The biggest bathroom trends 2023: 21 key designs and colors to inspire

From creating a spa-like sanctuary to embracing bold patterns and colors these are this year's top bathroom trends

Compilation image of the the latest bathroom trends 2023
(Image credit: Roca | BC Designs | Victoria Plum)

Whether you're looking to refresh your bathroom with a few cosmetic tweaks or completely renovate, these key bathroom trends 2023 are here to inform and inspire design choices to create a stylish space you'll love for years to come.

Undertaking any degree of renovation or decorating in a bathroom is an investment, similar to when contemplating the latest kitchen trends 2023, it's therefore, beneficial to stay informed of the latest inspirational colors and designs to ensure your project results in a timeless space you feel content with.

In addition to the biggest interior paint color trends when it comes to bathroom design there are layouts, tiling choices, and lighting schemes to take into consideration to create a blissful space with all the right design elements.

"Some of the biggest bathroom trends we are seeing will be full renovations, however, a lick of paint can instantly make a bathroom feel different, and so can changing out your brassware to add in warm metallics," explains Barrie Cutchie, design director at leading bathroom manufacturers, BC Designs

"These cheaper updates can make your bathroom feel completely new, while also being on trend for 2023.” In fact, some of these key design aspects are a great way to make a bathroom look expensive on a budget.

Here's our edit of the biggest bathroom trends across designs and colors to inspire all elements of renovation and refurbishment projects throughout this year.

1. Wellness spaces

spa-like bathroom with dark marble walls and a white freestanding bath with a towel rail above the bath with rolled towels like a spa to demonstrate bathroom trends 2023

(Image credit: Cullifords)

Oliver Webb, Director, Cullifords explains: "Now we're in 2023, we will notice a shift in the requirement for a sense of escapism in the home – spaces that allow you to truly feel at ease."

"Connecting to this sense of relaxation, surface choices should be calming, therapeutic, and soothing to the touch – think neutral, natural colors and matte textures that exude a laid-back aesthetic.” Think of

“Achieving a sense of wellness and well-being within interiors has become a top priority for many of our clients and this is likely to continue into 2023," says James Lentaigne, creative director at Drummonds. "Alongside luxurious, comfortable tubs, they also want to incorporate areas in the bathroom where they can relax and take some time out."

James adds, "concealed storage is also on the rise – as people want to escape and avoid clutter." Because decluttering a home plays an essential role in promoting wellness by welcoming more positive energy into your home because a tidy home means a tidy mind.

2. Natural warmth

Collage of two bathrooms showing warm tone materials including brown stone vanity basins to highlight key bathroom trends 2023

(Image credit: Roca | Laufen | Lundhs Real Stone)

A thread running throughout all the latest design trends for 2023 is a desire to add warmth and natural elements, whether it be through color or textures and materials.

"People want to strengthen their ties with nature, so we'll see an abundance of natural textures as well as neutral shades in 2023," explains Natalie Bird, bathroom design specialist at Roca and LAUFEN. "Soft stone shades, deep greens, and warm woods are likely to be popular, tying in with a complementary trend for spa-inspired bathrooms with strong links to nature."

“For years, our most popular stone has been the darkest option in our collection, however, we have recently noticed a sharp shift and increase in the popularity of our more earthy, brown-toned natural stone,” explains Hege Lundh, business development director, Lundhs Real Stone

”Teamed with wood cabinetry and nature-inspired palettes, we expect the demand for warmer surface colorways and finishes to continue to rise throughout next year, especially as homeowners and designers seek to create more inviting and more laid-back, welcoming interior schemes.” 

3. Seamless shower screens

Compilation image of a blue bathroom next to a neutral bathroom both with seamless shower screens to show one of the biggest bathroom trends 2023

(Image credit: Victoria Plum)

This trend is more than just for aesthetic purposes, it's about creating an illusion of space and openness by allowing as much light as possible to filter around the room.

“In 2023, we will be saying farewell to framed screens and hello to even more glass shower screens," says Ruth Foster, interior designer at online bathroom retailer Victoria Plum. “Installing a seamless glass shower screen can maximize the feeling of light and space, even in the smallest of bathrooms."

 “In the last 12 months, online searches for ‘glass shower screens’ has risen by a massive 87,900 percent, showing that the seamless and spacious look is on the mind of shoppers for the coming year.

The total transparency of a seamless glass panel also welcomes the freedom to be more expressive with other design choices, because there are now fewer alternative materials competing with each other.

