Reiss coats review - our fashion team critiques the quality of Reiss' winter coat collection

We can see why the Princess of Wales is such a fan... Perched in the middle of the price spectrum, Reiss coats are built to last.

Reiss coats try on images
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Woman & Home Verdict

Thanks to their tailoring heritage, Reiss knows a thing or two about what makes a flattering coat. Shop here for classic, stylish shapes that won’t date.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great range of styles

  • +

    Quality fabrics

  • +

    Timeless silhouettes

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Mid-high price point

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Reiss' coat collection in numbers

Starting price point: $525 / £288
Size range: 🇺🇸  0-12 /  🇬🇧  4-16
Collection size: 60+ coats

Reiss coats are sharp, elegant, and flattering. If you have a keen eye for style you'll likely be able to spot one, despite the fact that they don't have any obvious logos or distinguishing design features. But Reiss' sophisticated color palettes and quality tailoring make its designs stand out for all the right reasons.  

If you are searching for one of the best winter coats you may find that Reiss is a recommendation you hear often. But the price tag of this British clothing brand means that before you invest you will need to consider whether they suit your needs and offer what you consider to be good value.  

Staying both snug and stylish is no mean feat, so here at w&h HQ we’ve been busy inspecting as many Reiss coat designs as possible - from the best parkas and puffers to the best leather jackets and trench coats. In this collection review, a member of our fashion team poured over the collection trying on each Reiss coat in this guide. Our writer tested it for feel, warmth, flattering cut and quality of fabrication, fastenings and hardware, assessing whether coats were good value and worth adding to your capsule wardrobe. 

Close up of Reiss Brooks winter coat showing the design details

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Reiss coat collection review

This is brilliant outerwear for fans of tailoring

Reasons to buy

Big selection of styles to choose from
Petite range available
Premium fabrics
Considered design details

Reasons to avoid

Higher price points

Launched by David Reiss in 1971, the Reiss label started life as a men’s tailoring brand based in London’s financial district. They established an in-house design team in 1997 but didn’t expand into womenswear until 2000. The initial tailoring influence is clear to see in all womenswear pieces, from carefully crafted blouses through to structured dresses, but it comes through most clearing in its jacket and coat collections (they make some of the best blazers for women too). 

Reiss favors a muted color palette, with creams and camels making up the bulk of its 2022/2023 outerwear range, peppered with classic greys and black. While these might not lean heavily into the coat trends 2022, they are smart and timeless designs that won’t feel dated in years to come, making them great in terms of versatility, longevity and potential cost per wear.

Top 5 Reiss coats picks

How we tested: We looked at the most popular and stylish winter coats in Reiss’ collection. We checked them for fabric quality, fit, feel and warmth, as well as whether they were true to size, or would need some sizing up to smuggle your best cashmere sweaters underneath. 

A coat is an investment piece and as such, the best winter coats often have high price tags and as part of our assessment we want to ascertain whether these buys are worth the money.