The Best Ways To Lose 10 Pounds

Nutritionist Rachael Anne Hill tackles diet myths and explains how to change your attitude towards weight loss

Lose 10 pounds by thinking yourself slim!

Severing emotional ties with food is half the battle when you’re trying to lose weight. We’ve all been there – you’re dealing with a stressful situation and reach for a bar of chocolate. Or the first thing you do when you come home after a long day at work is grab a bottle of wine from the fridge. We all do it, but this strong link between our emotions and overeating (or drinking) isn’t doing our health – or our waistlines – any favours.

But don’t worry – shifting your mindset can make all the difference to tipping those scales. That’s why we asked nutritionist Rachael Anne Hill for her top tips for changing that attitude towards weight loss – and the good news is that she believes overhauling your outlook is easier than you might think.

Rachael has picked ten of the most common situations where we would normally reach for the biscuit tin, and provided us with simple solutions to each scenario. So whatever your usual thought process, you’ll now have the tools to tackle them head on. Always reach for a sugary treat when you feel tired? Not any more! Or perhaps you use the ‘I’ve worked hard, so now I deserve a treat,’ trick. With Rachael’s clever thought-replacement tactics, working hard will no longer mean you sabotage your weight loss goals by ‘rewarding’ yourself with biscuits.

Not only will these new tactics help you live a healthier lifestyle, but you could lose 10 pounds or more just by using the power of your mind!

So, start losing by flipping those most common psychological weight loss hurdles on their head…

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