Ruth agrees, saying: “Opting for a frameless shower screen also means you have even more opportunity to reflect your personality in your tile design and bathroom fittings, whether that is with gunmetal taps or bold shower panels.”

4. Wall paneling

blue bathroom with arched window with a freestanding bath and elegant wall panelling to show a key bathroom trend 2023

(Image credit: Victoria Plum)

Living room trends in particular have been dominated in recent years by the presence of wall paneling, and now it would seem bathrooms are seeking the same level of grandeur. 

“Online searches related to using paneling in the bathroom have grown by a massive 93,000 percent in the past year, so it’s no surprise people are looking to kit out their bathrooms to match the new wall decor trend," says Ruth.

“Make a statement with paneling and install a freestanding bath with chrome claw feet for that extra luxurious feel. Opt for floating sanitaryware so the paneling can run seamlessly around the room, and if space allows include a design-led vanity unit with a pastel-colored basin.”

Elegant wall panels are a particularly effective way to make a home look expensive on a budget because they stir recollections of regal and stately homes. 

5. Checkerboard chic

white bathroom with a brown and off-white checkerboard floor to highlight a key bathroom trend 2023

(Image credit: BC Designs)

Whether seen on floors or walls the two-tone checkerboard look is well and truly back in fashion for homes in 2023. This classic look is another design staple that feels inspired by period properties and even expensive locations such as hotels or spas.

"Checkerboard patterns, once subsumed within a traditional design, has now emerged as its very own trend and evolved into one of the hottest surface and tile trends within bathrooms," says Barrie, particularly for flooring trends

"A checkerboard floor is a great way of adding pattern and color to a bathroom without it becoming too complicated or over the top. The overall look will be dependant more on the colors chosen than anything else, as it doesn’t have to be traditional white and black. Instead, contrasting, or similar shades can be used that can soften and warm the space."

Zoe adds, “Chessboard and chequerboard floors can be seen in both bathroom and kitchen designs in classic Victorian palettes, while chequered mosaic wall tiles are embracing softer, more feminine colors.”

6. Textured structure

Neutral bathroom with tectured brown tiles in a shower area and creating a feature wall behind the mirror above the sink as a new bathroom trend 2023

(Image credit: CTD Tiles)

“Matte, structured textures have taken over high-gloss, shiny surfaces and this will continue to be the case for next year," says Hege. "Whilst homeowners are still wanting to make a luxurious statement in their living spaces, the trend for creating a more lived-in feel means that design choices have become increasingly tactile. "

"Surfaces like natural stone offer a luxurious yet pared-back appearance, meaning requirements for both design and aesthetic can be met with ease.” 

"We have seen a big increase for unusual textures and patterns designed to make bold feature walls and floors,” explains Amanda Telford, marketing manager at CTD Tiles

“Wood and stone effect tiles in the bathroom proved to be particularly popular with the latest designs perfect the look of the original material whilst experimenting with a more decorative approach."

"These styles also provide the desirable practicality benefits that come with using ceramic or porcelain tiles to ensure they are incredibly easy to maintain in any setting. "

7. Warm metallics

Collage of two bathrooms showing warm bronze taps for a sink and a shower enclosure to demonstrate a ket bathroom trend 2023

(Image credit: JTP)

In response to the trend of seeking warmth, warmer metallics such as brushed bronze and gold are set to dominate over chrome materials.

“Warmer tones are most likely to dominate bathroom trends in 2023 as well as more neutral and earthy tones, so a brushed bronze finish is the perfect complement to these design schemes thanks to its contemporary design and warm contrasting tones," says Jeevan Seth, CEO of tap specialists JTP.

“In terms of metallics, new colors, such as brushed bronze, as well as existing colors in gold and brasses, are becoming especially popular” adds Sanctuary Bathrooms’ Paul Wells. “Many customers prefer brushed gold because it is not as bright as polished gold, making it more suited to modern spaces.”

"One thing to think about when specifying special finishes for your brassware is to think about the other parts of the bathroom that might have standard chrome finishes such as toilet seat hinges, flush plates/buttons, radiators and valves, shower door fixings and profiles," warns Barrie.

 "Platers will generally be able to match your finish for a cohesive look and to make sure the ‘warmth’ of your metallics shines through."

