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Bake A Show-Stopper!

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    Christmas may be over but there are still plenty of holiday gatherings going on. So if you’ve got family and friends joining you for some last-minute celebrations at home, you’ll want to produce something really special for dessert.

    We suggest you impress them with this stunning and delicious Black Forest Cake, which can be prepared earlier in the day to allow you time to chat with your guests. Devised by Ann Reardon, the recipe has three layers of rich chocolate sponge, sandwiched together with a scrumptious cherry compote and encased in cream. The finishing touch is a circle of chocolate trees, added around the outside to look like a forest of pine trees amid a snowy winter landscape, which gives it heaps of wow factor. Not only does this cake look stunning but, as you cut into it and reveal the hidden layers of chocolate and cherries, you’ll be sure your guests will be murmuring in anticipation. In fact this is one of those dinner party treats that everyone will ask you the recipe for.

    Of course to do the cake justice, you’ll need an oven that you can rely on. And that’s where the award-winning range of freestanding LG ovens comes in. With their innovative technology, cutting-edge precision and large capacity, LG ovens always give high-quality results. Their ProBake Convection technology is seven times more powerful than a conventional oven and ensures completely even heat distribution, no matter where you place your dishes. Plus the Dual Fan Speed Convection system allows food to be cooked considerably faster – use a low speed for baking and a high speed for roasting. Even cleaning the oven is a piece of cake, as the EasyClean technology allows you to clean your oven in just 10 minutes – the fastest cleaning programme on the market.

    With an LG Oven you’ll be sure of success every time. Happy Baking!

    • For the Black Forest Cake recipe and a video that shows how to make it, see here
    • For information on the LG ovens range, see LG.com


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