The Best Coats To Suit A Petite Frame

Looking for the perfect winter coat that won't swamp your petite frame? These buys are the perfect styles for your shape...

Ready to embrace the cooler weather and pick up a gorgeous new coat? The shops are brimming with gorgeous designs this season – from comfy capes to cosy faux fur and belted beauties. There’s just one problem: the styles are often made to suit models – in other words, women who are 5’7″ and over.

If the gorgeous designs that you fall in love with at first sight swamp your frame as soon as you try them on, you’re not alone. The average height for women in the UK in 5’3″ – in other words, officially petite. It’s no wonder you’re struggling to find the perfect petite coats to match!

Petite frames always need to be careful when picking a new winter coat. It’s easy to think that because somebody is shorter in height, that they don’t struggle when trying to buy new clothes. The one main thing that a petite person always needs to watch out for is to not look overpowered by too much fabric, a nightmare for when you need a new warming winter coat.

Well that’s where we step in. We know the styles that suit every shape, so you can find a whole host of gorgeous petite coats to choose from. Start with understanding your body shape. Do you have a long body? In that case, you’ll be able to get away with a longer-length design. Legs that go up to your armpits? Show them off with a cropped jacket!

Once you’ve found the style that suits, it’s all about having fun and choosing a gorgeous design. We’ve rounded up some of the best available on the high street right now. Click through to see our edit. You’ll never be stuck for petite coats again…