8. Japandi aesthetics

japandi bathroom with clean lines and wooden panelled walls

(Image credit: Getty Images | Alvarez)

Japandi bathroom ideas are bigger than ever as homeowners strive to create calm and minimalist spaces to bathe in a spa-like setting. 

Japandi style, a blend of Scandinavian and Japanese interior design styles, lends itself so perfectly to a tranquil and restful aesthetic. When it comes to bathroom design it results in a contemporary space that embraces richer color palettes, sleek styling, and faultless functionality to offer unrivaled levels of comfort.

This effortlessly cool interior design trend combines the coziness of Scandinavian 'Hygge' with 'Wabi-Sabi', the Japanese concept of celebrating and accepting the imperfect. The result for bathrooms is a calming sanctuary that feels comforting yet chic with simple forms, clean lines, and enough layers of natural materials such as rattan, cotton, wood, and wicker to ground the polished look.

9. Statement lighting

collage of two bathroom images one in teal and one in pink and green but both used to demonstrate statement lighting, a key bathroom trend 2023

(Image credit: Drummonds)

The right lighting is key to any successful decorating scheme, holding the power to make a home feel cozy or provide essential direct light for tasks. 

This is especially important in a bathroom, where one minute you need to see clearly for makeup application the next you want to dim the lights to enjoy a relaxing bath to unwind. It's all about balance. 

The trend for 2023 when it comes to lighting styles is one that shows more personality. “There is a new focus on character lighting," says James. "Large pendants and decorative wall lighting are in, helping to add glamour to a space.” 

To avoid a common bathroom design mistake with whatever choice of lighting you decide on, it is important to ensure the IP rating (Ingress Protection), is suitable for bathroom use as they have been designed for use in areas where water is more prevalent.

10. Curved design

Compilation image of two bathrooms showing archways to separate a shower enclosure to demonstrate a key bathroom trend 2023

(Image credit: Triton Showers | BC Designs)

Bathroom designs have long been associated with slim profiles, linear lines, and sharp angles. However, 2023 welcomes a new era of curves, where design profiles offer a softness that creates a better sense of flow.

“We often see curves in the wider home, incorporated through archways, furniture, and accessories," says Ashley Cooper, bathroom expert at Triton Showers. "Using curves in this way can add visual rhythm, offering a softer feel to a space, and removing harsh lines and angular corners. It’s a practical way to create a warm and inviting space, perfect for bathroom spaces, which are naturally a place for relaxation."

“Curvaceous walls add a sense of fluidity to the bathroom and can be used in a variety of ways, such as adding a curved wall to zone a walk-in shower or enclosure. By doing so, you can create a doorless shower room, which is one of the most lusted-after bathroom features of the year – demonstrated by a 110% increase in Pinterest searches."

Curves can also be echoed around the bathroom through tiling, taps, baths, and sinks to soften the whole layout.

11. Patterned tiling

compilatiin image showing two bathrooms with patterned blue tiling and blue scalloped tiles to highlight a key bathroom trend 2023

(Image credit: Heidi Marfitt | AMC Design)

As the bathroom becomes a more expressive space to show off a little more personality the use of bold patterned tiling schemes is becoming increasingly popular to liven up a primarily functional space.

“A relaxing bathroom doesn’t mean opting for a neutral color palette," says the founder of AMC Design, Ann Marie Cousins, "it’s key to choose colors, patterns, and textures that you like and resonate with, to ensure you enjoy the space to the fullest."

"Patterns, bold colors, and even non-traditional shapes, such as hexagon or scallop tiles, are an easy way to inject fun and personality into a bathroom. From the floor to the shower to the backsplash behind the sink, the possibilities are endless, so have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to mix and match and use more than one tile within the space.”

12. Statement wallpaper

bold bathroom with gold chinoiseries wallpaper to show a key bathroom trend 2023

(Image credit: Heidi Marfitt | AMC Design)

Embracing one of the biggest wallpaper trends of 2023 to incorporate feature walls into your bathroom design is hugely favorable right now – offering a less permanent solution than decorating with patterned tiles.

“A colorful or textured wallpaper can really transform the look and feel of a bathroom," suggests Ann Marie. "For smaller bathrooms or cloakrooms, choosing a striking wallpaper with a detailed print is an easy way to add interest and depth to the space.'

"In larger family bathrooms or ensuites, a beautiful wallpaper can instantly elevate the look and feel, taking the room to the next level. However, always ensure the wallpaper is suitable for high moisture areas before choosing it.”

