How To Safeguard Your Man’s Health

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    Men are notoriously bad at looking after their health. The result? They are more reluctant to book that GP appointment and more likely to end up with serious conditions that that could have been treated had they been to the doctor earlier.

    “Men spend more time, cash and effort maintaining their car than looking after themselves,” says men’s health expert Dr Sarah Brewer. “They rarely attend check-ups, put off seeking help for persistent aches, pains or lumps and often only see the doctor, dentist or optician if pushed.”

    The results of male reticence can be serious. Men’s live’s on average are five years shorter than women’s, and that’s not all. “Diagnosis and treatment of male cancers, such as testicular cancer lags behind high-profile female ones, such as breast and cervical cancer because men are less comfortable with ’embarrassing’ problems and are reluctant to take ownership of their health,” says leading cancer researcher, Dr Clare Turnbull, health advisor to the Movember campaign.

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