Experts reveal how the 'quiet luxury' trend adds value to a home

More than merely a trend 'quiet luxury' can in fact help to sell your house and add potential value

compilation of neutral rooms to show how quiet luxury trends adds value to a home
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There are interior trends that feel very 'of the moment' and then there are those that feel more enduring, such as the 'quiet luxury' trend. In fact, property and interior experts suggest this luxury look is so timeless it could in fact add value to a home.

The housing market is unpredictable at the moment, to say the least, so if you are looking to sell your home you might want to consider how your decor choices could help to secure a sold sign. 

Taking key elements from the quiet luxury trend could be the answer to boosting the appeal of your home and making your home look more expensive.

How 'quiet luxury' adds value to a home

When executed correctly, quiet luxury is not only the ideal on-trend interior design choice for creating a calm living environment but it could also add extra value if you are ever looking to sell your home.

“Quiet luxury is not set to be a passing fad, in fact, the style of quiet luxury has mass appeal in a way which can actually add value to your home," says Laura Burnett, buyer at furniture emporium Feather & Black.

Director of Benham and Reeves, Marc von Grundherr, comments: “Homebuyers love a bit of luxury regardless of what end of the ladder they are looking to purchase and there’s a few ways you can add a luxurious feel to your home that can help boost the price you achieve when looking to sell."

Here are the potential ways in which the aesthetic could increase the value of your home...

1. The neutral colour scheme is easy to live with

quiet luxury living room with neutral colour scheme to show why the quiet luxury trend adds value to a home

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Interior paint colour trends and choices can be hugely divisive. The beauty of the pared-back, neutral 'quiet luxury' palette is that it's inoffensive and easy for potential buyers to live with so it saves them from having to redecorate. 

"Neutral shades are the way to go when it comes to decorating," confirms Marc. "Neutral shades won’t deter a buyer in the same way a loud or garish colour might, but they also give an air of luxury and even a simple lick of paint can add serious value to your home - around £9,000."

Often stronger, more expressive paint colours can devalue a home. Because even if buyers are keen to put their own stamp on the place they may still have to live with the wall colours for a time, and if the walls are bright green or a lured yellow there's a greater possibility that buyers will be initially put off. 

Let's not forget also that often the best white best colours are key for using paint to make a room look bigger, which is no bad thing when it comes to making your house more valuable.

2. Minimalist decor lets buyers imagine themselves living in the space

quiet luxury living room with white walls, grey velvet sofa with a pair of armchairs around a marble coffee table

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For some, it's hard to visualise a room in any other way than how they see it. While this is good if the room in question is spotless and stunning, if it is cluttered and chaotic it can prove difficult to see past and therefore limits the visual impact. 

The nature of the quiet luxury aesthetic is driven by a desire to create a pared-back and low-key decor that exudes understated luxe. Having less but making each piece count more is a major factor, therefore decluttering a home comes as standard for the quiet luxury trend. 

A clutter-free home provides the ideal setting for potential buyers to envision themselves living within the space.

"Luxury isn’t always about colour and style, simply creating space can also help," adds Marc. "This can be achieved with a simple reshuffle of the furniture but adding an extension is the way to go for those with the budget to do so. It’s money well spent and an extension of just 20 square metres can add almost £43,000 in value to your home."

3. The attention to detail shows you care about quality

quiet luxury bathroom with lights around the mirror and lights under the cabinets to show attention to detail

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To potential buyers, a home that is well-dressed shows a home that is well-loved.

"The staging of your home before a sale can be pivotal to the types of buyers you attract," says Laura. "If your home focuses on quality decor and investment furniture pieces then it communicates to prospective buyers you are someone who takes great pride in their home and therefore goes the extra mile to keep it spic and span who has put in effort to look after your home."

"To embrace quiet luxury I recommend a minimalist aesthetic with an eagle eye for detail, as it is the extra finishing touches that will allow you to enhance the look and feel of the space," says Gloria Sanchez of Tailored Living Interiors. "Amazing craftsmanship will all add to the value and create new design opportunities in the home."

"Elements such as underfloor heating, air conditioning and home automation won’t go unnoticed to the most sophisticated of buyers while you get to reap benefits in the meantime," says Gloria.

4. Luxury fixtures and fittings won't need replacing

White hallways with luxury chrome light switches to demonstrate how the quiet luxury interior trend adds value to a home

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If your 'quiet luxury' decorating scheme features carefully considered fixtures and fittings that are there to add a touch of luxury and enhance the design details, you are therefore instantly saving any potential new owners the expense of having to replace items in the future.

"High-end touches such as gold or brass antique fixtures, solid wood furnishings, re-upholstered antique furniture, artwork and full-length curtains are all fairly affordable touches you can make to elevate the luxury feel of your home," says Marc.

"For the more ambitious intent on the full luxury look, adding certain architectural features can also help transform an otherwise standard room. Think crown moulding, built-in shelving units, faux wainscoting, panelled walls and ceiling beams". 

"It’s also a good idea to think about your windows and doors,' Marc suggests. "Bi-folding doors are an incredibly popular feature and one that can really elevate the feel of a property, as well as help to blend your indoor and outdoor space. What’s more, they can add as much as £8,500 in value when looking to sell."

5. The luxe-look can attract buyers who appreciate luxury decor

quiet luxury kitchen with soft sage green cabinets, marble countertops and splashback with brass taps

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"By design, this trend is set to appeal to those who understand the value in investing in luxury items of high quality, this in itself allows your home to be perfectly staged to attract buyers with this mindset," says Laura.

Whether remodelling your kitchen or considerating the latest bathroom trends, a touch of luxury can go a long way to add value suggests Marc.

"When it comes to the kitchen, neutral shades and high-end fixtures can come together to give a luxury feel, as well as add as much as £16,000 to the value of your home," Marc explains. 

"A bathroom remodel is another surefire way of achieving this and while you need to ensure your plumbing is working to start with, additional features such as recessed lighting, modern tiling and marble (or a marble look) can provide a real sense of luxury. These small finishes are thought to add as much as £7,500 in value."

*All value added estimates are based on the current UK average house price of £285,861. 

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