13. Impressionable marble

bathroom sink in white and black veined marble to show key bathroom trend 2023

(Image credit: BHDM Design Photographed by Adam Kane Macchia)

Marble as a material is not a new trend as such, but the marble aesthetic of choice for 2023 is certainly more striking than we've seen in recent years. The use of heavily veined monochrome marble is a hugely popular choice with interior designers for both bathrooms and kitchens right now.

“Bolder veins are becoming more and more popular," says interior designer Dan Mazzarini, principal and creative director, BHDM Design and ARCHIVE by Dan Mazzarini. "It's a bit more dramatic and hides a bit more to make it easier to live with” and clean.

14. Bolder design choices

Compilation image showing bold bathroom tap designs in yellow, green, blue and white to support a bold bathroom trend in 2023

(Image credit: Roca)

Bathrooms have traditionally always been a room where you tend to play it safe with permanent designs, to avoid making interior design mistakes that could seemingly affect the resale appeal. But as homeowners increasingly become more emboldened in their approach to all aspects of using color in their homes the tables are turning in favor of adding more personality with fixtures and fittings as well as paint colors and accessories.

“For a long time, the focus for bathrooms has been on functional designs that double as spa-like spaces, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation after a long day," explains Natalie. "However, there is now an emerging trend of adding more fun to the bathroom. Think of playful designs that add a touch of whimsy and personality to the space. One way to add a playful flourish is with bold color."

This key trend is being recognized by the leading bathroom designers who predict a trend for embracing bolder design staples. “Take for instance Nu, the latest tap collection from Roca and designed by Inma Bermúdez and Moritz Krefter of Studio Inma Bermúdez, which comes in vibrant shades of Mint Green, Cobalt Blue, Honey Yellow, and Glossy White.”

15. Sustainable solutions

Beige bathroom with pink sink vanity unit and white sanitary ware

(Image credit: Roca)

The trend for more sustainable living choices stretches across all interior design trends for 2023, from bathroom trends to kitchen trends as we look to create a climate-conscious home.

How this trend is incorporated into the latest bathroom designs is very much about being mindful of waste and function. “With the increasing population and climate change, it is no surprise that the bathroom industry has stepped up with solutions to save water,” says Natalie. "These range from low-flow showerheads and dual-flush toilets to taps with aerators that mix air with water to maintain water pressure while reducing water usage."

Every small step towards water conservation in the bathroom can lead to significant changes in the long run, so it's always worth seeking simple consumption and energy-saving solutions.

What are the top bathroom colors for 2023?

This year sees color take on a more expressive role in our bathrooms, whether through the latest tile choices or a splash of key interior paint color trends. “2023 is going to be a year where we see a real shift towards more saturated color," explains Helen Shaw, UK marketing director at Benjamin Moore. "We’re likely to see fewer neutral shades, such as grey and whites, with homeowners looking to focus on a brighter and more expressive color palette."

Here are the latest on-trend bathroom paint color ideas to inspire your decorating journey:

1. Watery blues

two bathroom images side by side to show key bathroom trends 2023 for use of blue colors

(Image credit: Dulux | Benjamin Moore)

Blue has always been considered the best bedroom paint colors due to its calming influence – which is why it's also an ideal choice for bathrooms.

'Blue is one of our five top predictions for the year, a bold color choice that works particularly well in the bathroom due to its strong connection with nature," says Helen. "Its various tones are known to encourage you to unwind and renew - think all things water and oceans."

"The color can be used simply as an accent to bring in contrast adding definition and dimension, alternatively don’t be afraid to go bold with an all-encompassing color-drenched look.” 

"There is a high demand for more colorful tiles in a deep blue color palette," Amanda reveals. "The refreshing hues work beautifully within bathrooms – creating a look that is harmonious and inviting." 

2. Pastel mineral hues

Bathroom tiles in a mix of lilac, pale pink and opal shades with a holographic qualities

(Image credit: Topps Tiles)

If saturated colors feel too far removed from the classic neutral tones of timeless bathroom decors look to a mix of soft mineral hues, think pastel lilacs, pale blues, and gentle peachy pinks that offer a softer approach to adding an accent color.

“Adding a rosy tint to conventional Nordic design, Danish Pastel interior design is at the forefront of this movement," explains Zoe. 

