the stainless steel kitchen trend to your space is the addition of splashbacks. Not only are kitchen splashback ideas hugely practical to protect walls from everyday splashes and spills, but they are also an easy way to change up the look and feel of your kitchen scheme without too much intervention. 

No matter what kitchen cabinet colour you currently have you can introduce stainless steel splashback because they go with every colour option. 

 ‘’A stainless steel splashback may seem like a minor use of the material, but it can have a big impact. It quickly gives your kitchen a clean and contemporary look, with the bonus of its reflective surface reflecting light around the room which can make the space appear larger.’’

"Simple to maintain and built to endure the heat emitted by a cooker, stainless steel is also a practical and robust choice for splashback." 

2. Choose stainless steel countertops

contemporary kitchen with forest green cabinets and stainless steel countertops to support the stainless steel kitchen trend

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Sometimes just introducing stainless steel countertops is all you need to get the professional chef vibe and still maintain a more homely vibe with coloured or wooden cabinets – because in some spaces this cold-looking material can feel too clinical.

If you're uncertain about committing to an entirely stainless steel kitchen, integrating lesser touches of the material is a great solution. We'd recommend introducing it on an island or on organised kitchen countertops, which serves as a graceful entry point for diversifying your kitchen's visual appeal and functionality.

"A stainless steel kitchen island or countertop contrasts beautifully with surrounding cabinetry that is perhaps more traditional," says Jen. "Bringing a balance between cold and warmer physicality to the space, the result can be a unique blend of industrial and organic elements that is a design statement in itself.’’

‘’If you can’t decide between stainless steel cabinets or countertops, I would point out that opting for the latter has the added benefit of providing a very hygienic and easy-to-clean surface for food preparation.’’ But always be mindful of cleaning with care, to avoid having to deal with knowing how to remove rust from stainless steel surfaces.

3. Go all-in with stainless steel cabinets

contemporary stainless steel kitchen

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‘’If you are feeling confident, opting for stainless steel throughout the whole kitchen can make a big statement with an unexpected luxurious feel," advises Jen. "On the likes of cabinets, islands and appliances, maximally using a humble material imbues it with a sense of opulence, grandeur and sophistication."

To avoid the all-silver space from looking too severe you could welcome natural materials like wooden countertops and even small homely details and softer materials to break things up. 

From layering linens via kitchen textiles and window treatments to displaying decorative china on open wooden shelving, small thoughtful touches can help to make the space feel warm and more inviting.

Like with all trends the key is knowing what you like and more importantly, what you will still like in years to come - especially with kitchen design, because it's a costly investment. Unlike changing your mind about interior paint colour trends later down the line kitchen design mistakes and regrets are not as easy to change.

As Jen advises, "Before fully embracing an all-silver kitchen design, take a moment to reflect on whether your affection for this style provides a foundation for long-term appeal, or if you are merely drawn to it as a fleeting trend of the moment.’’

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