"This trend is characterized by sorbet colors, curves, and abstract, whimsical shapes. Homeowners can embrace this uplifting style with square tiles, terrazzo, novel grouting, and colorful finishes such as seafoam greens, warm pinks, and clay colors.”

3. Serene greens

soft green bathroom with white furniture and circular mirror above the sink to show a key bathroom trend 2023

(Image credit: Dulux)

Shades of green have seen a steady rise in popularity in recent years, within every room in the whole house, with sage green proving particularly popular within the spectrum of green hues. With the growing desire to feel closer to nature, this lush colorway is one to be seen in bathrooms even more in 2023. 

"Imagine bathing in a warm clear pool, surrounded by lush forest...this is what green does on the walls of your bathroom," says Marianne Shillingford, creative director at Dulux. 

"There is nothing like green to create a soothing relaxed atmosphere. It is the most tranquil color in the spectrum and instantly instills a sense of balance and calm. Team it with pink accessories for a bit of fun, or try different shades of green for a more subtly dynamic look." 

Consider Dulux's Colour of the Year 2023, Wild Wonder to introduce an uplifting, golden green to your walls.

4. Uplifting pinks

pink geometric shaped tiles in a bathroom behind the vanity unit to show the biggest bathroom trends 2023

(Image credit: Topp Tiles)

Pink is having a real fashion moment right now, from hot pink to blush tones and it would seem it's a trending tone for bathrooms as a result. "Pink bathrooms can be the happiest rooms in the house if you choose a shade that is soft and gentle enough to get undressed in front of," says Marianne. 

The experts at Topps Tiles are predicting that homeowners who aren’t afraid to experiment with expressive, bright colors will be embracing 'Hot Pink' for both paint and tiles – no doubt inspired by Vivid Magenta the Pantone Color of the year 2023 for homes.

Suggesting what the best pink paint colors might be if you want a soft approach to this uplifting hue Marianne advises: "Try petal colors like blush pink which teams beautifully with whispered whites and muted greens in painted woodwork and accessories.

5. Soft beige

beige tiled bathroom with duble sink and white freestanding curved bath to show a key color bathroom trend 2023

(Image credit: BC Designs)

Beige is the warmer alternative to a safe white bathroom color scheme. The warm undertones of beige prevent this dependable neutral from feeling stark and clinical, as white so often can – especially if you don't find the best white paint color for your space.

“When it comes to the psychology of beige, it is a color that is regarded as dependable and conservative," Barrie explains. "It is neutral, calm, and relaxing, which makes it perfect for bathrooms as we tend to cocoon ourselves in the space to relax and unwind."

“Beige is also a perfect color to use as the undertone within your space, as there are a lot of colors that work well with it. The neutral hue makes an ideal canvas to layer with other shades, even bold and bright ones. Or can work just as well when juxtaposed with complementary neutrals.”

6. Grounding earth tones

Caramel light brown bathroom color trend 2023 on wall tiles and sink vanity unit

(Image credit: Roca)

As a space where we strive to feel completely at ease, it's only natural for grounding earthy tones to prove popular as a way to add color without overwhelming the look. And while natural pigments have been prominent for several years there's a notable trend for 2023 that sees richer tones of brown and clay-like caramels providing a must-have color palette for restful bathing spaces.

"It would be remiss to ignore the ongoing popularity of earthy tones and their ability to create a calming and relaxing vibe," says Natalie. “These colors are also a practical choice, as they can be used as the main color or as an accent, and they pair well with other colors, making it easy to create a cohesive design."

What are the sanitary ware trends for 2023?

When it comes to sanitary ware trends for 2023 the focus is very much on form and function working harmoniously, so bathroom suites look stylish but serve the most efficient purpose. As a result, smart sanitary ware is at the forefront of leading bathroom designs for the modern home. 

"LAUFEN’s new Silent Flush technology efficiently removes waste from the bowl with vortex flushing, using less water than traditional flushing systems," explains Emma Mottram, marketing manager at bathroom design emporium Laufen. "It is also ideal for night-time visits, as it is virtually silent. 

"Roca’s In-Wash Insignia shower toilet has several features that make it a hygienic choice for sanitary ware," says Natalie. "Firstly, the seat opens and closes automatically, so is hygienically hands-free. It also has a self-cleaning nozzle with UV light that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, a carbon filter that removes odors, and a descaling function to prevent limescale build-up. In addition to being easy to clean, it is also very convenient. You can program daily functions, and adjust operating modes via remote control."

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